Play These 26 Scariest Games on Roblox for A Chilling Experience

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If you’re looking for a good scare, Roblox is full of horror games to keep you up at night.


There’s something for everyone, be it getting up close and personal with your victims or preferring to hang back and watch them hand out the punishment from afar.

we’ve scoured the internet for the most terrifying games on Roblox and have brought them together here just for you.

We’ve also included a little bit of extra information about each game to help you decide if it’s right for you. 

Whether it’s a game where you’re trying to escape an apartment complex that’s been overrun with zombies or one where you have to figure out who among your friends is secretly a vampire.

So, buckle up because this list is going to get pretty grim.


Bext Scariest Games on Roblox


Kalampokiphobia is the scary corn game you’ve been hearing about. No, we can’t spell it or pronounce it either, but we sure as hell can play it.

If you’re looking for a mildly horrifying (and genuinely disorienting) experience and you haven’t played this game yet, get to it. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

This game, which originally popped up on the platform earlier this year, looks set to be the big Roblox horror trend this Halloween, egged on by TikTok and YouTube jump-scare videos that have been doing the rounds.

Dead Silence 

Like all good horror games, Dead Silence’s scares are built on a foundation of basic human fears and weaknesses; this is not a game about lightning-fast, aggressive monsters.

Instead, you’ll have to deal with two far more relatable threats – the darkness and your own nerves.

Scariest Games on Roblox

Prepare for chills, jump-scares, and a sense of maddening confusion as you run around with your friends attempting to escape some very unpleasant things. Its glowing reviews suggest it’s easily one of the best Roblox horror games out there.

Murder Party 

Murder Party is a game where you can play several different roles, sneak around to accomplish your goal, and defeat others in the process.

Whether it be Murder, Sheriff, Hacker, or Party Planner, there’s a role for any type of member to enjoy.

Scariest Games on Roblox

The Murderer can kill the innocent players with their knife or saber, and cannot see the names of their fellow murderers until they are discovered.

The innocents have to solve who the murderer(s) are and kill them before all innocents die.


Alone in a Dark House 

Exploring abandoned homes and uncovering the secrets of their former inhabitants is the kind of thing that gives a lot of people the creeps, but in these kinds of games, it’s all about cheering yourself on to make it through another creepy room. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

Featuring a colorful cast of characters, genuinely funny writing, and a series of tight action-platformer stages, this game is a blast to play. It’s not exactly scary but the brilliant level design makes it the closest Roblox has come to truly emulate horror experience.

Flee the Facility 

Flee the Facility is a survival horror game that began as a Roblox horror story back in 2015 and continues to inspire new screams in 2020.

The aim of the game is to escape containment through whatever means necessary. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

It usually involves poking around dark rooms, solving puzzles, and acquiring keys with which to unlock gates, doors, and various other forms of prison.


There are plenty of hiding places to explore but be warned – some of them lead to dead ends.


Dive into one of the most intense and atmospheric games on Roblox with Piggy, a multiplayer horror game where you’ll have to escape from Piggy’s grisly clutches by solving puzzles and exploring the surrounding spooky house.

Scariest Games on Roblox

Piggy, a sadistic and evil character, will do anything she can to stop the Survivors from escaping.

The Survivors must find a keycard in order to free themselves from testing blocks and try to find a way out. You need to work together with others in order to escape the map. 


Like many other games on Roblox, Break-In thrives on a first-person perspective that puts players right in the action.


The game’s different modes have a lot of variety and surviving The Purge is just one of them. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

This game is not for the faint of heart. You’ll get that “why am I doing this” feeling as you’re whisked away to a dangerous neighborhood and forced to run, hide and fight for your life while homicidal, bloodthirsty locals try to kill you in any way they can think of.


If you love a good scare, the best scary games on Roblox will send shivers down your spine. SCP-3008 is an awesome game based on The SCP Foundation collaborative fiction project.

Unfortunately, you’re in that crazy place’s IKEA, and it has turned into an inescapable Eldritch location.

Scariest Games on Roblox

No one ever said visiting IKEA was going to be easy, right? As you try to survive — and possibly even make a life for yourself — in this creepy horror game and scary maze, you’ll realize just how terrifying an ordinary furniture warehouse can become.


