Players of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Express Concerns Over Creepy New Moogles


  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” fans are divided over the new Moogle redesign.
  • Some find the design unsettling while others praise its charm.
  • Controversy ignites discussion on iconic characters’ evolution in gaming.
Players of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Express Concerns Over Creepy New Moogles
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The upcoming release of “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” has sparked intense discussion among fans over a seemingly insignificant detail: the redesigned appearance of the lovable Moogle creatures, rather than the game’s core gameplay or story.


Since their debut in “Final Fantasy 2,” these recognizable, feline creatures have been a mainstay of the Final Fantasy series, and their graphical representation has changed over time.

Fans Worried About “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth” Moogles’ Creepy Redesign

In “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth,” the Moogles have experienced a major change in appearance. Their once-traditional feline features have been replaced by a more rounded body, bear-like ears, mammalian eyes, and rodent-like front teeth. Fans’ reactions to this departure from the established Moogle aesthetic have been mixed.

There is a clear split among the fan base over the redesign of the Moogles. Some have laughed it off or expressed disbelief; some have even gone so far as to teasingly propose that the Moogle modification alone should determine review scores.

The main complaints are about the teeth addition and the more human-like facial structure, which some fans find unsettling.

However, not every response has been unfavorable. The redesigned design has drawn praise from some enthusiasts who think it’s adorable and charming.


Because of the new design’s apparent resemblance to woodland creatures, comparisons have been made to the visual style of the “100 Acre Wood,” drawing similarities to Winnie the Pooh’s house.

This discussion emphasizes how difficult it can be to adapt well-known characters for modern audiences and media.

Some fans enjoy the creative license developers have taken to reimagine classic elements, while others find comfort in familiarity. In the end, players’ reactions to the new Moogle design will probably depend on their tastes and perceptions.

It is noteworthy that several Final Fantasy games have featured a variety of character designs, including the Moogles. Their first appearance in “Final Fantasy 2” was very different from how they were portrayed in “Final Fantasy 12,” where they took on a more realistic, rabbit-like appearance.

Overall, whatever one’s feelings about the new look, there is no denying that it adds a new level of discussion and excitement to “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.”


It is unclear if this look will be maintained by the Moogles in later iterations, but their updated look is evidence of the series’ continuous development and the passionate fandom it has amassed over its illustrious history.

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