5 Best Baseball Games for PC

Baseball Game
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Baseball is one of the most enjoyable sports of all time & somewhat resembles the sport of cricket. It is prominent in significant parts of the world like the United States, Korea & Japan. The love for the game has led to numerous baseball games getting produced for PC.


There are so many stunning baseball games for PC that you don’t want to miss. So here are some of the best baseball games for PC that you need to try.

Top Baseball Games for PC

The list of baseball games is a long one, so we have shortlisted a few of the exceptional ones. 

Out of the Park Baseball

Best Baseball Game for PC

Out of the Park Baseball is not a regular baseball game & thus, it got positioned at #1 in the list of best baseball games for PC. Here you get to play as a manager & not a player in the Baseball world. You have to manage everything that goes into organizing & composing a Baseball professional team.

You’ll have to explore potential players for your team & hire them while negotiating. The game offers you an actual environment around the Baseball industry. 

Minimum Specifications:

  • System Software: Win8.x/Win10
  • Processor: Intel or AMD, 64 bit
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Video Card: 512 MB GPU 
  • Space: 3 GB 

RBI Baseball 21

Best Baseball Game for PC

Based around Major League Baseball, the oldest community of professional Baseball teams, RBI Baseball 21 offers you the possibility to run your franchise. The latest edition of the RBI 21 gives an even better & much more enhanced gameplay experience with improved graphics & features like creating an avatar.

The RBI Baseball game series is one of the, if not the oldest, Baseball game series, with the first release dating back to the 1980s.

Minimum Requirements:

  • System Software: Windows 10 or above.
  •  RAM: 4 GB  
  •  CPU: Intel® Core2 Duo E8400 
  •  Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

MVP Baseball Series

Best Baseball Game for PC

The MVP Baseball Series comes from one of the top gaming developer houses, EA. The game was successful in its venture & even got licensed by the official Major League Baseball.

Later on, the series got halted due to licensing issues, but it’s one of its kind and a classic one & that’s why it deserves a spot on our list of best Baseball games for PC.


Minimum Requirements:

  • System Software: Windows XP 32-bit
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz 
  • Video: AMD Radeon X600 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 210
  • RAM: 1 GB

Baseball Mogul

Best Baseball Game for PC

Baseball Mogul is yet another Baseball management simulator. You get tasked with constructing & expanding your Baseball franchise. You can access thorough player analysis for picking the best ones & updated Baseball data.

Even the simulation pace got improved over the years on this. There are nearly 3500 players from all leagues to pick on your team. You only require at least a GB of storage space & windows seven or above on your system to run the game perfectly.

Major League Baseball 2k9

Best Baseball Game for PC

MLB Baseball 2009 is another classic Baseball game for PC. The game used technology like artificial intelligence on in-game details to improve the Baseball experience. It offers various features like commentary, updated rosters & custom sound effects.

Minimum requirements:

  • CPU: Intel 4 2.4 GHz Single Core processor.
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • System Software: Windows XP/Vista
  • Video: 128 MB or above.
  • Storage: 9.5 GB +


That completes our list of some of the best baseball games for PC. Multiple games mentioned on this list are old ones since only a few developers in recent times are into the Baseball genre. Nonetheless, we know how fun playing Baseball is & even on a PC, the entertainment is there.

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