[Top 12] Best GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

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Do you like to play prominent classic games? 


If so, you would be familiar with Nintendo’s GameCube Emulator. It is one of the best-selling consoles from Gamecube Emulator. 

Here, you can play games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Super Smash Bros: Melee, and Resident Evil 4 and relive the old Joy. 

The best part is that the fun is not just limited to PCs. Instead, you can play games on it from your Android devices too. 

Best GameCube Emulators

The GameCube was released in 2001. But, it got discontinued in 2007 for some reason. However,  between that time, sales of 30 million units gave tough competition to PS2 and Xbox. This was a testimony to its popularity. 

At present, there are several other Gamecube Emulators to use for PC and Android devices. Let’s know more about them. 


Dolphin Emulator (Android)

The most popular Emulator on the list is Dolphin Emulator.  Also, you can use it on both PC and Android devices. You can play other games from the Nintendo Gamecube Wii emulator and the GameCube.

Dolphin Emulator - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

This free Emulator is trustworthy and safe. Also, developers update it regularly to ensure it’s up to the mark. You can play your favorite old and classic games in HD. That is a rare opportunity.  The best part is that you can play games in 4K too. 

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DraStic DS Emulator (Android)

The DraStic DS Emulator is one of the fastest emulators you can use on your Android device. It has an easy-to-use interface for smartphone devices. Also, it has a good combination of hardware and software for easy processing.

DraStic DS Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

Also, the Emulator has a customizable nature. You can extend the 3D graphics resolution and modify the gaming with cheat codes as you set. Also, you can enhance the speed of this emulation with Quick functioning. 


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Classic Boy (Android)

If you want to play your favorite traditional games with an advanced gaming system, then classic Boy must be your choice. It has great game controllers for a practical gaming experience. 

Also, you can play those old games with sensors to double up your fun and nostalgia.

ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

It gives you the joy of playing your favorite classic game with more modern and immersive features. Along with sensors, you can use your traditional joysticks and gamepad too.

There is an option to personalize the controllers of GameBoy, Sega, & PlayStation, & Nintendo GameCube as per your choice. This classic Boy Emulator also lets you play games on your regular smartphone devices. 


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MegaN64 (Android)

Along with Dolphin Emulator, MegaN64 is another popular Emulator for Android devices. It is simple to use and free of cost. So, you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it to play various games.

Also, it has the option to personalize the controls as per your needs. As its name describes, it is an Emulator for Nintendo 64 games and many Gamecube titles.

N64 Emulator Pror - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

You can directly download it on your SD. Or else, you can sideload its APK on your android smartphones. If you are a beginner, you can use it instantly, as it does not require any setup.

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M64Plus FZ Emulator (Android)

The next on our list is the M64Plus FZ Emulator for Android devices. This free GameCube emulator. It lets you enjoy playing popular games like N64.

You can install it on a variety of Android devices like your smartphones. Also, it is compatible to use with several gamepads and controllers too.

M64Plus FZ Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

In contrast to other popular Android emulators, it has all the powerful plugins and features for playing games. You can add support for Google Drive cloud backup in its pro version.

To start the game on the internet, you need a router with UPnP. Also, it would be best if you were connected to the router.

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All in one Emulator (Android)

Next comes an in-one Emulator.  It is another popular Emulator that is known for Gamecube games. It’s perfect for playing those games on your Android devices.

Also, you can play other console games on it. All-in-one Emulator is known for its excellent graphics and smooth performance.  Its easy-to-use interface is ideal for use even for beginners.

All In One Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

The emulator enables you to save your game progress in it. Moreover, you can personalize the experience by creating cheat codes. You can set your preferred custom textures, background, and sound effects. 

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Super 64 Plus (Android)

Another free GameCube Emulator is the Super 64 plus. This Gamecube Emulator for Android is ideal for Android 11 devices. Also, it has several features that enable you to play Gamecube and Nintendo 3DS games.

