Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities: The Comprehensive Guide [2023]


  • With dynamic world events, subscriptions, and an epic adventure with battles, Guild Wars 2 has risen to fame!
  • Yet, for compelling gameplay, you need to have a proper character build, which depends on factors like the class’s abilities and difficulty.
  • Here, all-class abilities of the game are helpful, and our guide will help you.
Guild Wars 2
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Do you want to create an effective career build? Are you looking for traits of a class with better melee damage, different combat styles, and unique abilities that would better ace the game? 


If yes, then you would be looking for Guild Wars 2 all-class abilities, and here’s where we have covered you all! 

With better characters, you would adapt to better group dynamics, tailor the roles and abilities per your needs, and enhance the gameplay. So, what are you looking for? Without any further ado, let’s dig into the details! 

Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities 

Guild Wars 2, the interesting online multiplayer game, has a lot of missions and challenges. Most demand you to be super-efficient with your defending and action skills. 

The efficiency would depend on the abilities you possess. As you know, the game is divided into different professions; therefore, each would have a different set of skills, aka abilities. 

The profession or classes you choose determines your character in the game. The game has 9 classes, of which you have to choose one to play the game with! Notably, each class has further subclasses, so you get a particular type of ability. 


1. Thief 

How about being a secretive character, quick to adapt to changes yet nailing movements and defending yourself? 

Thief - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If you love the game of suspense and thrill, then Thief class is something you must consider! As the name implies, you might feel it is an illegal class, but it’s a misconception. 

Instead, the reason for such a name is its efficiency in Stealth and Mobility. Further, it does have an Armor Class of Medium. It decides the mightiest with which you defeat opponents. To your surprise, there aren’t one or two weapons, but plenty of them.

The weapons include a Rifle, Harpoon Gun, Spear, Pistol, Dagger, Shortbow, and Sword. Apart from its mobility and confidentiality, the victorious nature of this profession in Player vs Player battles is why players drool over it.  

But imagine that your avatar has Stealth but no cunningness. Would it ever make sense?


Certainly not! Therefore, these are sneaky enough to be called cunning. Though the avatar isn’t illegal, as apparent from the name, they steal stuff from enemies with their secretions and are versatile in deadly strikes. 

Unlike reality, the quality of stealing rewards you with remarkable abilities to utilize while defeating enemies. 

Further, the class is quick and efficient enough to adapt and respond to changes. There’s just no limit to how many skills this class holds! It isn’t challenging to play; pick this class as your character, as it’s easy to nail for beginners. So why do you want to look behind? 

Subclasses of Thief Class

The Thief class also has various subclasses in which you can choose to specialize your characters’ abilities. 

  • Heart of Thorns- Daredevil: The subclass lets thieves utilize off better to concentrate effectively on combat. 
  • Path of Fire- Deadeye: The thieves of this subclass are known as snipers. They engross themselves totally into DPS yet use their venom as well. 

2. Necromancer

Would it be interesting if you got a chance to choose a class for your character that works on the same logic as that of Zombies? 

Necromancer - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If the conventional gameplay of giving your best to outshine competitors by defeating bored you, then check out Necromancer. To your surprise, it is as evil as a Zombie and is one of the most heartless classes of Guild Wars 2. 

The characters of this class have a single motive: to ruin the health of their opponents with subsequent attacks. Further, they make their best efforts to starve their enemies until death. 

The prime reason is their selfishness to survive and turn out the almighty. The more significant damage they would do to their foes, the higher strength they would gather. In the process of doing so, the enemies also weaken. Their strength and mightiness are directly proportional to their life force, which helps them with  Death Shroud. 

Apart from that, they have special powers due to which they can even play with death. This would have spellbound you; some might find it impossible. But remember that Guild Wars 2 has a lot of mystery, thrill, action, and surprises you unleash every moment. 

Consequently, Necromancers call half-dead minions, curse you or drain your life if you become their enemy. Despite the abilities of this Class, you will find it easy to use its characters. 


Therefore, there are no bars of difficulty level. The only bar is to remember its skills; accordingly, you can control it. 

Moreover, it has Light as its Armour class. Owing to the same, it uses weapons like Axe, Spear, Trident, Greatsword, Dagger, Staff, Scepter  Torch, Focus, Warhorn, and Pistol. 

Like the Thieves class, these have a pivotal role in PvP, but the difference is that they help with curses in WvW. 

Subclasses of Necromancer Class

If you want to add remarkable and versatile abilities to the Necromancer Class, then it has a few of them!

  • Heart of Thorns – Reaper: Reaper is a particular subclass of Necromancer. Players of this category get access to exceptional swords. Further, it lays specific emphasis on DPS. 
  • Path of Fire – Scourge: How about eliminating the ability of Death Scourge from Necromancers? The Scourge subclass does that and utilizes its strength to power the Shades. 

3. Revenant

How high are you hooked on ghostly spirits? Do you find parapsychology interesting? 

