The Witcher: Wild Hunt Gets Gameplay Improvements in Patch 4.02


  • The Witcher: Wild Hunt is the successor of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings & the third game overall of the franchise.
  • The game has just got its new Patch released, Patch 4.02, which brings overall gameplay improvements & bug fixes.
  • A Motion Blur slider has also been added, which you can access by going to Options > Video > Graphics.
The Witcher: Wild Hunt
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The Witcher: Wild Hunt is the iteration of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and this is the third game overall in The Witcher video game franchise.


The developers have pushed out a new update for The Witcher: Wild Hunt, update 4.02, and have brought some changes to the PlayStation, PC, and Xbow.

Well, Patch 4.02 brings overall gameplay improvements and lots of improvements to the stability of the game, especially on the PC, where there have been numerous improvements.

Looking at the update’s release notes gives us a more in-depth look at changes coming to the game. Well, first off, some of the updates are for just PC only.

Now let’s look at the patch; the developers have improved the CPU core utilization on the DirectX version 12 of the action role-playing video game.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt
The Witcher: Wild Hunt Patch 4.2.0 notes

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Also, horizon-based ambient obstruction has been reinstated, and if you turned this off, you will need to do this again.

Many players were unhappy about the issue affecting the My Rewards localization in the Red launcher. The issue has been resolved. This patch also fixes a bug that was affecting particle optimization.

On to the changes made for the console, the devs have improved the Performance mode of the video game on the next-gen of consoles and have also fixed an issue that made characters blurry during dialogues and cut scenes.

There was a bug relating to the memory usage of the Ray Tracing that was causing crashes on the Xbox Series X version of the game has been fixed, and now there’s quicksave, which will now load on the Xbox One as well after the cross-progression.

Another bug which was fixed in this patch 4.02, caused the deletion of old save game saves when players overwrite the manual game saves on PlayStation 5 and also fixes the performance issues after loading a saved game in Beauclair & Novigard.


There are some visual changes that are coming to the video game apart from the improvements & bug fixes, but before making visual changes, the devs also fixed a visual bug that resulted in black artifacts covering stone arches. 

A Motion Blur slider has also been added, which you can access by going to Options > Video > Graphics. Quest & gameplay also has some visual changes to them that will be present on all platforms 

Throughout the Reason of state, a bug caused a door to be permanently locked if the players, knocked, entered, or if they have left the building; this has also been fixed with another bug that made the Swanger Hunt Cat School Gear upgrade diagrams Part 1 quest keeps on going even after players looted all the diagrams.

Also, The Witcher: Wild Hunt will not block players who want to start expansions separately when you try to start a NewGame+ on the incompleted saved game.

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