Top 5 Must-Try N64 Emulator for Mac Users

Nintendo N64
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Are you a fan of classic games? Do you enjoy playing games like Perfect Dark, Fable, and Pokemon Stadium? If so, you need a Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulator that is prominent among gamers.


It is one of the last consoles to have some of our legendary nostalgic games. The best part of having an N64 Emulator is that you can now play those games on your Mac devices. 

Emulators will Emulate the physical hardware on your Mac devices. The N64 emulator is not too different from other emulators. But it has some more unique features and a good variety of games. You can use it and relive the experience of playing those classics on your modern device. 

This article will tell you about the top N64 emulator for Mac users. 

Best N64 Emulator for Mac

The below-mentioned emulators will let you play free games without a gaming device that are as follows: 


The first N64 Emulator on this list is Mupen64plus. It is a free open-source N64 Emulator where you can enjoy playing various games. It has lots of plugins and settings to enhance your gaming experience. 


Also, you can easily modify the display as per your need. Mupen64plus is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. This open source and multi-platform Emulator.

Mupen64Plus - N64 Emulator for Mac

This Emulator has various video plugins and audio plugins with Hi-resolution texture support. It has a cheat system with Game Shark code support and a LIRC infrared remote control option.

Moreover, you get options for speed adjustment and smooth sound output. You can integrate other systems into it through its shared library interface too. 

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Next on this list is OpenEmu. It is one of the most popular OpenEmu for macOS devices. The highlight of this Emulator is its wide range of features to support your gaming. You can save your game progress and continue from where you stopped.


Also, you can attach a gamepad and joystick controller for the ultimate gaming experience.  OpenEmu supports many old gaming consoles such as N64, SNES, GBC, etc.

OpenEmu - N64 Emulator for Mac

OpenEmu is made with a combination of some of the best emulators in a unified app. So you can organize and set up your gaming library.

Moreover, backups of the games you won are automatically added to this library to make your special gaming collection. You can use any Bluetooth game controller with it. 

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Another N64 Emulator is Sixtyforce. Sixtyforce supports Nintendo Disk Drive emulation. But you cannot save the game’s progress in this Emulator. 


At the same time, it is not available for free. It is free to download. You can register on it with a fee of $15 for full-screen resolution. However, it allows you to add gameplay and controllers to enjoy your games. 

Sixtyforce - N64 Emulator for Mac

The emulator works by real-time code translation in your Mac devices. Every part of its program has been created to give an unmatched gaming experience to the users.

Games are auto-saved on this Emulator on the game cartridge and controller memory. You get an easy-to-use interface with simple installation. Sixtyforce is lightweight and supports a limited number of games.

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Dolphin N64 Emulator 

Are you looking for a free N64 Emulator for Mac? If so, then Dolphin can be a good option. It is a well-known browser that was unavailable for some time.


Now Dolphin is an Emulator with two consoles, Gamecube and Wii emulator. At the same time, it has come with new updates and features for a better user experience.

Dolphin N64 Emulator - N64 Emulator for Mac

This emulator allows you to play on many systems with equal capability. However, some developments that create connection errors when you play remain. To use it, you need a Game ROM and then enjoy your game.

You can enjoy gaming on this Emulator in Full HD (1080p) and many other features. For instance,  it is compatible with all PC controllers and allows for networked multiplayer gaming. 

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Next on this list is RetroArch, which is known for its uniqueness. The emulator has the potential to emulate various gaming consoles. You need to download kernels inside this app, most of which run smoothly. 


Also, there is a suitable emulator for the games who want to play games for different consoles without downloading them. The best part is that you won’t have to pay a single dime to play games on it. With multiple features, it runs on platforms like Windows, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

RetroArch - N64 Emulator for Mac

Although, retroArch is a little more complex than the others on this list. But it will give you a good and stable performance too. It supports various systems, and you can download cores for it. RetroArch can auto-scan your files while saving, loading, and changing controls.

Moreover, it can load cheat codes too. All over, it is an impressive and dynamic open-source Emulator. You can get a chance to do more than 80+ things on it, which makes it suitable for gaming experts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any good N64 emulators for Macs?

There are many N64 emulators for Macs, like OpenEmu, Mupen64plus, and sixtyforce. Sixtyforce translates real-time codes to run games on your devices. It has been carefully developed to provide an ultimate gaming experience on Mac. 

Does Project 64 work on MAC?

Project 64 does not work on MAC. It works well on Windows PCs. But you can get some good alternatives online, similar to project 64 for MAC. A good alternative is RetroArch, a free and open-source Emulator for Mac.

Which emulator works on Mac?

The easiest Emulator for Mac is Openemu. It has various useful features to enhance your gaming experience. Unlike other emulators, it allows you to save your progress and continue when you resume your play. Also, you can attach a gamepad and joystick to play. 

Summing Up

Mac users may be well aware that there is no option for Nintendo 64 gaming on the Device, which can be disappointing. But technology has a solution for it too. With the advent of new N64 emulators, you get an answer to that problem. 


You can play many N64 game titles on Mac with emulation. However, some emulators only run on a specific ROM. But, the emulators mentioned above work correctly with your Mac devices. 

You can get one of the N64 emulators from this list and relive that old nostalgic gaming fun on your MAC device in the easiest way now. 

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