Things You Ought To Know About GTA V NoPixel RP Server

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server
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The GTA V NoPixel RP is one of the most popular GTA V roleplay servers at the present time.


With exceptional stability and a large pool of players, this community has made itself a known entity among passionate GTA V players. 

Players from all over the world love this community for various reasons, including but not limited to, an active community with several creative users constantly creating new role-plays and events to keep things fresh and relevant on the server.

If you are yet to catch up with GTA RP, then you should definitely give it a try. Once you start playing, you will soon realize that nothing is as immersive as virtual life.

Moreover, with an exceptional server like NoPixel, you can also enjoy a sense of real-life situations in it too. 

In today’s blog post, we will deep dive into the GTA V roleplay scenario and explore the low pixel server to its depths.


So, make sure you read this article till the end to know more about the server, how to join it, and more.

NoPixel RP – What Is It All About? 

It’s been six years since the GTA NoPixel RP server was launched, and since its inception, it’s always been a home to streamers and content creators who look forward to entertaining their audience with engaging role-play content.

When it was announced initially, nobody could have ever thought that a role-playing server created by a really small team of developers would blow up into such a massive hit in today’s time.

It’s also one of the many reasons why GTA V is still relevant among gamers even today. 

The expanding community of this intriguing server never fails to attract the biggest streamers in the world, and in no doubt, they’ve also been hooked to the immersive experience for years.


Many have also been an important part of the amazing history and development of the server.

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

When Did NoPixel RP Server Launch? 

The NoPixel RP server was launched in 2016 by a developer named Koli and several other contributors. It runs and operates on the popular third-party multiplayer server system, FiveM.

The server features numerous custom scripts created by Koli and the various developers in the community.

Your objective as a player in this role-play server is to talk, act, and make decisions as to the character you are playing in the game. In simple terms, it means that every action you take in the game must be done on the behalf of your character.

This helps preserve the immersive appeal of the gameplay.


This way, both players and viewers alike can enjoy the same experience from the stories and situations in a simulated world.

How To Join The GTA NoPixel RP Server? 

Ever since GTARP added public service to the game, gamers’ access to NoPixel has become more accessible than ever.

However, it is certainly not as easy as launching the game from your steam launcher. There is a lenient registration process that needs to be completed before being able to play on the server.

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

There are two major ways to play in the NoPixel RP Server. As stated above the server features a public option that can be accessed by anybody without any limitations.

Alternatively, there is also a white-listed server, which is where most of the popular streamers usually play.


To join either of these servers, you will have to follow the same process. Before we proceed any further, make sure you have a legal copy of GTA V installed on your PC.

That being said, let’s take a look at the step-by-step procedure to play the NoPixel RP server: 

  • Firstly, you have to download the FiveM mod for GTA V from their official website. 
  • Then, you will have to head to the official NoPixel RP forums and register an account for yourself. During the registration process, you will have to provide your steam GUID and certain other details.
  • Now, in this step, you will have to choose from either the regular version or the whitelisted version of the server.
Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

Unfortunately, as of now, the server has closed the whitelisting process to prevent saturation.

However, their donor whitelisting program is still in function. You may consider checking out the announcement and important information section to make an informed decision.

The donated whitelisting program implies that a user needs to donate some amount of money for the welfare of the form and the community and in return, they shall receive access to the whitelisted server.

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

If you are not willing to spend money, you can connect to the public version instead. You can choose from two public servers namely purple and orange.

However keep in mind that while playing on the public servers, you can have to wait for a very long time in queues.

What Are The Rules for NoPixel RP? 

General Rules 

If you are willing to play as a white-listed player on the server, you should be at least 18 years of age. The server also requires you to have a working quality mic.

There are also certain guidelines for your character‘s name that include having a realistic name that must not break their terms of service.

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

Players also need to follow the terms of services for and must prevent being toxic or breeding toxicity on either of these platforms.


The community reserves all the right to remove anyone from the community at any certain point in time.

Player Bans and Reports 

If you have to report a player for toxic behavior or appeal for a ban, you need to navigate to the official forums.

The form staff will require the ID of the person who is the verdict for breaking the guidelines or rules. You can find the player ID by pressing the U key on your keyboard.

In-game Rules 

There are certain in-game rules that you must follow throughout the role-play to prevent getting banned from the server:

  • You must stay in character all the time. In case you encounter an issue, try to role-play the scenario and report the player if required. 
  • Make sure you don’t get out of character or try to inform the player that they are breaking a rule. Don’t do any actions that bait others into breaking their character.
  • Out of context, abbreviated as OOC Chat, is restricted from the server.
  • Looting a player who does not have much role play present is not allowed on the server. 
  • You cannot use relaying information that your character did not learn inside the game that may include information from channels like discord and twitch. 
  • Random deathmatch and vehicle deathmatch or not allowed without any prior story or role-play leading up to it.

