19 Games Like Roblox to Play

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It is very important for gaming creators to provide gamers with interesting tools, depth in the story of the game, and freedom. Any game that allows the players to expand their imagination wins in the long run. One such game is ROBLOX!


Players can create their own game and share it with other players in the community, which makes it one of the most loved games in recent times. If you are looking for similar interesting games like Roblox, then have a look at this list!

Games Like Roblox


Minecraft - Games Like Roblox

We bet there is no player in the world who does not know the most popular Multiplayer game, Minecraft. This game allows the players to build anything of their choice. It has one of the biggest gaming communities.

Players can explore, build beautiful bases, combat, and maintain health, all while using the unlimited resources provided in the game.

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Terasology - Games Like Roblox

This is one of the popular open-source games which provides the player with elements from other genres to play with.


Every time, the developers of the game come with interesting features and game plots. People who play Minecraft can experience a similar level of excitement while playing this game. Currently, this game is available for free on the Windows platform.

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KoGaMa - Games Like Roblox

KoGaMa is one of the best alternatives to games like Roblox. This is a 3D browser-based game that has a similar game plot to Roblox and Minecraft.

Interestingly, you can develop a game of your own and play with your friends, or you can play the titles created by the other players.

KoGaMa is available for both PC and tablets.


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LEGO Worlds

Lego Worlds - Games Like Roblox

Like Roblox, LEGO Worlds also provides the players with all possible resources to build wonderful worlds using iconic bricks.

When the players find any items on the map, they are rewarded with an in-game currency called studs. You can use the studs to upgrade your weapons, skills, etc.

Players can build a house, vehicles, etc., with the help of the bricks in Lego Worlds. The worlds created in this game are unique and adventurous. You can share this game with your friends and construct beautiful worlds.

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Terraria - Games Like Roblox

Terraria is a perfect blend of creativity and action. The worlds in this game are procedurally created and are fun to play. This game is completely 2D pixelated and is different compared to the 3D Roblox game.

Terraria has different kinds of monsters present in the game. Sometimes you might also land in epic battles that reward you with rare items in the game if won.

You can use all kinds of tactics to win these epic battles. The adventures and storyline of this game are very addictive. You can explore it for months and never get bored.

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Boundless - Games Like Roblox

As the name itself says, this game does not have any bounds. Like Roblox, you can explore different realms in a world full of aliens. In order to advance in the game, you need to build an empire with your friends.


The graphics and storyline of Boundless game are better compared to Roblox. As you progress in the game, you can see the action either from a first-person or third-person view.

During this process, you will be rewarded with unique gifts and information that help you craft beautiful buildings and items in the game.

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Trove - Games Like Roblox

If you are looking for a game that is a perfect blend of the sandbox genre and also a Multiplayer, then you need to play Trove. Trove gives an experience of the Roblox game with its exciting adventures.

As you go ahead in the game, you can build your home, called a ‘cornerstone,’ in this game. You can also select the game classes.


Each of these classes has a different set of abilities and skills to offer. Also, each of these classes has a different level of toughness compared to the others.

With the advancement in each level, the toughness increases. Players can create their own portals and customize their avatars as well.

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CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z - Games Like Roblox

CastleMiner Z is a sequel to the popular Xbox game CastleMiner. This game as well offers the players with procedurally generated worlds where the players have to face all the odds and survive.

Initially, CastleMiner Z was designed as a survival game where the players needed to craft weapons and defend them against monsters.


Later, Creative Mode was added to the game, which lets the players expand the structures as per their freedom.

Currently, this game has 4 modes: Survival mode, Endurance mode, Creative mode, and Dragon Survival mode.

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Garry’s Mod

Garry's Mod - Games Like Roblox

Garry’s Mod is an advanced version of the Roblox game. The graphics and plot of Garry’s Mod are very appealing.

Players can spawn the objects and melt them as well. This is one of the best physics sandbox adventure games that let the player do anything of their choice.


