Researchers warn of the addictive designs that cause teenagers to skip sleep and school in order to play video games.
Jun 6, 2024

Video Game Addiction: Skipping Sleep & School for Games (Researchers Warn)

Video games offer teenagers a gateway to new worlds, social connections, and stimulating challenges. However, recent research highlights a growing concern: video games can become addictive when…
Sony State of Play is going to release an RPG where you have to bear a child and a open-world dress-up adventure on PC.
Jun 2, 2024

Sony State of Play: RPG with Childcare & PC Fashion Adventure

Sony's recent State of Play presentation dropped some exciting news for PC gamers, unveiling two gems set to make their mark on the platform: Infinity Nikki and…
For those who enjoy sports and the parkour genre, a Indie game is becoming very popular.
May 27, 2024

If You Enjoy Sports and Parkour Genre, This Indie Game Might Best Fit You

Parkour enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate as a solo developer shakes up the Steam platform with "Rooftops & Alleys”, Unlike regular parkours inserted into, say,…
Jun 28, 2024

XDefiant Compels Incredible Player Performance

XDefiant a free-to-play arena shooter game developed by Ubisoft was able to garner 11 million players within a few months prognosis. Though it received several mixed reviews…
Black Desert
Feb 16, 2023

4 Mind-Blowing Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations to Explore

Do you want to explore some fantastic Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations? If yes, click here to check out the best ones in 2023!
DC Comics
Feb 12, 2023

DC Working on a New Single Player Game

DC’s Gotham Knights, as we know, was a total mess that left fans disappointed about the DC video games, Although a recent development has left the fans…
The Sims 5
Feb 6, 2023

The Sims 5: Pricing, Release Date, and Everything in Between

Get your seat belts tight and get ready for the new package from electronic art “The Sims 5,” a game that is being played by millions across…
God of War Ragnarok
Feb 1, 2023

Is God of War Coming to Xbox? Release Date? Availability?

God of War is a popular action-adventure video game franchise created by Sony Santa Monica Studio. The series follows the character of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who…
Jan 23, 2023

VALORANT Lotus Map Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. It has one of the largest consumer bases in the world. There are different types of games for…
Jan 18, 2023

8 Best GTA RP Servers in India

Several people are looking to feel the need for an Indian server for the game. When you are hunting for the best GTA RP servers in India,…
Lissandra Champion
Jan 6, 2023

League of Legends Patch 13.1: Four Champions & Items Buffed

As the holiday season come to a close, The League of Legends video game maker and esports tournament organizer, i.e., Riot Games, is back in the studio,…
Game Awards 2022
Nov 29, 2022

The Game Awards 2022: eSports Categories and Nominations

The Game Awards, which will be held on Dec. 8 in Los Angeles, will honor the best in esports for 2022. The awards will be given out…
Nov 29, 2022

Here’s Why No Indian Team is Competing in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

The PUBG Mobile Esports League has revealed that no Indian team will be competing in the 2022 PMGC Grand Finals. The news broke after the completion of…
Nov 17, 2022

IOC Has Confirmed Singapore as the Host of the First Olympic Esports Week

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that its inaugural Olympic Esports Week will take place in Singapore between 22 and 25 June 2023. The announcement represents an…
10 Best Minecraft Paintings And Their Real-Life Variants
Nov 12, 2022

10 Best Minecraft Paintings And Their Real-Life Variants

Paintings in Minecraft can be a great way to add a little personalization to your bases and builds. However, due to the wide range of options available,…
Nov 11, 2022

DreamHack Plans to Host 12 Different Tournaments During the Schedule of the FGC

DreamHack Atlanta is about to take place in the coming week, with major events like DHSC2 Masters and MTG taking away the majority of the press. There…

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