A New Lenovo GO Handheld Is Being Developed


  • Lenovo gears up to unveil the next generation of their popular Legion GO gaming handheld, promising exciting advancements.
  • Competition heats up in the PC gaming handheld market as Lenovo hints at surpassing the current standard set by the Legion GO.
  • Anticipation grows among gamers for Lenovo’s upcoming handheld as the company teases a potential game-changer in portable PC gaming.
A New Lenovo GO Handheld Is Being Developed
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Exciting news has just emerged from the latest Innovate 2024 in Thailand, as Lenovo, a leading hardware company, is keen to unveil the next iteration of their highly acclaimed Legion GO portable gaming handheld. 


Clifford Chong, Lenovo’s Gaming Category Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, himself delivered the news.

Lenovo Prepares to Unleash the Next Wave in PC Gaming Handhelds

The presentation of the original Legion GO, which happened at the beginning of October 2023, was highly appreciated by the viewers of PC gaming. 

Distinguishing itself from analogues like the Valve Steam Deck, the Legion GO used the simplicity of Windows giving gamers access to a large PC games portfolio. 

This Windows compatibility support was aimed at guaranteeing that players had a wide range of games. This became the acceptable standard in the portable game market.

Lenovo Legion Handheld
Image Credits: Lenovo

While the technicalities regarding the next generation of handhelds are yet to be announced, Chong has teased some exciting functions that consumers can look forward to. 


Lenovo’s commitment to the German gaming handheld market is obvious, as they are expressing the ambition of “the next wave” of progress which, according to their promises, will outperform the current Legion GO.

This statement was released in the period when the competition in the PC gaming handheld arena is intensifying. 

With the rise of mobile gamers that are demanding powerful experiences, handicraft producers employ all the techniques at their disposal to satisfy this fast-growing demand for mobile gaming. 

This competition is good for both game developers and players, as it streamlines the game development process and allows a wider choice of modern high-quality games for a mobile platform.

The rumors of ASUS ROG Ally’s successor (still in progress) and likely release in 2024 show the excitement around handheld PC gaming devices. 


These times are testimony to a drastic turn of events from the era of opting for underpowered machines and emulators, as the newest portable tablets are capable of running even the latest AAA games.

Gaming aficionados must, however, exercise patience as they await further details concerning Lenovo’s upcoming handheld for PC gamers, the company promised it will share the information at an appropriate time.

For now, the excitement from enthusiasts continues to build for a possible paradigm shift in the field of computer gaming.

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