13 Best SNES Emulator for Various Systems

Best SNES Emulator
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In today’s rapidly changing gaming industry, it is convenient to go from one game to another very quickly.


However, at the same time, many new releases are just left in a huge pile-up of games; unluckily, many of these great titles are not easy to play anymore unless one is using a particular and suitable good emulator accordingly.

A good section of games is available over SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) yet not released in English, which made the translation part pretty difficult for the games to be played.

Also, if one already has a copy, things tend to get difficult to run properly where equipment is not well set up.

Best SNES Emulator

The good old classics of the games from the super Nintendo entertainment system give us a faint trail of childhood memories and those days of summer break.

It is possible to shower some improvements on the old Nintendo System, which might get a little complicated but nothing to worry about!


This is an easy guide that one could use and easily enjoy these old games such as super Mario over their screen through the emulators suitable for their devices.

Best SNES emulator for different systems

To take a dip in the older times of ’90s games without the requirement of having a console, below are some excellent options for you to pick and choose emulators right from here according to your best-suited method of the device.


This is a great SNES emulator for nearly all types of systems that provides simple emulation and usually runs on effective, easy configurations without much hassle. SNES9x was developed by some pioneer designers and is known to be one of the oldest available emulator designs released during the 1990’s era.

The noticeable factor of the emulator here is that it can fit in cheat codes you may have collected and get some more lives on the game than we collected during childhood. Moreover, it is easily available, and any gamer can enjoy these on systems between Mac or Linux, windows and android through the site:- http://www.snes9x.com/.

SNES Mini / Canoe 

SNES Mini is one of the safe ways to enjoy the old classic SNES games without even owning the actual vintage version of SNES.


Nintendo has not added a lot of games in the SNES classic edition and instead powered their micro-console to turn that into a go-to process with microcomputer uses such as Linux on the arm processor found in most smartphones. Nintendo has also built a customized emulator called Canoe.

Canoe has its own set of issues and is far from being called the most accurate or compatible emulator since it is not built to emulate all of the games included on SNES classic properly.

However, it can be considered one of the safest, legal, easily serviceable, and affordable, with the advantage of being the basic structure for the micro console that is enough for the Canoe’s price.

Using this given link as firmware, one could turn the SNES classic into a good emulation machine since Canoe works pretty well on the hardware. https://hakchiresources.com/2018/06/20/hakchi2-ce-community-edition-v1-2-5/

To sum up, Canoe is not built to be used independently for SNES classic edition due to some of its flaws. But this is one of the easiest and legal methods where one can enjoy a SNES classic from the box. Moreover, this is the best SNES emulator for an experience if one has a gaming budget.


Virtual consoles 

This is undoubtedly one of the most efficient online emulators for the good old games from SNES if you are open to using the Virtual console feature online. Of course, virtual consoles are already home to the original video games, which run through the Wii and Wii U homebrew.

This method has to be noticed that you don’t need to download anything and could simply open the browser to play the game of your choice. Here is the link provided through which you can just access the Virtual consoles. https://virtualconsoles.com/

Nestopia UE 

This system of SNES emulators is a portable one along with a well-built, unique structure. Nestopia UE provides the following features as mentioned below 

  • Explicit custom palettes
  • Cheats supports
  • Famicom mic support
  • Easily understandable interface

All of the features with the greatest accuracy along with the text scaling makes this emulator stand apart from the competitors and other options for SNES emulators. Nestopia UE can be visited and downloaded for the systems with windows and macOS by this link  http://0ldsk00l.ca/nestopia/.


Bizhawk is an emulator that only works for the system of Windows and is mainly known for its capability to run the games at faster speeds that work with ease. BizHawk is designed by keeping in mind the framework of tool-assisted speed runs or TAS for a smooth gaming experience.


BizHawk provides good support for other platforms such as game boy advance, virtual boy, ZX spectrum, Coleco vision, etc., which gives the highest accuracy possible. You can download the emulator from this link provided and use http://0ldsk00l.ca/nestopia/.


OpenEmu is an effortless way to browse, add and organize a gamepad where games such as The Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s adventure very swiftly, and Metroid are available, which is why this SNES emulator is considered to be one of the best-known for the Mac.

OpenEmu is an easy emulator to be worked with, as this has a very smooth user interface, and most importantly, you can use it for the Mac, which is on the low end as well. You can download OpenEmu from this link below and use it:- https://openemu.org/.