Revenant - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If yes, the Revenant class of Guild Wars 2 has a lot of mysteries for you to explore! 

When you play with Revenant class characters, you can manipulate spirits and utilize them for your fights. This is called Stance, and each possesses a unique battling style. 

Despite their ability to channel their spirits and use their qualities, the class excels in their battling skills. Demon and Assassin  Stances are two popular Stances of the class. 

Moreover, if you have played the game before, you would think no such class exists! The game developers later included the class with the Heart of Thorns expansion. 

However, as complex as their role sounds, the difficulty level of playing with characters of this class is high. Therefore, you need to be experienced with the game; consequently, it is unsuitable for novices. 


Its Armor Class is Heavy. They utilize a wide variety of weapons for their excellence. It includes Axe, Spear, Sword, Shield, Hammer, Trident  Staff, Shortbow, and Mace. Whether PvP, DPS in Raids, Strikes  Dungeons, Fractals, or Buffing allies, Revenants ace their battling skills. 

Subclasses of Revenant Class

The revenant class already possesses unique skills. Further, you can revamp it with the subclasses. 

  • Heart of Thorns – Herald: It lays particular emphasis on DPS. 
  • Path of Fire – Renegade: The subclass includes another Legendary Renegade Stance stance. It focuses on commanding the allies to help you with the battles. This subclass also focuses on DPS. 

4. Guardian

Are you looking to protect yourself from battles and still be capable of handling multiple damages? 

Guardian - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

Well, as exciting and magical as it sounds, so miraculous are the characters of the Guardian class! 

The name implies guarding or protecting; unlike most others, you would defend yourself. You would have remarkable protective and defensive skills, making it one of the most robust ones for combat. 


Besides, Guardians here are meant to be strong and thus can handle much more significant damage than most other classes. The only prerequisite is that you should maintain a good physique and ensure you have suitable gear as well. 

Apart from that, their exceptional defense and skills will make you victorious. Furthermore, they, too, can use their magic to combat enemies. The class has a much longer lifespan than most other classes. 

Being one of the best classes of the game, the difficulty increases as you go to higher stages. Therefore, here, too, use proper build and gear to strengthen your abilities.

Subclass of Guardian Class

Each of its subclasses focuses on different aspects of the game. 

  • Heart of Thorns – DragonHunter: Dragonhunters are a subclass of Guardians, due to which they can use longbows and even leverage their skills for unique trapping techniques. It focuses mainly on DPS. 
  • Path of Fire – Firebrand: This subclass lets Guardians access newer and more remarkable skills. Though it’s a bit time-consuming to adapt for everyone like you, it provides several benefits. 

5. Warrior

Do you wish to become the #1 player in combat and defense? 

Warrior - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

Well, who doesn’t wish to do so, therefore take advantage of the opportunity to consider the Warrior class. As tough as the name sounds, it’s soldier class. The players of this class are bold, strong, and have a robust build. 

Furthermore, with the support of weapons, including swords and Hammer, the characters rise to greater strength. But to use it effectively, you must have proper knowledge about weapons and equipment. Also, be familiar with how to use it aptly. 

Therefore, the better you know the tactics, the more versatile your gameplay will be. Since it’s the #1 class in nailing defense and attacks, with proper skills, you can also become the best player. Apart from strength, they do have the power to rejuvenate from damage, defend themselves, and even battle enemies. 

It has a Heavy armor class. Besides, it uses a Hammer, Rifle, Axe, Dagger, Sword, Shield, Harpoon Gun, Spear, Longbow, Greatsword, Sword, Mace and Torch. 

Further, if you want easy gameplay or are a novice, it’s ideal for you to ace. However, before beginning with the combat, be familiar with the class abilities. 


Subclasses of Warrior Class

  • Heart of Thorns – Berserker: Berserkers help you as warriors to deal with more significant damage yet stand out. The class controls your adrenaline mechanics to procure you with more power. 
  • Path of Fire – SpellBreaker: The class lets you take a dagger and emphasizes meditating. Besides, these nail in PvP and WvW. 

6. Mesmer

How about being an illusionist in the world of fighters and becoming a badass character in the game?

Mesmer - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If yes, then Mesmer is something you should go for! 

Mesmer class is synonymous with perfect in the game. Apart from having combat skills and the ability to attack continuously, you must also create illusions. However, more excellent qualities come with challenges as well. 

Therefore, it’s the most difficult to play with. The reasons are that apart from creating illusions, you must manipulate your opponent’s beliefs, cast spells, and confuse others. So, go for it only if you are an experienced player in the game. 

Its Armor Class is Light. You could use a Sword, Dagger, Pistol, Ashfield, Axe, Greatsword, Staff, Scepter, Focus, Shield, Torch, Trident, and Spears with these characters. 


Subclasses of Mesmer

Mesmer has two subclasses, and their specialties differ from most other subclasses. 

