Best DS Emulator For Android

Nintendo DS
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Now, you can play your favorite DS games on an Android phone with the help of the Nintendo DS emulators for Android. With these emulators, you can bring your old Nintendo memories back to life.


This article has compiled a list of the emulators you can install on your Android phone.

Best DS Emulator For Android


If you are looking for a free and well-reputed DS emulator for Android, then NDS4Droid is the best choice. This open-source DS emulator is based on the DeSmuME. For games like Rune Factory, which requires multiple button-press, the NDS4Droid emulator might feel a bit complex to operate.

Best DS Emulator For Android

Since the Nintendo games are a bit slower in terms of the frame rate, the NDS4Droid emulator comes with ‘frame skip’ options to make gaming a bit faster. The only downside of this DS emulator is that it does not support Pokemon ROMs.


RetroArch is a multipurpose open-source DS emulator for Android. The RetroArch emulator is compatible with almost all the platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. Apart from NDS, this software also supports Game Boy, the original Game Boy, and many other consoles.

Best DS Emulator For Android

This software supports only the front end for the DS emulator and game engines. In order to play the games, you must download the core for each of them separately.


Moreover, people who have good technical experience with the emulators can only set up the RetroArch emulator. With RetroArch, you can play games ad-free, which is not the case with the other platforms.

DraStic DS Emulator

This emulator is designed by Exophase, and it comes with exciting gameplay options. This software costs only $5 and is worth the amount you invest in. The graphics cheat codes and the user interface of this emulator are very intriguing. 

Interestingly, you can also save the games for later use on Google Drive.

Best DS Emulator For Android

If some of the games you play on the emulator require any high-end graphics, then you can switch the quality of the graphics on this emulator. Moreover, any external controller is easily compatible with the DraStic DS emulator. You can also increase the game speed with the help of the fast-forward feature.

This emulator is available to download from the Google Play Store.


My NDS Emulator

If you are looking for a best-performance DS emulator, then My NDS Emulator is the right choice. This emulator is designed to work with Android 6.0 and above versions. However, this software works well with even Android Lollipop (5.0).

Best DS Emulator For Android

You can customize the on-screen controls, and connect the controllers with other systems, like Nintendo Switch, to play the DS games on your phone. Even this emulator is officially available on the Google Play Store.


Best DS Emulator For Android

If you are looking for a free emulator with multiple system compatibility, then EmuBox is the right pick. This emulator has a good GUI and also has a material design.

Since this emulator is available for free of cost on the Play Store, this platform comes with advertisements. A pro version of this ad-free platform is expected to launch eventually.


SuperNDS is a perfect replacement for the Nintendo DS. If you have high expectations from an emulator, then SuperNDS will surely match them. This emulator can play games with uncompressed ROMs and supports different file formats like .zip, .nds, .7z, etc.


To play the games with this emulator’s help, you need to copy the NDS game files to your memory card and then launch the SuperNDS emulator to start playing your favorite games immediately.

The SuperNDS emulator is available to download and install on Google Play Store.


This is one of the best emulators for Android available in the market. Most gamers like this emulator, which works well even on a device with just 2GB of RAM. However, the only downside of this emulator is that it might not recognize older devices.

The NDS Boy emulator comes with an auto-save feature that helps you save the game’s data in the event of sudden crashes. It also supports multiple game file types like .rar, .7z, .nds, and .zip. 


If you are missing the good old days of Nintendo games, you can try any of the above-mentioned DS emulators for Android.


Some of these emulators are free to install and try, while some come with a premium price. However, you need to download the specific game ROMs to play the games on these emulators.

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