Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

Lucid RP
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Lucid RP is a roleplay server for the video game Grand Theft Auto V. For those not familiar, roleplaying consists of creating a character and having them interact with others in online communities.


While it isn’t limited to any one medium, roleplaying is standard on many platforms such as Second Life, MUDs, and games like World of Warcraft.

Roleplayers are able to create their own characters and navigate an alternate universe based on the platform on which they’re playing. In Lucid RP’s case, a player will choose to connect to their server once they’ve launched GTA V through the Rockstar launcher.

The rules of this community are determined by them, however!

This GTA V roleplay server takes place within the fictional state of Los Santos which is based in Southern California where players assume the roles of criminals, police officers, paramedics, and more.

Lucid RP provides a platform that allows players to take the wheel of their own story while interacting with other players in an open-world setting.


The server provides a plethora of amazing features including, but not limited to: 

A Story-Driven Experience In An Immersive RP 

Lucid RP is one of the largest, most active, and best roleplay servers for GTA V, with hundreds of players online at any given time.

They have a large community of players who are often looking to make new friends and enjoy their experience in our game world.

Their server is story-driven and has evolved over this period of time, with many new cities, towns, and locations added along with a huge variety of features such as jobs, skills, and systems to earn money by doing missions or business deals. 

Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

Lucid RP also offers an immersive style of Roleplay that allows you to be anything you desire; be it a criminal or a law-abiding citizen!


A Whole New World With Scenic Locations 

The Lucid community has created a whole new world for players to experience. With their own buildings and locations, you are able to create your own stories that come as no surprise and could happen in real life.

You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

It was made by the community members and can never be found anywhere else. Created with over 80+ hours of work put into it by a selection of elite map makers who worked hard to make the dream a reality.

The Lucid RP world is much smaller than the GTA Online world. 

Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

However, it is more condensed and gives players more opportunities for interaction with each other in certain areas. They also have many different custom locations for businesses that sell products one can’t find on an average FiveM server such as Sex Toys, Guns, Drugs and etc.


Lucid RP is unlike many other Roleplay Servers that provide FiveM mods without any quality or attention to detail. They’ve spent an enormous amount of time creating the best roleplay experience one could ever get from playing on a FiveM server.

Jobs To Fit Everyone’s Needs 

As a server, they want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to find their path through it. With that being said, their staff team has worked hard to create a variety of jobs that fit all walks of life and lifestyles.

Do you like driving? Check out the many Police Officer, Firefighter, EMTs, and Tow Truck Driver Positions available. Maybe you like working with your hands? Then try out one of the many Mechanic Jobs available. 

Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

If you are more paper-work oriented take a look at our list of Legal Careers such as Paralegal or Attorney! If none of these jobs tickle your fancy, you can apply for one of the many other jobs there on Lucid Role Play.

More Jobs Are On The Way 

You should be excited because there are more, even more jobs on the way! Everyone knows that being a pilot is one of the hardest and most challenging jobs in the entire world. You will have to know how to fly planes, land them properly and operate military jets as well.


Don’t feel like flying? Not a problem. The world has always had room for drug dealers and it certainly doesn’t change here. You can act as a middle man for other people, charging them for drugs you don’t even have to buy yourself.

If you’re willing to take physical risks then acting as a bodyguard could be perfect for you, or if you’re a bit more of an intellectual then why not try your hand at becoming a hacker? There are also opportunities for doctors, chefs and so much more!

Have Your Very Own Property, Vehicles, and Businesses 

Players can own their very own property, vehicles, and businesses. All of these purchases are unlocked through leveling up by completing the in-game missions. Players are able to buy a home or an apartment, which they can rent out to other players if they like. 

The owner will receive a payout based on the size of the property. Players can also buy a business, which they can hire staff to run for them. Hires will also be paid and come with their own pay rate set by the player who hired them.

The server has over 100 different vehicles that you have access to in-game, with more being added! These vehicles range from sports cars to monster trucks and everything in between. Some of these vehicles require certain levels before you’re able to purchase them.


Along with vehicle ownership comes insurance! On our server, we have realistic car insurance that provides extra money when your car is destroyed/stolen or involved in a hit-and-run accident. 

Create Your Own Gang and Take Over The City 

The most prominent feature of this server is the ability to create your own gang, appoint members, and do all that it takes you to take over the city. You can also join someone else’s gang and help them dominate the streets of Los Santos. 

It’s one of the most fun parts of the server, where you can make new friends, improve your rank faster, gain experience and cash for completing missions, and a lot more. However, there are certain limits on gangs that you should be wary of. 

