Enthusiasts Find Pokémon Legends Z-A Connection Embedded Within Pokémon Scarlet/Violet


  • Enthusiasts uncover potential links between Pokemon Legends: Z-A and Scarlet/Violet.
  • Textual element similarities discovered, fueling speculation among fans.
  • Excitement grows as speculation about a narrative connection between games spreads.
Enthusiasts Uncover Pokémon Legends Z-A Connection Embedded Within Pokémon ScarletViolet
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In an intriguing development, astute observers within the Pokemon community have discovered what appears to be a connection between the newly disclosed Pokemon Legends: Z-A and the forthcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games.


According to Eurogamer, there is a textual element in Scarlet/Violet that is very similar to the one in the official Z-A announcement trailer.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Enthusiasts Uncover Link to Pokemon Legends: Z-A

During a Pokemon Presents showcase in February 2024, Pokemon Legends: Z-A was revealed. The teaser unveiled a grand urban renewal project for Lumiose City, where Pokemon X and Y are primarily set.

The trailer emphasized the peaceful coexistence of humans and Pokemon by contrasting conventional architectural blueprints with futuristic digital representations of the city.

Pokémon Legends Z-A

The link was initially discovered by u/KyleLaverre, a Reddit user. They discovered the same mysterious writing in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, more precisely on a sign located in Levincia, a town in the Paldea area.

The text says “Paldea Realty Flagship Building,” and players discover that five nearby buildings are owned by a real estate company named Paldea Realty through a non-playable character.


Pokemon Legends: Z-A, slated for release in 2025, is the sequel to the highly regarded Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which made its debut in 2022.

Speculation about the possible return of the Mega Evolution mechanic from Pokemon X and Y was sparked by the announcement trailer for Z-A, which showed off several Pokemon that were anticipated to appear in the game.

Even though the Pokemon Company has not yet confirmed the precise significance of this discovery, fans have been speculating wildly about it.

Theories about a potential narrative connection between Legends and Scarlet/Violet have been sparked by the existence of similar textual elements: Z–A.

It’s important to note that no official confirmation has been provided for this information, which is based only on in-game discoveries.


Still, this fascinating bit of information has raised expectations for the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Z-A, giving excited fans even more reason to be excited.


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