GTA Trilogy has Been Downloaded 30 Million Times Through Netflix Games


  • The GTA Trilogy hit 30 million downloads on Netflix Games since December 2023.
  • GTA San Andreas leads with 20.5 million downloads.
  • New mobile features include a “Classic Lighting” mode.
GTA Trilogy has been downloaded 30 million times through Netflix Games.
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Lucky for fans of the car-stealing game Grand Theft Auto they can celebrate! More than 30 million people downloaded the game in Netflix Games after the mobile release in December 2023, taking GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas in the GTA Trilogy definitive edition. Availing such sensational numbers also bears testimony to the fact that these works are still widely in vogue.


Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Races Past 30 Million Downloads on Netflix Games

Statistics of Appmagic and the source used in this research is mobilegamer. biz and reported by Insider Gaming, shows the following download figures: Leading the list is GTA San Andreas with well over 20. million from Seek, San Andreas 5 million downloads, and Vice City seven million. It also reached to 5 million and GTA III to 3. 3 million.

Notably, there was more inclination towards San Andreas from the iOS users with 15 out of the total number of participants.

8 million downloads compared to 4 It was noted that increasing the usability led to the download increase which was the case of Apple’s App Store where the number of downloads increased from 8 million to 4. 7 million on Android. This is also carried forward to Vice City.

GTA Trilogy

The first month was a flurry by most of the applications, especially Netflix, which recorded 18 million downloads. But gradually, the pace was provided naturally to the next five months.

This rate of release is not shocking following the controversy surrounding the games following their release and the fact that they are relatively old.


Furthermore, as was said, while the game versions are downloadable for free, one has to subscribe to Netflix to play, which leads to the question of how many downloads are translated into playing.

However, all these factors notwithstanding, the attainment of 30 million downloads is still a good achievement. At least, if Netflix had not been involved, then the numbers in the mobile versions of the trilogy would not have been so high.

Breaking Down the Number Game

Out of all the games, GTA San Andreas follows closely with over 20. Again, this suggests its popularity and ability to sustain downloads with an outstanding 5 million downloads.

Vice City is next with 6.5 million downloads, San Andreas is the third best-selling game in the country, with over 5 million downloads, and GTA III takes the last place in the trio with 3. 3 million downloads.

Notably, San Andreas on iOS was the most downloaded at 15. Care, 8 million in 2016 as compared to 4 million in 2011. 7 million on Android.


Appmagic data via mobilegamer. biz also indicates where to download it. The United States remains in the forefront of downloads for all three games, and a quarter of the downloads of San Andreas Origin were made in the United States.

Following this is Brazil, especially for Vice City, where 18% of downloads were done by Brazilians. India also showed itself to be an important market for all three games, making up between 8% (of downloads for GTA: San Andreas and Mexico) and 12% (of downloads for GTA III).

The Mobile Versions Therefore Present Unique Improvements.

What there is to know is that the mobile versions of the GTA Trilogy include features you wouldn’t find in the PC and console versions.

Of course, an important addition is the “Classic Lighting” mode, which is partially applied to countless people’s requests, making the lighting more correct and providing a more accurate simulation of the conditions of those games.

Whether or not these enhancements will be implemented to the PC and console versions is still up in the air.


Looking Beyond Mobile

Finally, fans on consoles get to enjoy the latest GTA titles and as GTA+ members, they get to enjoy these along with other Rockstar titles. Moreover, San Andreas Definitive Edition is also accessible to PlayStation Plus subscribers and this is technically another way for people to play this game.

Did You Download the Trilogy?

We would like to hear from you! Were you able to get the mobile versions of the GTA Trilogy to check how they’ve been affected by remastering? Make sure to put your comments and overall experiences here. Don’t forget this is your one-stop-shop for all your GTA news, developments on GTA 6, and GTA Online.

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