We’ll be discussing these rules later in this blog post. 

Police Have Been Given New Powers 

Police have been given new powers, including an in-game phone application where they can track down criminals and warrants. Police also have access to a variety of extra equipment that civilians do not have access to such as the ability to spawn police cars, tasers, and spike strips. 


When you kill a cop you will get a wanted level along with a bounty on your head once you die. The police are tasked with keeping order on the server by going after those who break the rules (criminals). 

Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

They monitor chat for rule-breaking, enforce traffic laws, and handle situations at stores when someone pulls out a gun or tries to rob them.

Leveling System To Gain You Access To More Items 

As you earn more and reach higher levels, you gain access to better vehicles. As well as that, as you progress through their leveling system you gain access to more items to buy and better vehicles to purchase, 

You can buy a car, or save up for a house. You could even buy weapons or a business instead. Do you need some form of protection? Buy somebody armor!

Join Different Organizations Within The City 

Players can join different organizations within the city such as the Mobsters or the FBI. Each organization has different job roles, ranks, and career progression.

  • Mobsters – A criminal organization with a focus on growing its influence in the city through illegal means.
  • FBI – A government organization leading operations against criminal organizations in the city.
  • Police Department & City Government – Law enforcement and government organizations that work to maintain order within the city.
  • News Media – A business that reports on current events and news stories throughout the server’s history.
Lucid RP – An RP Server With An Immersive And Casual Appeal

There are numerous other roles that you can explore as you engage more in the server.

How’s The Overall Experience? 

In a nutshell, Lucid RP is a server that’s worth a look at. It’s running on the latest version of FiveM, and as such, it has outstanding performance. The roleplay and story elements are also top-notch, with more to come. 

With an active staff and player base, you’ll be able to find other people who share your interests and interact with them through the medium of roleplay. Lucid RP is a server that will surely continue to grow, expand and attract new players over time. 

As FiveM evolves so will their server – we have no doubt that Lucid RP has a long future ahead of it!

Lucid World RP Server Rules You Must Adhere To

Chat Policy 

LucidRP asks that members do not advertise or spam in any voice or text channels on their Discord server. If you have a dispute with another member about something, please contact a staff member by submitting a Report through the Discord application itself. Arguments will not be tolerated.


Community Respect 

The forums and chat are considered to be a safe space, where everyone is treated with respect. Community members should not engage in personal attacks or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, hate, and/or other abusive or derogatory languages.

Age Requirement 

LucidRP is an adult-themed game and a mature environment. For this reason, users must be 18 years or older to apply for Whitelist in their community.


Toxicity can be destructive to both communities and individuals. The server and its members strive to maintain a safe, fun, and engaging environment for everyone. Any server member found to be violating this will be removed from the community.

Handy Ticket Procedures in Lucid RP To Help You Get Going 

Complaints about Lost Items/Money 

If you believe an item or money has been lost because of a bug in the game, please open a report on the Discord. You may be asked to provide proof of the loss. All refunds will be at the discretion of staff and not guaranteed.

Disputes and Queries 

Lucid RP takes all complaints, disputes, and queries seriously. If you need to bring up an issue with a staff member, use the complaint form on their website or create a support ticket on their discord server. Any issues that are posted in public are considered meta-gaming and will lead to disciplinary action.


Playing Music During Roleplay 

It is against city code to play music through your microphone/voice box while in the city. The only type of music that is allowed is the music that you can play from a TV using a Youtube link, but it must be non-copyright.

Lucid World RP In-Game Rules To Live By 


Meta-gaming is using any external factors, information, or knowledge in a roleplaying environment that your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of gameplay. This includes, but is not limited to, information gained through live streams, videos, other characters, and text channels on Discord. Keep in mind that meta-gaming is not allowed in Lucip RP and could lead to a ban from the server. 

New Life Rule 

The New Life Rule is a guideline that applies to any incapacitated person who does not receive immediate medical attention on the scene. If you find yourself incapacitated on the server and do not receive any medical treatment for 20 minutes, your character will be airlifted to the nearest hospital. 

This is the only situation where the New Life Rule is mandatory. In the roleplay, it is unlikely that you will recollect the events leading up to your injury, including the identity of the person/object responsible, where you were at the time of your incapacitation, and precisely what you were doing.

No Ambush Roleplay 

To avoid toxicity in PD, if the police have a suspect in custody, you must not interfere. You can be present, but you cannot try to break that person out of custody. If two officers are dealing with a situation, no more than two people can retaliate. 


