Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Is Changing Sniper Rifles Significantly


  • Black Ops 6 introduces one-shot, one-kill snipers for intense multiplayer action.
  • Enjoy diverse battles across 12 maps and dynamic Strike Maps.
  • Anticipation peaks with a gripping campaign and record-breaking trailer views.
Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Is Changing Sniper Rifles Significantly
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In anticipation of its October 25th, 2024 release, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will soon redefine the multimode concept with major adjustments in the sniper mode.


This new addition to the series has been designed and coded jointly by Treyarch and Raven Software Company and this new series is expected to bring new dimensions to the use of sniper guns in the franchise.

Call of Duty: In BLACK OPS 6, Player Kouha Reduces Sniper Rifles for Estimated Multiplayer Wars

Revamped Sniper System: The name of this anime is somewhat close to that of the fictional series “One Piece”, however, its translation is different; One-Shot, One-Kill.

The most significant change is the change in a sniper rifle system which appears to have changed design. Unlike its predecessors, Black Ops 6 simplifies sniper lethality: they also stated that every sniper rifle kills on the first shot when fired at the torso and above area.

This unifies the idea that headshots mean quick and instantaneous kills while there is also the possibility of choice in the characteristics of the guns for example the rate of fire and the kickback.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

The Intention of the Changes Made

Speaking with GamesBeat, Treyarch’s Associate Design Director Matt Scronce and Senior Director of Production Yale Miller explained the industry practice of these changes.


As mentioned, consistency between the different titles in the Call of Duty series is important for the game’s developers.

Still, at the same time, there is a focus on the accentuation of the specific features that define the character of a certain Call of Duty game.

This adaptation means that it recognizes some changes that have been done to snipers in the previous titles and suggests that such changes might still be made in the future depending on the reception by the community.

Diverse Multiplayer Experience

Black Ops 6 retains the class 6v6 format for death matches and 12 core maps such as Hijacked, Wall Street, Slums, and Showdown are included immediately with this release.

Also, there are four Strike Maps, which are appropriate for both 2 players teamed up who prefer tighter space and the newly added 6 players on a team for the Face Off mode in Black Ops Cold War season one.


These types of environments guarantee exciting battle strategies and real-world action pack gameplays to the novice as well as the expert players.

Stimulating Advertising System and Prewarm Promotion

However, when it comes to playing along the guns, Black Ops 6 boasts of an explosive campaign that is set in the Gulf War background and has a plot of a rogue spy.

The amalgamation of old characters as seen in previous games and a new hero gives the player the typical yet appealing experience.

The Reveal trailer received an amazing 37 million views for the game within twenty-four hours which pointed to rather high expectations of the copies. Further, a huge amount of preorder activity across the globe ensures the popularity of Black Ops 6.


With its revamped sniper system, diverse multiplayer experience, and captivating campaign, Call of Duty: When the original Black Ops was released back in 2010 the gaming world was shocked by the quality of the game it offered and many are expecting the same feeling when Black Ops 6 is out later this year.


Take your breath away as the franchise tightens its belt towards offering even more dramatic confrontations and dramatic spy adventures.

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