The Best Among Us Mods

Are you looking for the best Among Us mods? If yes, this place is meant to serve you. Among Us is a simple and fun game, but it’s even more fun with mods. Mods add new game modes, player roles, maps, chat features, and crewmate skins to the game. 


Not only will these mods introduce you to welcome chills and goosebumps, but they will also make you fall for the game even more. 

But there’s a major problem with finding good Among Us mods. Hundreds of mods on YouTube videos have millions of views, but they’re for private use, not for public download.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Among Us mods for you to try out in 2022. 

So, let’s get started!

The Best Among Us Mods

What is Among Us?


Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game where you find out how well your friends lie. Developed and published by Innersloth, the game is inspired by the party game Mafia and the horror, science fiction film ‘The Thing.’


As a player in Among Us, you have to figure out who the impostor is, or if you are the impostor, you’ll have to slowly kill off the other players while pointing the blame elsewhere. 

After a while, you might want to add something to keep things interesting. In that case, mods come in handy. Mods make a game ten times better and more fun. They add new roles and switch things up in bizarre ways. 

For example, you can become a Sheriff who kills without voting or play on a ship where zombies try to infect the crew. That’s all possible with the best game mods.

Want to make things interesting in your next Among Us game with your friends? Try out these mods.

The Best Among Us Mods For This Year

Here are the 15+ best Among Us mods that can make your game more enjoyable with your friend:


Note: We recommend you make a copy of your game folder before installing an Among Us mod. The mods are intended for use on private servers with friends, so don’t try to join a regular game with mods installed.

BetterCrewLink (Proximity Voice Chat)

The Best Among Us Mods

Do you want to add a level of immersion where you can only hear players when you’re in close proximity to one another? 

Try out the BetterCrewLink mod. It lets you hear anyone who is close by. 

Crewmates and even impostors will benefit from this, though the latter should be careful not to plot anything sinister while a crewmate is nearby.

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The Best Among Us Mods

The Sheriff mod allows one crewmember to be the local law. It’s an excellent mod for anybody who wants to add action to the game. 


In the game, the Sheriff gets one shot to kill the impostor without waiting for a team vote. And if he succeeds, the game is won.

However, one problem is that the Sheriff loses his own life if he kills a Crewmate. You can hide or show the Sheriff’s identity as a player to make the game more exciting.

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The Best Among Us Mods

Skeld is one of the best Among Us mods out there. It’s got a ton of new game modes, including an Identity Crisis mode and a Zombie mode. 

In Identity Crisis mode, everyone changes their identity at every meeting, while in Zombie mode, one player attempts to infect all other players.


Any gamer who wants more thrills will appreciate Skeld.

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Town of Impostors

The Best Among Us Mods

Town of Impostors is the most downloaded mod for the game. And it’s easy to see why. 

What if a couple of crew members on your boat had their own special superpowers? That’s what the Town of Impostors mod gives you. It’s not just one mod but a package deal that enables both Crewmates and Impostors to play new roles. 

Obviously, you’ll have an impostor, a Doctor who can revive the dead, and a Sheriff who can kill impostors. 

In my opinion, it’s one of the cleanest mods available on the web because it’s fun but straightforward.

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Extra Roles

The Best Among Us Mods

Extra Roles is another excellent mod that gives players more options. As the name suggests, it adds more roles to the game.  

For example, you’ll find a Medic who can make one player invincible, an Officer who can kill impostors, and an Engineer who repairs sabotages. 

Also, a Joker who can do anything to win. Joker convinces everyone that he is the Impostor to get booted from the game. You can add excitement and suspense to your game with this mod. It gives players a lot more options and strategies to try out. 

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Crewmates With Hands!

The Best Among Us Mods

I find this mod somewhat frightening how select Among Us is when it comes to showing your character’s hands, even though we’re supposed to believe they’re always there.

During Impostor kill animations, you only get a glimpse of it, and even then, it’s limited to a few frames and specific poses.

This Crewmates With Hands mod aims to make crewmates more lively by displaying their hands at all times and offering cute bouncy animations when running.

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The Haunted Mansion

The Best Among Us Mods

If you’re looking to add a bit more spooky to your Among Us sessions, try out The Haunted Mansion. With 20 rooms, this brand new Among Us map is massive.

You’ll find candlelight, cobwebs, hard-to-find light switches, and skull-adorned tombstones in this haunted house. 

With The Haunted Mansion Among Us mod, it’s almost like living in a creepy movie due to its high-quality world-building.

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Prop Hunt

The Best Among Us Mods

The Prop Hunt mod is just suitable for you if you’re looking for a mode that’s less about solving puzzles and more about hiding and seeking. It takes the game to a whole new level.

In Prop Hunt, crewmates and impostors become inanimate objects, and it’s up to the other players to find them. You have to blend into the scenery if you want to accomplish your tasks or find victims.

You need the No Name Tag mod to get the full camouflage effect. If you don’t have it, others can tell that you’re pretending to be an emergency button. 