If one officer is dealing with a situation, only one person can retaliate. This does not mean no one else can be present; this just means they cannot actively participate in the scene.

Extreme/Sexual Gameplay 

The server does not tolerate any form of role-playing that may be deemed as offensive to anyone, including yourself or other members. Sexual role-play is not allowed in LucidRP, please keep it out of the server. If you find another member harassing you in any way please report it to a member of staff.

Gang Ambush Roleplay 

In order to maintain the game’s focus on player-versus-player combat, gangs and other groups are limited to four members total. Any group larger than that must wait for an opposing group to enter their territory before engaging in combat.

No “0-60” Roleplay 

Roleplaying without considering pacing and realism is known as 0-60 roleplay because it allows you to get to the end result of your win much more quickly compared to good, realistic roleplay. The best storylines and characters are developed over time.

Group Criminal Activity Limits 

 Robberies and other criminal activities must be restricted to a maximum of four players. If additional players are required for a scene, they must consult staff and obtain permission before participating in the event. 


The only exception to this is the aircraft carrier, which may have up to eight robbers but no additional backup.

Power Gaming 

Power gaming is the act of focusing more on your character and less on the roleplay. It can be done by sacrificing roleplay in favor of your character or exploiting game mechanics to gain an advantage. There is no “winning” or “losing” within roleplay, and we view this attitude as detrimental to a good roleplay community.

Fear RP

Fear RP is the principle that all players must adhere to when in character. Under this principle, you must always roleplay with fear for your life and the lives of others. If someone threatens you with harm, you must negotiate for your life, rather than demanding that they kill you or stating “just kill me” if a gun is pointed at your head. This rule is enforced so as to preserve the immersive quality of our community.

Fail RP 

 Failing to stick to your in-game roleplaying, for example by talking OOC or breaking the physics of real-life mannerisms just because you know it is a game, is sometimes referred to as FailRP. Such behavior is also not tolerated on the server. 


Each character you create on Lucid must be a unique individual with a backstory, goals, and aspirations. You are not allowed to create two identical characters—this includes styles, names, and personalities. If you perma one of these elements, you cannot recreate that element in a new character.


For example, if you have created a character who is an original style Vago (or any other style for that matter) and then decide to bring in another Vago with the same style, the second character will be permed.

Lucid RP Communication Guidelines You Must Know 

In-Game Voice 

 In order to roleplay in LucidRP, you must have a working microphone. If your microphone is broken or not working, you must leave the city and return when it is fixed, because they do not allow text-based roleplay in LucidRP.

Language Barrier 

 To ensure effective communication, Lucid RP asks that English be the only language used for communication within their Discord server, and in-game on their servers.

GTA Rules Tailored To Lucid RP 

Combat Logging 

Combat logging is the act of disconnecting from the server or otherwise crashing your computer after being “downed.” This is against the rules and will earn you a ban if you are caught doing it.

If your computer crashes or you are downed by a bug, open a support ticket immediately so staff can verify the situation before continuing.


Prison Break and Transportation 

 Attempts to free inmates from prison are strictly prohibited. As of this moment, it is unacceptable to enter the prison yard in an attempt to free an inmate.

We do not know whether or not a new prison break system will be implemented, but until then it is inappropriate to break prisoners out of the yard.

NPC Interactions

The non-player characters (NPCs) you encounter in the game world should be treated with the same respect and courtesy as any other player character (PC).

It is considered bad form to single out NPCs for an attack, especially those that have nothing to do with your current plot.

Police Selling Weapons/Armor 

Police officers cannot sell, trade, or give away police-issued weapons or armor to civilians. This includes melee weapons and tasers.

Police officers found doing so will be punished by disciplinary action from their superiors, but this is not a server-imposed rule.

Stealing Police Weapons 

When an officer has been taken hostage, his or her gun can be stolen by another officer under the right conditions.

This is only in extreme situations, such as a situation where you have no other choice because it is part of a scene or roleplay. You cannot use this rule to rob police just because you want their gun.

Fake Hostages and Robberies 

Fake hostage situations and fake robberies are not allowed, as they ruin the immersion for other players. You must roleplay taking a hostage if you would like to use one in a robbery/kidnapping scene.

All hostages must be authentic and roleplayed out with someone who has no affiliation with you or your group/gang. You are not allowed to take people you know or people within your group/gang hostage.

Bottom Line 

It’s safe to say that the server has been a great success so far. The members of Lucid RP have worked hard to bring you a great experience, and with the time being it’s becoming more and more familiar for everyone.

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