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DC’s Gotham Knights, as we know, was a total mess that left fans disappointed about the DC video games, Although a recent development has left the fans excited for DC once again.


James Gunn, CEO of DC, announced that the DC Comics Universe will be connected across all forms of media! Which includes Video games as well. This coming from the CEO has left the fans pretty excited & curious about what all this could mean for the Future DC projects.

With that being said, we may just have found an answer to it. As the job listing was spotted by James Sigfield, The Warner Bros studios in Canada seemingly developing an upcoming DC video game i.e a Comic Universe. 

The job listing is about the Lead Gameplay Programmer, and according to the job description, it looks like Unreal Engine is being used for the upcoming game and might also upgrade to the latest Unreal Engine 5 as the job description mentions proficiency in Unreal Engine 5. To put this into perspective, DC used Unreal Engine 4 for the Gotham Knights.

DC Working on a New Single Player Game 1
Warner Bros Montreal Job description.

In addition, it seems that the DC Comic game may be a single-player game based on a Single Character, as per Snigfield though there’s no solid proof about this.

Also, the job description does not mention anything about multiplayer, so this could very well be a single-player game like Wonder Woman, which is already in development!


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Video games about DC Comics aren’t a new thing; previous games over the decade have done well, like Injustice or Batman Arkham.

Both games have yielded great success and are in the conversation of the games that are greatest of all time; not every game is like that. Some are simply bad, like in the case of Gotham Knights, which launched last year and is simply bad in more than one way because of its story.

The gameplay and the dialogues of the game were not good either, as per the fans, so it ultimately failed to live up to the expectation of the previous game. But this has not the developers from developing a new title.

Although it is important to note that this upcoming DC title will not be a part of the James up Comic Universe as the WB has been working on this title for a long time, mentions James Sigfield. This title makes it the third DC title coming out soon, the first being the Suicide squad kill the Justice League and the single-player Wonder Woman.


Fans are already started speculating on which character the game could be on, like Flash or Superman. These are just pure speculations, as the character could be anyone per se. 

What are your thoughts on this upcoming new title from WB? Let us know in the comment section below.

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