Major Apex Legends Patch Set to Dilute Power of Fan-Favorite Characters


  • Lockdown LTM amps up the chaos with intense squad battles over control zones.
  • Legend Nerfs reshapes gameplay dynamics, impacting characters like Bangalore and Revenant.
  • Monument map debuts alongside crucial quality-of-life updates, enhancing the Apex Legends experience.
Major Apex Legends Patch Set to Dilute Power of Fan-Favorite Characters
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For fans of Apex Legends, March 26th marks a popular occasion as Respawn Entertainment announces the arrival of the highly anticipated Shadow Society Event.


The event is expected to bring new life to the battle royale genre with a plethora of updates and changes. Here is a detailed rundown of what participants can anticipate:

A major nerf to several well-known characters is coming in the Apex Legends update.

Lockdown LTM: An Additional Layer of Disorder

The introduction of the Lockdown Limited-Time Mode (LTM), which provides a hectic four-squad free-for-all experience, is the highlight of the Shadow Society Event. Teams compete strategically to seize and hold control of assigned zones to score points during lockdown.

Lockdown’s map rotation features a mix of more recent additions like Zeus Station and the visually striking Monument map, with more traditional locations like Thunderdome and Skulltown.

Keeping the Legends in Check: Adjusting for Fair Play

Respawn Entertainment has made specific changes to several Legends in response to player feedback and continuous gameplay analysis to create a more equitable playing field.

  1. Bangalore: Bangalore’s smoke grenades now have a longer cooldown in addition to less damage and duration. Moreover, her Rolling Thunder ultimate now has a longer cooldown.
  2. Conduit: Radiant Transfer, Conduit’s tactical ability, now has a longer cooldown and a delayed interruption of shield regeneration.
  3. Revenant: There have been major nerfs to Revenant’s ultimate ability, Forged in Shadows. The tactical cooldown is no longer refreshed by knockdowns, the ultimate cooldown has been extended, and the cooldown bonus during ultimate use has been removed.
Apex Legends
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Improvements Throughout the Roster

Apart from the modifications mentioned above, several other Legends have also experienced changes to improve gameplay dynamics:

  1. Caustic: There has been an increase in gas trap damage ticks, although the slow effect’s duration has decreased.
  2. Lifeline: A new option that ensures a care package full of consumables and golden gear has been added to the updated Lifeline care package lineup. Her tactical cooldown can also be lowered at this point.
  3. Octane and Fuse: The enhanced explosive damage has been reduced for these two characters.
  4. Pathfinder: There has been an increase in damage reduction during zipline grapples.
  5. Seer: Along with a revised upgrade path, the activation delay for Seer’s tactical ability has been shortened.
  6. Wraith: There are ways to shorten the cooldown on Wraith’s ultimate and tactical abilities have been interchanged.

Rotating Map and Unveiling Monument

Gamers should expect a new map rotation on both the Ranked and Public playlists. Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge will be included in ranked matches, while Storm Point, Olympus, and the recently added Broken Moon will be included in public matches.

Monument, a fascinating new map that can be played in Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Lockdown modes, will make its debut.

Improved Features and Improvements to Quality of Life

Along with some gameplay adjustments, the Shadow Society Event also adds some quality-of-life enhancements.

  1. Improvements to the Firing Range: Players can now lock legend upgrades and toggle dummy highlights on and off.
  2. Improved Jumpmaster Selection: To reduce the possibility of low-level players or recurring Jumpmasters being selected, changes have been made to the Jumpmaster selection process.
  3. Improvements to Kill Replays: At the end of each round, the killer’s banner, damage totals, and hitmakers are now displayed, providing a more thorough experience.
  4. Ammo Refund Mechanism: If an extended magazine is removed, players will now be refunded for any ammunition that was loaded into it.

Eliminating Issues and Improving Consistency

In addition to the numerous improvements, the Shadow Society Event fixes several bugs and technical glitches, such as problems with weapon flickering, kill replays, dynamic resolution scaling, and Legend abilities.

Overall, for fans of Apex Legends, the Shadow Society Event signals a major update that includes a new and interesting game mode, major changes to Legends, a new map, and numerous quality-of-life improvements.

On March 26, players are urged to get involved in the action and witness Apex Legends’ development firsthand.


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