A Feature that Automatically Saves Game Clips for the PS5 Will Benefit Other Players


  • Sony launches Community Game Help for PS5, simplifying in-game assistance.
  • Players can share gameplay clips to aid others, fostering community support.
  • Privacy is ensured, with only gameplay footage uploaded and user control maintained.
A feature that automatically saves game clips for the PS5 will benefit other players.
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Sony has introduced the function that leaves soon and is available to PlayStation 5 (PS5) systems. Such a function helps players at the game level. 


At a later point in time, Community Game Help will be the latest feature which will give players an easier way to import guides and tips into the game through a dedicated community channel.

PlayStation 5 Gets a Boost in Player Help with Upcoming Community Game Help Feature

The community game help platform has an interactive nature with users provided with an option to join it. 

Once a student is enrolled, in the case of certain titles, available on synchronized games, the next PS5 will be recorded automatically for a brief gameplay tape. 

During this process, the videos are screened by Sony. Finally, they are posted in the Help section which can be found quickly in the game interface.

PS5 Will Have a Higher Assistance Number for Future Community Gaming: I can point out quite a range of reasons for why this activity is so beneficial for the mental condition. 


With this live feature, people can directly watch the stream instead of wasting their time surfing YouTube for the update. The PlayStation 5 seems to be another key feature but the Game Help section is built inside the PS5. 

These video tutorials work as helpers that you might be looking for when you would like to capture hidden objects or trophies or solve an annoying glitch in the game.

Game Clip Feature PS5

Community Game Helpations are in addition to the already existing Game HelpSources which include the game solutions, hints, and some additional tips that can be placed by the game developers. i.e. to facilitate this there may be a system developed and adopted that may be more cordial and communally-oriented than players figuring it out.

Privacy, being the key factor of this project, must be highly respected, and under no circumstances, must personnel have access to private data. 

Highly sensitive video and audio data, for example, webcam feeds and a party chat, are not uploaded, just the final gameplay footage that all the player wants to manage. 


Besides, the individuals may decide exactly what information he/she share or keep secret and can modify or delete already published videos anytime.

Overall, with the support of a certain game selection in the Community Game Help when it comes out later this year, Sony plans to make the compatibility much wider, accepting a lot more games. 

With this PS5 extension, the PlayStation platform deals not only with bringing the family again but also significantly increases the fun of accomplishing collaborative goals.

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