Scary Elevator 

Scary Elevator is a popular elevator-based horror game on Roblox, developed by a developer known as the Pixelated Studios.

Unlike most other scary games made for Roblox, Scary Elevator heavily relies on jump scares rather than atmosphere and tension as its main source of horror.

Scariest Games on Roblox

Start on the first floor of a haunted hotel, ride a screaming elevator between floors, and face off against hordes of terrible monsters.

Escape to the roof for some relief, or push forward towards the penthouse and whatever horrors await. Can you make it to the top?

Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall 

Roblox is already home to a slew of horror experiences, some of which are made by the more established development teams, others crafted by enthusiastic younger players.


Netflix has made a few big strides with their horror game output recently with this title on Roblox. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

This Stranger Things-themed game has a surprisingly large amount of spooky detail packed into it, from puzzle-solving to some light jump scare misses that still manage to get us every time, in addition to horrifying soundtracks as well. 

The Mimic 

The Mimic is a horror adventure game created across four different chapters and stories of Japanese history and urban legends.

Disguised as four different books, each chapter will take you and your friends to mysterious worlds chock full of scary level designs, loud noises, and a lot of jump scares.

Scariest Games on Roblox

With both single-player and multiplayer game modes, this isn’t the game that you would want to play alone during a dark and stormy night. It has a distinct immersive appeal to it that’ll surely give you goosebumps every once in a while. 



A traditional Japanese setting with a spooky twist. This game thrusts you into the shoes of a traveler returning to their family’s house, ready to live out a quiet, traditional life. Except this place isn’t what it was when you left. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

Use your wits to try and survive long enough to uncover the secrets you’ve put together before finding your family and discovering what’s happening to you. Geisha will captivate your attention even as it terrifies you.

Finders’ keepers 

Finders Keepers is an intense Roblox horror game that will make you work hard to stay alive. You are a paranormal investigator and your latest task is at a family house where the family has disappeared. You’re tasked with solving the mystery of their disappearance. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

You must find hidden rooms, disks, and solve puzzles to succeed. Be careful though, this game is full of scary jump scares, dark corridors, creepy sounds, and more that’ll surely keep you engaged throughout the experience. 

The Maze 

In The Maze, you’re trapped in an underground maze. You must survive the darkness and find a way out.


Players will find themselves in a never-ending puzzle of twisting underground passageways. Can you get your team out safely?

Scariest Games on Roblox

You have only a flashlight and a camera to help get out of it. While the batteries are limited, you sure can scavenge some more around the place.

Another thing to note is that this maze is never-ending as long as there remain players walking around it indiscriminately.

Survive the Killer 

Survive The Killer is one of the top Roblox games in 2022. If you like scary games, you’ll love this one.

As a survivor, you must hide from the killer that is after you and your friends. You can either choose to hide alone or escape with your team and friends together.

Scariest Games on Roblox

Players can become either survivors or killers in this popular horror game. As a killer, your task is to eliminate as many players as possible before they escape.

The game features realistic visuals and intense sound effects to make the experience as lifelike as possible. 

Zombie Attack 

Ready to face real horrors? Search for supplies, arm yourself with all you can find, and take on the hordes of zombies in this one-of-a-kind first-person shooter experience. As a survivor, search for weapons and food.

Scariest Games on Roblox

And as a zombie, go after the survivors! Compete with your friends online, and take them down before they get you.

This gaming experience is crafted by veteran game makers and horror movie creators to give you the shivers in Roblox.


Stop it, Slender 

Stop it, Slender! is a horror-survival game in which you must evade the evil supernatural entity known as Slender Man.

This terrifying creature stalks you through the woods and your passage to safety lies in finding eight pages before he catches you. Survive for as long as you want, if you can.

Scariest Games on Roblox

After making your way inside you realize that this trailer wouldn’t come without a price. You must now find a way to survive the darkness of night until rescue comes. This game is filled with more secrets only waiting to be discovered by the brave of heart.

The Mirror 

Discover a huge underground place full of mysterious, huge mirrors where you must explore to find all the clues and items.

