Life is Strange Devs Working on a New Narrative Title

Life is Strange
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Over the decade or so, narrative-based games have become quite popular among gamers, especially the ones that let you choose your paths, and one of the best games in this genre is Life is Strange series of video games. Now, the franchise developers have teased an image of its new narrative-based game title.


Life is Strange Franchise is an episodic graphic adventure game that lets you choose your own path. The game was developed by Don’t Nod Entertainment and Published by Square Enix. The first installment came out in 2015 and did well. 

After that, it became a franchise, of course; since then, the interactive narrative game has had its prequel, sequel, and spin-off released, and now the third installment, Life is Strange: True Colours, which was released in September 2021, is doing great than the first game itself. Well, the game left with some questions 

to put it into perspective,  Don’t nod developed the first game and its Sequel, whereas Deck Nine developed its prequel, spin-off, and third iteration of the franchise. 

As it looks like Deck Nine will be developing the upcoming iterations of the series, and Don’t Nod will move on to its own projects, which are schooled to be released between 2023 and 2025.

The teaser image posted by Don’t Nod on Twitter has a nostalgic appeal to it (the 1980s & 1990s) which looks like a basement, which has an old console attached to a CRT TV, and there’s a VHS recorder. what’s not surprising is that it’s the new narrative adventure title from the developers.

Don't nod teases an image of its new narrative title
Don’t nod teases an image of its new narrative title

Apart from posting the screenshot of the video game that they are working on! Don’t nod also posted Job openings for the studio as well.

Back in 2021, Dont Nod, in a statement to Eurogames, mentioned that it will be focusing on new video games moving forward and has parted ways with the Life is Strange series; one possible reason could be the developers in Paris studio who created LIS, split up to make a new studio in Canada! 

What’s more interesting is that Michel Koch, who is a co-creator of the Life is Strange video game alongside Luc Baghadoust, the producer of the LIS franchise, is heading the team who is developing the new narrative adventure game from Don’t nod.

Furthermore, many veterans from Life is Strange & Life is Strange 2 are also working on this project, Koch said in a tweet replying to a fan.

With that being said, there’s no information surrounding the new title as of now; the only certain thing is that the Don’t nod Canada team is working on it.


Knowing that the creators of Life is Strange handle the project gets us and the fans excited about this project alone! We are hopeful that we’ll hear more about this project moving forward.

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