The mod lets you create your own custom games and camouflage yourself around the map as different props.

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Cmds Roles

Cmds Roles is one of the most comprehensive mods in Among Us out there. 

It has a metric ton of new roles for your Among Us gameplay, including Hacker, Ninja, Survivor, Reverse Jester, Seer, Cursor, Electrician, Tracker, Helper, Teleporter, and dozens of others. 

You can play any role you want, each with its unique set of skills.

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The Best Among Us Mods

In this mod, you’re no longer dealing with impostors – instead, you’re up against hordes of zombies eager to feast on your flesh. 

The goal is to survive as long as possible and mow down as many zombies as possible with high-powered laser fire. The ship will slowly become overrun with the undead, making it harder and harder to move around. This mod is intense, and it’s a lot of fun if you can survive.

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The Best Among Us Mods

Adding to the already impressive list of mods for Among Us, ColorsPlus enables you to customize the colors of your character fully. 

What if your character’s color changes randomly every 15 seconds? That would make it challenging to track gameplay. Additionally, there are no names above the player’s heads.

That’s what the ColorsPlus mod does. This mod allows you to make your character any color you want and even includes some custom colors. It’s a simple but interesting mod that can add some flavor to your game.

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Love Couple

The Best Among Us Mods

Love Couple is one of the best mods available on the web because it’s not only fun but also straightforward. It’s excellent for couples who want to spice up their game.

This mod is a twist on the Town of Us Among Us mod. In order to win, the lovers must be one of the last three players alive. But be careful! When one lover is killed, the other is also dead.

In fact, the lovers help the Impostor survive by helping each other out when they are in trouble. What if one lover is an impostor? That’s when Love Couple Among Us gets really fun.

It makes an excellent and suspenseful game.

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Brawl Stars Map

The Best Among Us Mods

Brawl Stars Map is an excellent mod for people who want to play Among Us in a familiar environment. This mod replaces the ordinary rooms and tasks of Among Us with those of the well-known game Brawl Stars.

This mod includes all your favorite Brawl Stars rooms and items, such as gems, safes, and more. The tasks are also all Brawl Stars-based. Your game will be more enjoyable with this mod.

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The Best Among Us Mods

Crewbunny is one of the cutest mods available for Among Us. It replaces the characters with bunnies.

Bunnies are adorable, aren’t they? Would you consider replacing your Among Us character with them? If yes, download the Crewbunny mod right now. And it transforms your astronauts into cute bunnies.

The creator did a great job with the art design, which was an exciting idea. Everything else remains the same, except for the cosmetics.

However, this mod will only allow players to see the cute little bunnies if they’re using it.

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Vampy Mod

The Best Among Us Mods

Believe me; you’re gonna love this mod. The Impostors in this mod are vampires who will suck your blood dry. 

The thing is, everyone has little vampire ears in this mod. So, who is the actual bloodsucker? You can use Bloodrush mode to spy on other players (crewmembers), kill them, or fly between rooms as a bat. 

However, you should be careful. If the crew catches you, they will vote you out, turning you into a pile of ash. This mod is perfect for Halloween or if you’re just in the mood for some gory fun.

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Mod Manager

The Mod manager is a must-have tool for any game modder. It allows you to install, update, and manage your mods easily.

The Best Among Us Mods

Could you tell me what you will do with all these mods? Of course, you can play them.

But how do you switch between and manage your mods without an Among Us mod manager? It’s simple: use a mod manager. A mod manager lets you easily switch between mods and keep track of all your mods. 

So, if you’re planning on using mods, I recommend downloading Mod Manager. You’ll find it very helpful.

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BioResearch Map

The Best Among Us Mods

The BioResearch Station is an excellent mod for people who want to try something new. 

There’s so much to explore, and it’ll take you hours to find all the Easter eggs hidden around the map.bRight now, the BioResearch map is the biggest map on modded Among Us.

Bio Research Station has over 30 different locations, making it a relatively new map. It has all the tasks of MIRA HQ, Polus, Airship, and Skeld map, plus a few new ones for you to discover.

So if you’re looking for a new map and new tasks, give this mode a try. These are the best Among Us mods for a more exciting gameplay experience. 

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How To Install Among Us Mods?

Installing mods for Among Us is easy. Follow these steps to install Among Us Mods:

  • First of all, download the mod and unzip it.
  • Now, go to the install directory in the game. Right-click on Among Us in Steam, then choose Manage > Browse local files.
  • Then add the unzipped files to the Among Us directory.
  • Finally, run the game.
  • When you use a new mod for the first time, it may take a few minutes. If you’ve installed it correctly, you’ll see the mod’s name in the top left of the menu screen. 

That’s it! 


Installing mods is an excellent way to enhance your Among Us gameplay experience. As you can see, there are many mods available for Among Us. You can install them to make the game more exciting or even change the entire gameplay.

If you’re looking for the best mods, I recommend you try the Crewbunny, Vampy, or BioResearch map mod. Whichever you choose, I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

Did I miss any good or your favorite mod? Let us know in the comments below!


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