eSports: the Future of Electronic Gaming

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Back in the days if someone told you that esports was really a thing then you would have probably laughed and didn’t bother to give a second thought to it. I mean clearly, we think that gaming is a good pastime, nothing more than that. Well, this ignorance tends to take people’s minds away when they hear that some kid bagged a record-breaking $3M by winning a Fortnite World Cup at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in the US. Which leads to believe that it is now a real thing. Esports is growing rapidly and has a lot of scope for you gamers out there but much like every other thing, there’s more to it.



Winner of the Fortnite World Cup held at Arthur Ashe Stadium. 16 year old, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won $3M

In the process of discrediting esports being a real thing, people just don’t know the effort that Professional Gamers put in this craft. Much like any other professional sport it also requires to evolve with the skills of gaming day by day. Much like professional athletes, professional gamers also need to put around 6 hours daily to be well updated with the competition. Also, like any other sports it is constantly evolving so missing out even a week of practice will put you backward and can have a huge difference. Professional Organizations have a whole system approach where they monitor the diet and sleep patterns too, to see if the player is healthy all the time.

A Note to Kids and their Parents


Well, if you are a kid and aiming to take professional gaming as a career then there are some points that you need to know,

The very important thing is education. Do not let gaming hinder your studies as no matter how hard we try to believe that education is not everything, in reality, education is very important. So keep that in mind that you at least complete your high school before trying to get really into professional gaming.

Secondly, the Gaming industry is constantly evolving and is all about trends. Some games gained huge success overnight and then vanished like they never existed. So, you need to be careful and think just because you are good at one game does not mean that you will be good at others too. I mean you can be but again as I mentioned, it will require more time and effort. Also, you need to be aware of every genre of gaming, whether its action, arcade, racing, sports or any other. Just pick one or two genres and try to be the best in those and then also work your way to other genres as well.

Some other aspects are, you keep a good track of your diet and make sure that it is healthy. Not like a classic nerd gamer who just munches lays with cola. No not like that! Instead, follow a healthy diet so that you don’t feel sleepy all the time. Also, make sure that you have a good sleeping pattern and you do not end up waking 2 in the afternoon every time. Sometimes it is okay to play at midnight and then wake up late in the morning. Just do not make it a habit.


Game titles are expensive and it becomes really hard to convince your parents to spend money on them. The best suggestion that I would give is to have a passive income source. It can be anything like writing on the internet, participating in local gaming tournaments and many other things. It also kind of gives leverage to you to convince your parents into your aim.


When it comes to parents and esports, that’s where things get a little bit messed up. The majority of the parents do not want their children to pursue gaming. In fact, parents get worried when they see their child who plays too many games. They become nervous when their children present their idea of pursuing.

Well, no need to worry about anything parents. The esports industry is rapidly growing it is not impactful here in India but it will get here soon. Many organizations here in India have well equipped “gaming houses” which is the training gym of gamers.

If your child expresses to make a career in esports then do not straightaway reject it. Sit down and discuss it with them. Tell them if they want to do it then much like any other sports, they need to be amazingly hardworking and talented. Ask them to teach you a game and see how well aware they are. If your child really shows potential then encourage them. Be with them at big events and see if they do not make any mistakes on the paperwork (as they are still children).

Right now there is a huge scope in the whole esports industry and Its hard time that we realize that esports is a real thing!


Talented gamers out there start preparing and working hard and their parents start encouraging them.

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