Dr Disrespect Slams Modern Warfare 2, Claiming His Game To Look Better

After a slew of leaks and rumors, Infinity Ward finally revealed the successor of the modern warfare series at the end of May – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, unlike the earlier iteration, developers didn’t spend much time in sustaining the hype for the title. 


A few weeks later, on June 8, they released some engine and gameplay footage, thereby leaving a lot of Call of Duty fans excited for the next generation of the Modern Warfare settings. While many players are desperate to get their hands on the game, Dr. Disrespect – a popular twitch streamer and eSports icon – called the reveal “Unimpressive” and claimed his own title, “Project Moon,” to be a lot better. 

Dr Disrespect Slams Modern Warfare 2, Claiming His Game To Look Better

Additionally, a former Call of Duty developer named the “Two-Time” also pondered his thoughts on the reveal in one of his live streams. He admitted that the game certainly has great potential, but the outdated game engine worries him. “Man, you talk about looking at an engine that is really on its last legs. I mean, that engine feels outdated, doesn’t it?” said Dr. Disrespect. 

He further added that “I think they’re going to have to knock it out of the park with the Modern Warfare gameplay, you know? Let’s hope they do that,”. The streamer specifically emphasized how everyone knows that the game has potential but doesn’t live up to it yet. “I was not impressed. I’ll be straight up real with you… I could take a screenshot of our game right now, in-engine, and I don’t think anything from what I saw there could match it,” he stated further. 

While the revelations for Doc’s own game are also due, he looks forward to seeing how Modern Warfare 2 looks and feels in terms of gameplay, especially with the multiplayer mode, as that’s his core competency. Talking about the gameplay, an open beta for Modern Warfare 2 has been released that Dr. Disrespect featured in his recent stream. During the end notes of the stream, he concluded that Deadrop’s present build is still better than Modern Warfare 2. 

The streamer also compared images of firing ranges from both games, stating the final iteration of his own title. “I’m very confident Deadrop is going to look way better than this game like I guarantee it,” said the Doc. 


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