10 Websites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

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Relaxing on holidays, playing Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing with a bit of snack is something you would enjoy too much!


Thinking of it, you would wish to go back in time. You would again want to live the best of your life with Nintendo 3DS.

However, you might still need to get your console, so you download emulators. Before heading over to play with it, you need to install ROMs.

So, if you are looking for the best websites to download Nintendo 3DS ROMs, we have covered you all!

Top 10 Websites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs 

Amidst a range of websites that provide ROMs for Nintendo, finding an authoritative one might be challenging.

This is because it is hard to figure out the safe ones, provide relevant files, and not serve mods. We have selected the best ones under the category which are legitimate. 


The following are the top 10 websites to download ROMs for Nintendo 3DS:


How about the most user-friendly website for downloading Nintendo 3DS ROMs?

If yes, then RetroMania is a must-check on your list!

The site is home to several classic ROMs and Emulators. Besides, if you cherish the old-gen classics, this suits you. It has the most loved Nintendo 3DS games with classic graphics and sound.

Also, if you find your favorite game, you can use its search bar to navigate through them quickly.

Retromania - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

What’s more incredible is that its search results are reliable; you can click on any and select one download link.

It does not redirect you to any other site nor give you annoying virus pop-ups or censored ads. The website contains ads that you would not interrupt your browsing experience. 

Moreover, all the links are relevant and include what they specify. All of it makes RetroMania a safe site for Nintendo 3DS ROMs. Its simple design and efficiency make it a top-ranking ROM site.

If you are looking for an emulator to install on your smartphone or PC, it will fetch you that. Further, if you want to avoid downloading it, you can play retro games online on its website. 

As the name implies, it’s truly a delight for retro games. 


Visit the Website Now

Rom Hustler 

How about a ROM Downloader website that’s well-optimized for your smartphone?

If yes, then ROM Hustler is one such Nintendo 3DS ROM download website! 

The website has a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that offers you a seamless downloading experience.

This site’s developers have ensured that it works perfectly on smartphones. You don’t need to know the exact name; you can enter related words, and its database will fetch and respond with appropriate results. 


The website is quite old and hence has gained the authority of users. They have given it high ratings and positive reviews, so you need not doubt its efficiency. It has the best part of most other ROM websites.

Rom Hustler - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

The site prevents malware on your device and is thus safe. You will never be tired of too much gaming as it has a massive storehouse of ROMs and emulators to keep you entertained.

Amidst plenty of content, you will always find it good and can easily find the 3DS ROM you need. You can sort them alphabetically or use its search window.

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How about downloading the classic Super Smash Bros, Dragon BallZ, God of War, and Naruto ROMs from a single place?


If yes, then Gamulator has it all! The website has the most loved yet classic game ROMs in its comprehensive library.

Moreover, it is ranked as one of the safest ROM-downloading websites. Therefore, you need not think much before downloading a ROM, and you must scan the ROMs with your antivirus. 

Gamulator  - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

As the name implies, it contains games for emulators. Besides, as the developers update it frequently, it enhances your experience; they keep adding newer games and updating ROMs, so it suffers from no bugs.

Further, you can avoid bearing ads or undesired pop-ups as the developers maintain a good user experience.

Visit the Website Now


ROMs World

How about a Nintendo 3DS ROM downloading website that gives you a hassle-free experience?

If yes, then ROMs World is something you cannot miss!

ROMs World - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

As the name suggests, it’s a world solely for ROM downloads. This one stands at the top of the mark regarding the websites that serve safe ROMs.

Besides, it is also one of the most used sites worldwide meant for the purpose. It has a minimalist interface.

The staff is well-organized and categorized to provide you with a hassle-free experience. Hence, it has a pretty attractive site design.


Be it Mario, Centro, or similar. The site is truly a paradise for you to find your favorite games. With no redirects or malware, it hosts 100% safe content.

Visit the Website Now

ROMs Universe 

How about a Nintendo 3DS ROM site with the most games?

If this impresses you the most, then ROMs Universe is a delight!

ROMs Universe - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

The website has a library of 1 lac plus gems. Whether you want to download the ROMs or play them online is your choice.


Thus, you can try playing them online and downloading them only if you are hooked. Besides, smooth browsing does not support unwanted ads or pop-up notifications. 

Apart from ROM, you can also download ISOs. These are limited to Nintendo 3DS and have those for PlayStation, Xbox, SNES, and GBC.

Though it is noteworthy that you will find only small-sized games here. Yet all of them have sharper pixels as their resolution has been improved. So, you would get better graphics in ROMs too.

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Emulator Zone

How about a website that provides comprehensive information about ROMs and emulators?


If this impresses you, then Emulator Zone is a must-check out on your list!