The game is developed based on the player’s own storyline and does not have any specific plot. The gameplay can be manipulated and customized freely.

In this game, multiple objects can be combined together to create new weapons, vehicles, and elements.

This game is currently available on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

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Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles - Games Like Roblox

Cubic Castles is the right pick if you are looking for a complete block-building and 3D action game. The game throws many intriguing challenges to build a world of your own.


You can also explore other players’ worlds and make new friends.

The gameplay is designed around a player who creates realms by gathering resources to build numerous structures, high-grade materials, and blocks.

When the player visits the realms of others, they can acquire new skills and decorate their castles in a better way.

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Brawl Stars

If you like playing Roblox on your smartphone, then Brawl Stars is the best alternative to it. This is a multiplayer game that allows you to play against other players or AI. The brawler can be upgraded with Star Powers, Super abilities, and gadgets.


There are multiple game modes that make the Brawl Stars more interesting to play. Also, winning the matches in this game depends on the strategies created by you and the team.

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Creativeverse - Games Like Roblox

Creativerse is a sandbox survival game that is free to play. It has stunning details and environments to explore that make the game even more interesting for the players.

You can design your own virtual world with the blocks. Moreover, you can choose to play the game either on public servers or share it with your friends.

Creativerse gives you more control over the building materials, which makes the game more intriguing.


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Minetest - Games Like Roblox

Minetest is an open-source multiplayer sandbox game. The players can moderate and create their own games within Minetest.

One of the key aspects of the Minetest game is that the largest map area is 62000×62000 blocks. You can also set the parameters for the map and customize the world.

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Growtopia - Games Like Roblox

If you want to play Roblox in 2D, then Growtopia is the right alternative to it. You can grow the things in the game and trade them with other players.


The game is more intriguing as it allows the players to interact with other realms and invite their friends to the player’s world.

Unlike Roblox, Growtopia does not have any mission objectives. However, you are not restricted from helping the NPC to gain rewards. You can also fight with the other players in the multiplayer mode.

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Rising World

Rising World - Games Like Roblox

If you love to explore and unlock mysteries for hours together, then Rising World is the best alternative to Roblox.

The graphics of this game are of higher quality compared to Roblox. Hence, you notice that the environments in Rising World are more natural.


In the realms, you need to design many tools to help you overcome all sorts of challenges. Interestingly, you can also modify the environment, buildings, and other constructions.

Once you find your community, you can join with players of similar interests or fight with them.

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Survivalcraft - Games Like Roblox

Survivalcraft is similar to the Minecraft game and has more survival elements than Minecraft. In this game, the player is landed on an island and has to do all sorts of tasks to survive.

While progressing in the game, the player has to explore and mine the raw materials, to design weapons and instruments.


The gameplay is constantly affected by the weather elements. The player needs to survive all kinds of weather.

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Mythruna - Games Like Roblox

Mythruna is a developing gaming platform that has a lot to offer to go ahead. This game looks very promising and is the best alternative to Roblox.

To experience the roleplaying elements in the game, you can build the fascinating worlds of your choice. Most of the graphics in the game are block shapes. However, certain elements like grass and leaves look realistic.

This game is available for free on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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The Blockheads

The Blockheads - Games Like Roblox

The Blockheads is a 2D block-based free sandbox game that lets the players enjoy procedurally generated worlds.

Players have complete control over the ‘Blockheads.’ They can either destroy or create the blocks to build eye-catchy buildings.

This game is currently available for Android and iOS platforms.

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Animal Jam

Animal Jam - Games Like Roblox

Animal Jam is an interesting game like Roblox. Unlike the Roblox game, here you need to play with the animals. Moreover, this game does not require any download.

Initially, one might feel that the game is developed for children, but as you move up the levels, this game keeps you intrigued. This game has a safe chat option for children.

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These are some of the best alternative games to Roblox. Most of these games are free and open-source to try.

Please let us know your favorite game among these in the comment section below.

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