Super64 Plusr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

Some of the best features of Super 64 plus include Analog, and D-pad controls. The latter comes with L+R+Z buttons. Interestingly, it allows you to edit the control players. You can set the controls as per your choice.

There are even options to edit player profiles and touchscreen buttons. You can edit game files and rename them too. This makes it a favorite Emulator among gaming experts. 

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Dolwin Master (Windows)

One of the oldest GameCube emulators is Dolwin Master. It helps to play GameCube games on Android devices.

However, the game has not been updated for some time, so there are a few minor bugs. So, you can find some bugs in the graphic settings.

Dolwin Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

The Dolwin Master emulator can let you play on touchscreen controls. At the same time, you can use other game controllers with this GameCube Emulator.

A quality that differentiates it from other Gamecube Emulators is that it supports many game files. This means you can play most games on the emulator easily. 

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GCEmu Emulator (Windows)

The next Emulator is the GCEmu Emulator, which helps you play nineteenth and Gamecube games. For reaching a faster speed, it has recompilation methods and other features.

A few elements need to be added in this emulator, but you can work on it and customize them too.

GCEmu Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

This is a free GameCube emulator. Also, this open-source Emulator is a favorite among Android users. You can access its code on Sourceforge. You can download GCEMU from Sourceforge.

Consequently,  you can enjoy the Gamecube games on your smartphone immediately.  

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Gekko Public Release (Windows)

Gekko Public Release is known for playing high-quality Gamecube games on Android devices. It can smoothly emulate Gamecube on your devices. ShizZy and Lightning made the Emulator.

Gekko Public Releaser - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

To play GameCube games on your device, you can download them from EmulatorGames.net. This cross-platform is the only place to get GameCube emulators on various devices. 


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SuperGCube Game (Windows)

As mentioned above, Dolphin is one of the best GameCube Emulators for Android. But this Super G cube game Emulator has similar features in it. It perfectly emulates the GameCube console on your phone.

SuperGCube Gamer - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

However,  it needs to give the quality and features of dolphins. But, this free Emulator offers good quality performance in itself. 

This free app for Android is available on various platforms.  Also, it is compatible with a wide range of devices. The super G cube Emulator is used by more than 50 K people as a testimony to its trustworthiness.  

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WhineCube Emulator (Windows)

Next comes one of the oldest and most amazing Whinecube Emulators.  It is one of the best Emulators that are compatible with a variety of Android devices. Interestingly, it is exclusively available for Android phones. 

WhineCube Emulatorr - GameCube Emulators for Android and Windows

It has 4.5 -star ratings on various websites, which speaks for its trustworthiness. Also, its rating showcases that it’s an ideal destination to have fun playing GameCube games. However, it was last updated in 2008. So, it might have some bugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Android able to emulate Gamecube?

Yes, you can play the classic GameCube games on Android devices. It is great fun playing the GameCube games on Android with a GameCube Emulator.  Several Gamecube Emulators available on the internet enable you to do so.

What is the best emulator for GameCube Emulator?

Dolphin Emulator is considered one of the best GameCube Emulators for Android. It is available for playing games on PC too. You can enjoy those games on two consoles with full HD quality. Also, it is compatible with all PC controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, etc.

Is it legal to emulate games on Android?

Emulating is entirely legal as, in simple terms, it means downloading. So, it is similar to other things that you download. For instance, when you download word processing or music player software. However,  it is illegal to download or upload ROMs. Consequently,  you must use your game files.

Summing Up

We all love to play games. Several modern and advanced games are fun and exciting to play. But they cannot replace the nostalgia and joy of playing the classic GameCube games we used to play as children.  

We have modern emulators and technology that can make you quickly play those old games with a fresh advanced approach. These emulators above help you play those Gamecube games with customized controllers for free.


Moreover, these emulators are perfect for playing those games on Android devices like smartphones and reliving those old days.

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