NoPixel’s goal is to foster a role being experience that is completely free from any constraints, but they also understand that it’s their duty to protect all the community members from toxicity, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, and more. 


Things GTA RP Players Must Know About NoPixel RP Server

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server

You Must Be In Character All The Time 

GTA 5 RP is a live role-playing game, which means that participants are playing their parts. Whenever someone breaks character protocol, it detracts from the immersive experience.

It’s like an example of breaking the fourth wall in a TV show—for example, if an actor complained to the director about his or her line while still on the screen.

To make the RP community more welcoming and pleasant, NoPixel asks that its members stay in the role while playing. If a player needs to step out of their character for a moment, they should roleplay the scenario with another character.

When others break the rules, they should be reported to NoPixel’s mods on the forums.

It is important to never forget that RP characters are not the same as players. Thus, good RPers are always serious about things that affect their character’s lives, such as being near death or dealing with serious illnesses. 


NoPixel also uses a New Life Rule, which means that if your character dies during an RP, you have to completely stop roleplaying for a time period ranging from fifteen minutes to several hours. 

You Need To Have A High-Quality Mic 

Poor microphone quality can ruin an online experience. It can be distracting to hear other players’ coughs and breathing, and if they have low volume or bad audio quality, it can make it hard to understand what they are saying.

NoPixel encourages all of their GTA 5 RP players to use proper microphone setups, such as high-quality speakers and other equipment that can help capture sound.

Players who live in noisy areas or want to reduce outside interference should consider multidirectional microphones. 

Popular streamers also often use these mics, but regular players generally don’t need to.


Application Process is Quite Hard 

Applications for NoPixel RP are taken very seriously and are heavily moderated. Many applications are rejected outright due to a lack of effort or thought.

Please put a lot of effort into your application and choose an appropriate profile picture to accompany your application and to represent yourself as a player in the community.

Players often play on other servers because NoPixel is difficult to get into. A small but dedicated community of developers works hard at keeping NoPixel the most popular server, which means they extend the time it takes to join and reject some players.

Every Character Needs To Have A Backstory 

One of the main features of GTA 5 RP is that it allows players to engage in character-driven storylines and social interactions with other players.

Although these cannot be compared to award-winning performances, it is still essential for players to fully embrace their roles.


Before you fill out the NoPixel application, give some thought to your backstory, which should be entertaining and also plausible.

To show that you’re serious about getting involved in the project, choose a name that’s witty (but not too silly) or comes from your favorite book or movie.

Only People With Legit Copy of GTA V Can Play 

NoPixel runs on a modification of the game Grand Theft Auto 5, so players must sign up for a Steam account to play. The administrators need to verify their identities as a precaution.

NoPixel is available for GTA 5 for players who wish to use it, regardless of what version of the game they own. The premium edition of GTA 5 sells for $14.80. (Buy Now from Steam or Epic)

Players should also follow Twitch’s Terms of Service while using the server. It is important to note that streamers may only live stream content that is appropriate for all audiences, meaning that streamers must abide by these rules at all times.


The Greatest Moments of All Time in NoPixel’s History 

Buddha, Blau, xQc, and Sykkuno’s Rainbow Heist

When xQc, Sykkuno, Blau, and Buddha pulled off a heist nobody thought they could do—three bank heists in a row—it made history. More than 200,000 people tuned in to four different streams to see them pull it off, which is almost unheard of. 

The moment was so great that even veterans who’d been around since the beginning were saying that it was the single greatest moment in GTA RP’s history.

Buddha’s Stylish Garage Exit 

The streamer Buddha has become a laughingstock within the NoPixel community, thanks to his garish outfits and often a cringe-worthy way of speaking. It was only when he exited a garage in style did people begin to take him seriously.

Penta’s Amazing Bait 

It’s hard to pick out just one moment for PENTA — he’s had so many, many great moments. But that time he lured someone into an underground bunker and then trapped them in there after setting off a load of explosives and got to be up there in the running for the greatest bait of all time.

xQc Meets Angry Australians 

Felix Lengyel, aka xQc, has been an outspoken player on the GTA RP NoPixel server, but it’s been a bumpy ride for Lengyel. He’s been banned five times, including once for ‘permanent’ reasons, which was lifted, however. 


xQc found himself in the strange territory when he quipped, “g’day,” at a group of Australians on the verge of a street brawl. He quickly had to retract his statement to avoid being torn apart by the mob.

