ASUS ROG Ally Featuring Ryzen Z1 APU Receives Significant Reduction


  • ASUS ROG Ally ReceASUS slashes prices on ROG Ally to compete in the portable gaming market against rivals like Steam Deck and MSI Claw.
  • ROG Ally offers superior graphics and performance but faces battery life concerns, still a strong contender for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Rumors of ROG Ally 2 launch in 2024 add anticipation to the competitive portable gaming landscape.
ASUS ROG Ally Featuring Ryzen Z1 APU Receives Significant Reduction
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Asus ROG Ally, which is ASUS’s top-of-the-line handheld gaming PC, has been given a significant discount by the company to improve its ability to contend in the portable gaming market that is growing increasingly fast. 


Worth mentioning in this regard are the other big players such as the Steam deck and recently announced MSI Claw which have also stepped up their game, hence intensifying the already heated competition in this sector.

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ASUS ROG Ally Receives Substantial Price Reduction

When it was first released, its original price was also adjusted to $499 from $599. Yet the latest initiative of ASUS brings the cost down further, creating a strong performance-to-value ratio for avid gamers seeking a powerful but economical machine.

At the moment, we witness the market availability of the Ryzen Z1 equipped with the Open-Box ROG Ally APUs (six cores; Best Buy is Ally’s official retail partner).

The ROG Ally is the direct opponent of the Steam Deck, because of this aggressive pricing policy, which of course makes it a favorite among the money-saving gamers who are seeking a lively gaming experience without spending extra bucks.

ASUS ROG Ally Featuring Ryzen Z1 APU Receives Significant Reduction 1
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The ROG Ally is different from other players in many aspects and it uses a variety of features to ensure an ideal gaming environment. Conspicuously, it offers better graphics quality and performance through a good 1080p resolution and AMD RDNA 3 GPU.

However, on the other hand, some clever commentators have complained that the life of the battery may be the only issue. 

However, the Ally outperforms many of its competitors although it may not be as long-lasting as the Steam Deck. 

Such a balance though underscores ASUS’s insistence on just gaming performance, which is meant to please some gamers while being a no big deal to some other gamers.

Whether you want the best performance, the ROG Ally Z1 still presents a great option. Despite the recent price change, the Z1 Extreme- Open Box model, which comes with the Ryzen Z1 APU’s eight cores, is a powerful alternative for those people who want to have the most outstanding mobile gaming experience. It costs $559.


Spread among rumors that the ROG Ally 2 will launch later in 2024 which indicates a return to the market of portable games. Customers tend to choose whether to buy the current offer with its probable upgrades and enhancements or the newer version.

The market is thrilled about ASUS’s aggressive price slash, which has appeared amid the heated rivalry for control over the pocketable gaming device sector. 

Consumers are keenly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each handheld model available on the market, as all of them vary in terms of functionality, power consumption, and libraries of accessible games. 

A standout feature of the ROG Ally that should draw the attention of gamers who are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass is its compatibility with the service which broadens its appeal to gamers with a penchant for a wide selection of games.

In this way, we can say that ASUS is committed to creating the coolest gaming solutions for its market as the need evolves with the world’s players. 


Customers can expect the choice with such rich variety which will require their constant attention and attract them as the fight for dominance of the portable gaming market rages on.

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