The site is renowned for emulators but offers a stunning collection of ROMs. For every item, you find ROMs, suitable emulators, links through which you can download them, ratings, reviews, and even updated information.

Apart from ROMs for Nintendo 3Ds, you will also find ROMs for Xbox, Playstation, Saga, and Mame emulators.

Emulator Zone - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

While looking for ROM sites, you would have some concerns like whether the site is safe to browse or not, does it provide safe content or not!

Emulator Zone also resolves all your worries as it is one of the safest websites. You can rely on its download links, as all of them are relevant to the intended content.


So, this website is a delight when you are looking for classic gaming console ROMs. Creators make sure to update the links and files and add more ROMs.

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TheOldComputer ROMs

How about a ROM downloading site wherein you a new even download play backups?

If yes, then TheOldComputer ROMs is one such website serving a dual purpose! 

You can fetch ROMs for Nintendo 3DS and even paybacks which you can use and play on your gadget. It has more than 585,000 ROM files available.


Besides, you will find them for more than 550 consoles. With such a vast database, it also makes it easy for you to navigate. The site has a clean UI that is easy to use. Moreover, with a light theme, you get subtle visuals.

TheOldComputer ROMs - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

Searching for your preferred ROMs is also relatively easy. This is because it has an inbuilt search feature wherein you have to enter the related terms in its search bar, and it will retrieve accurate results.

Thus, you can browse and download easily with a few clicks. Apart from play backups and ROMs, you will also find supplementary files related to video games on it. No matter your platform, you will find appropriate ROMs for all of them.

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How about relishing the good old days of classic Nintendo 3DS games?


If yes, then Retrostic will help you relive them! 

Retrostic, as its name says, is a site dedicated to Retro stuff; here are ROMs. Retro vibes are incomplete without Nintendo memories. The developers know it well, so the site includes a varied range of Nintendo 3DS ROMs too!

You can find ROMs of any genre and for the most classic emulators. Its library consists of a collection of 83,797 ROMs for 419 emulators and 51 consoles. Further, if you are still looking for a game you require, you can connect with them and request it.

Retrostic - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

When visitors visit its site for the first time, its simple and subtle animation and interface strike their interest.

You often doubt whether a particular game is worth killing your time. Here, too, this website helps. You can play games on it online plenty of times till you become sure of downloading it. 


Visit the Website Now


How about playing The Trolls in Crazyland or the Doki? Doki! Yuuenchi?

If yes, then with CDRomance will help you with it!

The website has classic ROMs for emulators like Nintendo 3DS, NES, Xbox, Playstation, Dreamcast, and more.

Some of you would find its interface to be a bit dated; however, that’s for giving the old days feel so you could cherish the early days’ nostalgia.

It has a collection of more than 1k files. Besides, content free from malware and no irrelevant pop-ups make it safe to use. 

All the ROMs are original, with their classic graphics and sound quality. The site also contains artwork games.

Moreover, featured image along with each file helps you know about the games better. As the name suggests, it’s a lovable site emphasizing DVD and CD games.

CDROMance - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

Furthermore, it also displays information about each ROM so you can know their every detail before installation. You would also find Spanish, Italian and French games.

Using the website menu, you can quickly navigate to what you are looking for. It has a menu for ROM hacks, Games, Extras, and more.

The website is well-optimized for smartphones too. You can use its search feature to find the stuff you want. Plus, it also lets you switch to a dark theme, which helps in access the site easily in the dark.

Visit the Website Now

Classic GameROMs

How about playing Super Mario, Pokémon, and many such evergreen games?

If you find it impressive, you will consider downloading their ROMs! More sites might provide it; however, this one is unique. This is because it has such classics and different versions that exist.

The name goes well with its purpose and is a legitimate heaven for classic game lovers like the Nintendo 3DS. Apart from Nintendo, you will also find ROMs for Atari, Sony, and AEGA consoles.

It has less loading time, so you can get your favorite ROMs without waiting much. Besides, it also supports faster downloads and has a neat GUI.

Classic GameROMs - Nintendo 3DS ROMs

Thus, you can easily access the best yet evergreen games without a mess. The best part is that it does not have ads or pop-ups to interfere with your browsing. Moreover, it is a safe platform for downloads.

Visit the Website Now

The Final Word

If you were searching for websites to download Nintendo 3DS ROMs, you must have been through our top 10 picks! Retromania, ROM Hustler, and Gamulator are the best three in the category.

Further, ROMs Universe, CDRomance, Retrostic, and Old Computer ROMs have a comprehensive variety of ROMs. None of them provide modded versions; all are free and efficient. 

Besides, these do not lag, and the sites have a friendly GUI. Thus, even if you are a computer novice, you would also find it easy to download and use them with an emulator.

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