Summit1G’s Epic Getaway 

Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar showed his fans that you don’t have to play “Grand Theft Auto” in the traditional way when he swooped in to save a friend from the police by jumping off of a highway, picking him up in the middle of a chase, and leaving them in the dust.

Mr. Chang Falls From A Crane 

LordKebun rose to fame on the GTA RP NoPixel server thanks to his popular character Mr. Chang. Kebun later transferred his consciousness to a new body and changed his name to Mr. K, but the magic of Mr. Chang lives on in K’s new character.

Mr. Chang, famed for leading the ChangGang and its feud with the rival clan of GaoShanDong, met his fate when he fell off a crane on which he’d been perched during a heated exchange of blows with a GaoShanDong leader.

Pokelawls Accidentally Films An Argument 

In 2019, the character of “Pokelawls” became a cameraman for “Weazel News”, filming a live segment while two role-players burst into motion, arguing. The combination of their actions and his presence on camera left him and his fans laughing.


GreekGodX’s Bike Explosion 

The vigilant eyes of respected community member Dimitri ‘GreekGodX’ Antonatos have kept our streets safe for years. One time, he saw a group of thugs trying to burn down his bike. What happened next will go down in neighborhood lore forever.

Sodapoppin’s Reverse Driving 

Sodapoppin’s most popular moments are often the result of his hilarious use of glitches. Who could forget his hilarious encounter with a gas pump, when he reversed the car straight into a petrol pump with an old man in the backseat?

Player Glitches Into Monster 

Like all games and mods, the GTA RP NoPixel server is prone to glitches. But they usually don’t really ruin your roleplaying experience; in fact, sometimes they’re kind of fun. For instance, when Hoop turned himself into a monster.

Top 5 GTA RP Streamers To Watch on NoPixel

Things You Ought To Know About NoPixel GTA RP Server


Nathan Blau, whose fans call him Blaustoise, is a popular Twitch GTA RP streamer with 252,000 followers. He has 13,000 subscribers on his YouTube account where he posts hilarious video montages of his gameplay.

Blaustoise achieves the effect of a persona when he dons his mask, taking on the name “Mickey S.” He doesn’t take it seriously and frequently jokes about his identity as a cop. He often collaborates with other popular streamers such as xQc and Sykkuno as well. 


Lucas Ramos, known to his 652,000 followers on Twitch as “Buddha,” is a big-time streamer on the GTA RP server. He also has a YouTube channel for posting highlights of his streams. On the GTA RP server, Buddha’s character Lang Buddha is immensely popular. 

Following his exile to Los Santos, Lang Buddha’s story progresses from his attempt to live a straight and narrow life as a taxi driver to a gradual return to crime.


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a GTA RP streamer known for his explosive temper as well as his explosive plays, boasts massive viewership, with more than nine million Twitch followers and 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. 

Although the twitch streamer used to play GTA RP under the character name “Jean Pierre,” he was forced to retire the character after being banned from the server five times, and recently returned as “Officer PP,” a new character.

The streamer is notorious for controversial antics, which have drawn both criticism and new viewers to his channel. He’s been banned due to allegations of chat-hopping, but he’ll likely return to the whitelisted NoPixel server when he plays again. 

He currently plays on the public version of NoPixel, which is open to everyone.


Thomas, better known by his username Sykunno, is a popular streamer on Twitch who posts GTA RP highlights on his YouTube channel. He is particularly known for his role-playing as “Yuno Sykk,” a bank robber and felon. 

He owes some of his fame to the antics of another player, Whippy, who is known for being very chatty in the game.


Known to his fans by his online alias summit1g, Jaryd Russell Lazar is a renowned Twitch gamer who has over 6 million followers. He was formerly a professional CS: GO player and a member of the Mythic Gaming team, until he retired in 2016. 

After retirement, Lazar began playing GTA RP and Valorant on his Twitch stream and gradually expanded to cover several other games. The streamer plays the role of “Charles Johnson,” a hardened street racer, in his latest stream. 

Sentenced to life in jail after a bungled bank heist, Charles quickly lets viewers on Twitch know that he has no intention of leaving the streets behind any time soon.

Bottom Line 

It’s quite a good feeling when you stumble across a mod so innovative and extensive that it genuinely feels like the next big thing. That’s exactly how NoPixel RP made us feel, a quality server with an incredible amount of commitment and passion behind it. 

If you’re a fan of RP and need a GTA V server to roleplay on, this is a great choice. It’s not completely free to be on the RP server, but there is a public version that anyone can use. 

There are players online every day of the week and it’s generally pretty easy to find some people to hang out with. The developers are really responsive if you have any questions and listen to player feedback to improve their projects.

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