Exciting News for PlayStation Fans: Now You Can Play Golf with a Horse


  • Award-winning ‘What the Golf?’ now on PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Over 300 levels of comedic golf challenges await, including the infamous ‘Golf a Horse]
  • Don’t miss out on the launch discount for PS Plus members – dive into the hilarity of ‘What the Golf?’ now
Exciting News for PlayStation Fans Now You Can Play Golf with a Horse
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PlayStation gamers can now delve into the whimsical universe of “What the Golf?” – a comedic golf puzzle game developed by Denmark-based Triband.


Originally exclusive to Apple Arcade in 2019, the game has since garnered critical acclaim, including the prestigious “Best Mobile Game” award at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards.

Expanding its reach, “What the Golf?” made its way to the Nintendo Switch in 2020, and as of March 14, 2024, players on PlayStation 4 and 5 can now immerse themselves in its unique blend of humor and physics-based challenges.

Acclaimed Comedy Golf Game “What the Golf?” Now Available on PlayStation 4 and 5

Despite its initial limited release, “What the Golf?” has earned significant recognition for its innovative take on the sport of golf.

Triband’s humorous interpretation, featuring absurd scenarios and unconventional golf balls, has resonated strongly with critics and players alike.

Embracing their lack of expertise in golf, Triband has woven this into the game’s charm, resulting in an experience filled with unpredictability and laughs.

Image Credits: PlayStation

The PlayStation release of “What the Golf?” includes all previously launched updates, such as the “Among Golf!” mode inspired by the popular social deduction game “Among Us.”

This brings the total level count to over 300, featuring standout challenges like the infamous “Golf a Horse” level, where players endeavor to propel a Wild West bandit’s horse onto a moving train using their golfing prowess.

Triband remains dedicated to providing ongoing support for “What the Golf?” across all platforms. Coinciding with the PlayStation debut, the Nintendo Switch version received a complimentary update dubbed “Slime Time!”

This update introduces a fresh mini-campaign boasting over 50 levels, a new overworld map, and delightful surprises, further solidifying the game’s departure from traditional golf norms.

Overall, For PlayStation 4 and 5 users in search of lighthearted entertainment, “What the Golf?” is a must-try title. This quirky game promises to defy expectations, offering a distinctive blend of golf-themed challenges and uproarious moments.


With a launch discount available for PS Plus subscribers, there’s no better time to embark on an adventure into the zany world of “What the Golf?”


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