  • Heart of Thorns – Chronomancer: Chromancers typically pay attention to rapidity. 
  • Path of Fire – Mirage: Apart from rapidity, this subclass also focuses on mobility. 

7. Engineer

Are illusions and magic too common in the Guild Wars 2, and do you want to break the stereotypes? 

Engineer - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If yes, then the Engineer class is a must-check! As the name implies, it possesses the qualities of an engineer. Therefore, the class uses machinery and miraculous potions to bow down the enemy heads. 

Engineers are known for their creativity in using the available resources. Therefore, the members of this class have a tool belt. With this, for every skill, you have a tool belt skill with which you can use it differently from most others. 

Besides, they are people who love experiments and, consequently, adventures. Being inventors themselves, they do have gadgets and tools. So, by choosing them, you can use the tools for destruction, supporting your ventures, and thus, you can control the war zone as per your requirements. 


Additionally, if you are a beginner and just starting with the game, then the Engineer class is good! Its Armor Class is Medium.

So, characters of this class use Sword, Rifles, Pistol, Medium, Hammer, Shield and even Harpoon Gun. Whether it be PvP support, Raids having DPS, WvW, Fractals, Strikes, or Dungeons, Engineers have striking features to nail all of these. 

Subclasses of Engineer

Subclasses of Engineer are as interesting as their roles! 

  • Heart of Thorns – Scrapper: As the name implies, they look around for ways to convert scrap metal to Gyros. These are small flying robots that would further help Scrappers. 
  • Path of Fire – Holosmith: As magical as the name sounds, they can create weapons leveraging sunlight. Besides, they focus on DPS. 

8. Elementalist

How about using nature’s elements to create something magical? 

Elementalist - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If you thought that some character traits were missing and none dealt with existing elements, then Elementalist is for you! 


It consists of the four essential components: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each of these would show a different effect in battle, and you can use every element but only one at a time. Alternatively, you can avoid switching elements and control the fame with the existing one.

After knowing it, you would think of how to use it apart from primary purposes. Well, you can use it to cast magical and supernatural spells. These can be further used for defensive and healing purposes. 

Further, you can use fire spells to destroy enemies and their surroundings. You are bound to get wounds in combat; here’s where water spells would help you out. Even Air spells are powerful as you become more mobile with them and cause more significant damage to opponents. 

Again, this class is also suitable for novices and even experts. 

The Armor Class of the Elementalist Class is Light, and the Weapons they use are Staff, Dagger, Scepter, Sword (Weavers only), Focus, Warhorn (Tempests only), and Trident. The Elementalist Class is best known for DPS for Raids, Strikes, and Fractals.


Subclasses of Elementalist

Unlike most others, this class has three subclasses. 

  • Heart of Thorns – Tempest: Specialize in delivering massive attacks.
  • Path of Fire – Weaver: These can simultaneously adapt to two elements, creating a powerful new attunement. One element affects the skills of the primary hand weapon, while the other influences the skills of the off-hand weapon.
  • End of Dragons – Catalyst: Catalyst equips a hammer and utilizes jade spheres in its unique gameplay.

9. Ranger

How about having a loyal partner who would support you in the battle till eternity?

Ranger - Guild Wars 2 All Class Abilities

If you seek such an interesting phenomenon in Guild Wars 2, the Ranger class covers you all. As the name suggests, it uses creatures of nature to help you battle opponents. 

Further, every Ranger has different pets who would stay beside you until death. Due to a variety, these pets would even have their unique abilities and statistics. Consequently, you can use them for their benefit. 

Do remember that Rangers bond significantly with animals and even utilize bows. Therefore, you have to be compassionate with them. You can play a legendary game with your tactics and nature-based abilities. 

Further, the class is the easiest one to master. Its Armor class is Medium. They use weapons in abundance, just like others, which include a Shortbow, Longbow, Greatsword, Dagger, Axe, Sword, Staff, and Torch. Besides, its excellence in DPS, irrespective of the situation, makes it stand out! 

Subclasses of Ranger Class

Rangers have different subclasses, and their specialties are much different than others. 

  • Heart of Thorns – Druid: Druids enable the player to heal nearby allies. They even equip the staff as a weapon option.
  • Path of Fire – Soulbeast: As the subclass name comprises beast, it emphasizes procuring high DPS. 
  • End of Dragons – Untamed: Untamed emphasizes the dynamic power exchange between the player and their pets.

The Bottom Line 

You would have looked to Guild Wars 2 all class abilities and their playstyles would have impressed you! There’s a diverse range of qualities, which range from being a sneaky and stealthy Thief to a Zombie kind of sinister Necromancer. 

The protective Guardian, mighty warriors, and illusionist Mesmers are some of the most exciting skills we find. As per your preferences, you can choose one class depending on your prerequisites! 

Thus, you can accordingly customize your gameplay and enjoy dynamic gaming. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to unleash your gaming skills to the fullest, but remember to choose wisely which class is for novices and which is for pros!

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