Dislyte Tier List – The Best Characters by Rank

Dislyte Tier List
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Dislyte is a fast-paced, four-player Combat game that has taken the gaming community by storm. 


Every day, more and more people are picking up Dislyte, which has resulted in a growing demand for information about the best strategies and characters. 

Dislyte Tier List

In this blog post, we will be discussing our Dislyte Tier List for 2022. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Dislyte?

Dislyte is a mobile game published by Lilith Games, which is known for games like AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and others. The game features a blend of fantasy, mythology, and cyberpunk aesthetics to create an unforgettable mobile experience.

Dislyte game was released on 10 May 2022 for iOS and Android and has since been downloaded over 1 million times on Android alone. If this is your first time playing, you can download the game on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. 


This is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. 

Dislyte Tier List: Tier Rating Criteria

The Dislyte Tier List is a ranking of the top characters in the game. It is based on their experience, skill level, and their performance in every possible game mode. In the next section, we’ll talk about the latest Dislyte Tier List.

Dislyte Espers have been organized into different tiers in accordance with their performance in each game mode. Some of the criteria we used include 

Tier S+: The strongest Espers in the game. A presence in battle guarantees plenty of victories.

Tier S: Esper with powerful abilities which contribute to the right teams.


Tier A: A reliable esper who fulfills their duties.

Tier B: Situational espers or espers that require significant investment to be effective.

Tier F: Espers are the worst espers in the game and should be avoided.

Now that we’ve gone over what Dislyte is and what a tier list is, let’s take a look at the Dislyte tier list for 2022.

Dislyte Tier List

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Dislyte Espers for Cube Miracle and story mode

Dislyte’s main mode is the story mode. In addition to telling a story through the game’s chapters, one of its main functions is allowing you to earn XP for your Espers through practice.

A new game mode called Cube Miracle is available every two days and remains open for two days. A roguelike dungeon-like story mode, where you choose different paths and try to beat your opponents. Cube Points, Relic Dust, and Relic Packs are the main rewards.

Lin Xiao

Dislyte Tier List

In many of the game modes in Dislyte, Lin Xiao is an excellent DPS Esper. With her third ability, her crit rate jumps to 100% for two turns while she applies the DEF Down and Buff Blocked buffs.

Furthermore, her kit comes with a range of negative effects for enemies and is well suited for use with support heroes like Asenath and Sienna.


Dislyte Tier List

AoE damage is a big part of Mona’s DPS. Each player receives Mona for free, which they must use before finding better Espers as they progress through the game.


Tang Xuan and Li Ling

Dislyte Tier List

Players can receive these two legendary Espers in the Beginner pool when they begin the game.

Despite Li Ling’s superior performance in other game modes, Tang Xuan as well can see large amounts of investment from the developer and will contribute greatly to the completion of the game’s story stages as a high-damage DPS.

Best Dislyte Espers for Ritual Miracle

The Ritual Miracle offers players an opportunity to battle against the mighty Miracles, the three monstrous creatures Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir. There are several different types of relics they grant, and each of their enemies has a specific strategy.


Dislyte Tier List

The best use of Gabrielle by Dislyte is against Apep and Fafnir. The skills she uses can provide a lot of buffs and debuffs.

The entire team needs strong support when it goes up against giant bosses, and Gabrielle keeps them all alive by increasing their defense and immunity while reducing their enemies’ attacks and defenses. Gabrielle is also a great player to use both on offense and defense in Point War.



Dislyte Tier List

The second and third abilities of Li Ling can be used against Kronos and Fafnir as they deal true damage equal to a percentage of the enemy’s health. Additionally, it can absorb enemy AP, is quite effective in point wars, and can be used as the primary damage source for the team.

Lin Xiao

Dislyte Tier List

Kronos and Apep can be defeated using Lin Xiao. The ability Light of the Tiger grants a lot of damage, boosts the Crit Rate to 100 percent, and has a high chance of triggering SPD Down and DEF Down for the enemy team. Her other abilities may cause bleeding as well.

Best Dislyte Espers for Point War

The second multiplayer mode in Dislyte is Point War, in which you create two teams: one for defense and the other for the attack.

Besides challenging your defense team, you can also challenge other players with your attack team. The main reward is a Supply Voucher that can be exchanged for various items in the shop.


Dislyte Tier List

Esper tanks are known as Donar. Skills in his skill kit provide great defensive abilities like defense boosts, immunity, and a passive that boosts defense.


Because of its low speed, it’s better in Point War than in other game modes, and using it on defense can help you win, especially if you combine it with Espers that can heal him and remove debuffs like Sally, Clara, and Ye Suhua.


Dislyte Tier List

For Point War, Melanie is an excellent Esper disabler, especially on offense. As captain, she grants speed to her team and can be extremely powerful when she uses her captain ability with a disabling team.

Her passive skill Covenant of Punishment can petrify enemies with less than 30 percent AP, preventing them from moving and buying time for her team.

Ye Suhua

Dislyte Tier List

Ye Suhua is a reliable defender and attacker for Esper in Point War. The Ripple Dimension is an easily accessible location, and it is much easier to upgrade her skill set and status than if she were a legendary Esper.

Through her abilities, she can give the team more strength, while her healing ensures invincibility and recovery.



Whether you’re playing for the story, for Ritual Miracle, or for Point War, there are many different ways to play Dislyte. 

Each game mode has different objectives, and each player will have their own preferences. 

However, the Espers mentioned above are some of the best for each game mode. With the right team and strategy, you can be sure to achieve victory.

What do you think of this Dislyte Tier List? Who are your favorite Espers? Let us know in the comments below.

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