ZSNES is another decent emulator for computer systems or PC and is nearly irreplaceable with all the great features one requires to play funky games. However, there are some reviews about the glitches of this emulator, which indicates the slow functioning compared to other SNES emulators for the PC.

There are several hacks by fans for many SNES games available, which are enjoyable and easily accessible by practically anyone willing to dig a little deeper.


Several people also use this emulator as a medium to test the games, which allows you to ignore the drawbacks and have the best working codes built for ZSNES and no requirement of a high-capacity system to run Nintendo games.

ZSNES works well with any windows and Mac system; use the link below to access this SNES emulator:- https://www.zsnes.com/.


Higan was formerly recognized as BSNES, and this SNES emulator is perfectly capable of smoothly running twelve kinds of different systems.

The former legacy of BSNES is carried through the Higan as it is still successfully running all of the old games without any errors or glitches, which is why this is the most convenient emulator for Mac and Windows 10 systems.

Higan is usually accurate for the emulations on low levels; even after this, one could definitely give this original console experience a try and enjoy it very carefully. To visit and download Higan, use the link below:- https://higan.byuu.org/.



RetroArch is available for free and allows the gamers to play the games from Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems in the form of ROMs.

One advantage to being mentioned about the RetroArch is that the player can load the game, save it and begin anytime from where the game was left to be continued. This feature makes this SNES emulator a hit for the systems of Windows and Mac.

Using RetroArch, gamers can also play it online with multi-players through Netplay and record the gaming sesh while adjusting the graphics of the video. The game can also be rewound in real-time. To visit and download RetroArch use the below link:- https://www.retroarch.com/.


No$SNS is not holding enough credibility in comparison to its competitors. However, one can look forward to using this for hardware sets like super disk CD-ROM, Satellaview, and Turbofile to be emulated.

Furthermore, this SNES emulator carries a complete debugging system feature that is aligned with the assembler or dissembler, making SNES testing quite hassle-free and sleek.


To sum it up, this emulator is available for the system of Windows and can be downloaded from the link attached here:- http://problemkaputt.de/sns.htm.

John SNES 

John SNES is one of the best SNES emulators for android devices which allows you to have good old games with the comfort of your mobile phone or android devices. One could also have a quality rendering and cheat support along with easily customizable keys to play.

Visit and download John SNES from this link provided below:- https://apkpure.com/john-snes-lite-snes-emulator/com.johnemulators.johnsneslite.


SNES9x EX+ is strictly available for android devices, and usually, a 1GHIz+ device is suggested to use. This SNES emulator is the classic known for its user interface.

There are no hidden in-app purchases, and it is 100% free to use. Moreover, this emulator offers attractive color quality along with easy-to-use buttons. You can easily observe this as an advanced version of the earlier mentioned SNES9x emulator based on version 1.55.


Supply any ROM media and suggested android devices paired with an efficiency of 1GHz or more, and you are good to go with this visually aesthetic SNES emulator. Visit and download this version from the link below:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.Snes9xPlus&hl=en.


NSE.emu has one of the best backup memory, and the save state support with a SNES emulator. This version supports ROM files in .nes and .unf formats with options in RAR, ZIP, and 7Z.

For the enhanced gaming experience, this emulator uses FCEU-compatible cheat files and editing features to add on the extras.

HID Bluetooth and keyboard support is compatible with any input device recognized through the OS and supports customizable key profiles to work with any orientation. This SNES emulator is available only for android devices and can be downloaded from the link below:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.NesEmu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is usually the best SNES emulator?

To sum it up, according to the ease of understanding by a complete beginner, the best examples and sources of SNES emulators are suggested as Higan, SNES9x, and SNES9x EX+ as the aptest sources based on proper device support, real-time loading, no difficulty on understanding and so on.


Are emulators illegal?

No, the SNES emulators are not illegal, but if the ROMs are already copyrighted and shared, then it is said to be illegal; as copyright infringement is a legal issue, it is best not to use emulators in such a case or share it.

To avoid such an experience, stick to the above-mentioned information to choose the most suitable SNES emulator according to the requirements.

The Conclusion

This was a well-researched list of all the best SNES emulators any gaming enthusiast or even a newbie gamer can get their hands on. So get back as many times as you need to relive the games from childhood until you find the best way to emulate the Super Mario games.

We got your back for any device or system you may use possibly, pick the best suitable and compatible option to go ahead with and have the best gaming experience.

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