Be warned though, behind the reflection of your face is something much more sinister, something far more horrifying.

Scariest Games on Roblox

The Mirror is the scariest game on Roblox and you can enjoy it with friends or by yourself. You’ll be chased by monsters and freaky-looking people the entire time so try to keep your cool.

If you want the best scary experience though, don’t play with friends – just go all by yourself. 

The Haunted Imperial Hotel 

The Haunted Imperial Hotel is a Roblox horror game with intense mysterious vibes. The hotel was closed down due to multiple deaths caused by a collapse.

You are the explorer who has to navigate through the building while dodging enemies and clearing traps.

Scariest Games on Roblox

You have to be careful as you explore though because there are lots of enemies lying in wait inside. Play it alone or with friends to maximize the excitement.


There are so many unexplained occurrences throughout the game and creatures lurking around corners that’ll keep you immersed. 

Bear (Alpha) 

Get ready to have the fright of your life. Bear (Alpha) is a new horror game on Roblox featuring you and nine other friends trying to survive the killer Bear. The killer Bear has one goal in mind, slay and eliminate everyone else.

Scariest Games on Roblox

However, the other players are armed with multiple weapons which might just be enough to take it down. All that’s left is for you and your friends to team up, arm yourselves, and end the reign of terror of the Bear. 

SCP: Roleplay 

SCP: Roleplay is an adventure-based game where players take on the role of one of several characters in a fictional world with creepy and scary elements.

Escape the facility to live another day, or you may be taken down by something that wants to kill you.

Scariest Games on Roblox

This is the game for you if you want to find out about a possible government conspiracy.

As part of the foundation, it’s your job to manage and maintain security in the facility or like many other players, try to break out.

Happy Oofday

Happy Oofday is a single-player oof-themed horror Roblox game that has been divided into various chapters.

The first chapter focuses on a birthday party. Your friends have invited you to an abandoned yellow house to celebrate your birthday.

Scariest Games on Roblox

However, none of you know that the house is haunted by oof, a yellow-looking malicious spirit.

Featuring multiple endings that can take you anywhere, Happy Oofday is a funny-sounding yet horrifying game in Roblox.

The Rake: Classic Edition 

The Rake is based on a scary story about a humanoid creature, which – to this day – not much is known about.

In this game, you are the spectator that must go in the woods where the Rake is known to hunt humans.

Scariest Games on Roblox

It is your job to survive a series of jump scares and complete several objectives – Discover an abandoned house and get out alive, Survive in an abandoned cabin all night long until sunrise, Complete certain mini-games within the given time limit, and many more.

Insane Elevator 

This is a Roblox horror game where you can dial up the scares as much or as little as you want. Either way, you and your friends have to get into an elevator, brave the challenges, and survive any number of killers including Pennywise, Sired Head, and even The Rake.

Scariest Games on Roblox

Watch in awe as this Roblox adventure unfolds to reveal one challenge after the other. This is a horror game so beware of monsters that are based on your favorite scary movies and books. Play this with friends or online, either way, it’s an amazing experience.

The Asylum 

The Asylum is our most terrifying game yet. Featuring horrifying sound effects and scary environments, The Asylum transports you from your normal, everyday life into a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to soothing and comforting severely ill patients.

Scariest Games on Roblox

As you wander around its dark and grim halls, looking for a reprieve from the inner tumult in your head, you think to yourself: were you truly allowed here? What if this place isn’t what it seemed? It’s time to make some unsettling revelations.

Breaking Point 

Breaking Point is one of the most popular Roblox games and a top horror game. It seats various Roblox players around a single table to commence a game in which everyone’s objective is to eliminate everyone else by using weapons. 

Scariest Games on Roblox

It also features multiple game modes including “Who Did it” in which a player is selected as the Murderer and others have to guess who it is. Make sure you consider giving it a try if you’re looking for a scary and action-packed Roblox game. 

Final Words 

No matter what scares you, you can find a game on Roblox that will terrify you to the edge of your seat. If you’re sick and tired of the same old horror games on Roblox, this list will provide you with new inspiration (and maybe even a good scare), so make sure you try them out. 

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