Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay, ROM Leaked Before its Official Launch

Fire Emblem Engage
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As we already know, the next iteration in the Fire Emblem franchise, i.e., Fire Emblem Engage, a Tactical role-playing video game, is slated to release on January 20th.


The heavily anticipated game is developed by Intelligence Systems and is being published by Nintendo and not just only that Fire Emblem Engage is already on top of Amazon everywhere in the world.

Even though the game is about to go live, that has not stopped the game from getting leaked. This is not the first time this highly anticipated Nintendo Switch title has leaked! In July last year, the Fire Emblem Engage early screenshots were leaked before it was even a thing. 

Also, before this, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Bayonetta 3 were leaked as well before their launch.

Coming back to the leak, The tactical role-playing video game had its ROM & two game characters, gameplay, and more leaked.

Well, most of the Fire Emblem Engage subreddit is filled with the leaked gameplay of the upcoming game, and the comment section is filled with the players commenting about the leaks that they saw in Chapter 11. This is because of the embargo which was lifted for that chapter.

Fire Emblem Engage (Credits - Nintendo)
Fire Emblem Engage (Credits – Nintendo)

The embargo on most of the Fire Emblem Engage chapters has already been lifted on January 15th, so thereafter, the players who wish to read the spoilers for those chapters are on the ResetEra thread.

According to the leak, a Rewind Mechanic suspension will be relative to particular parts of the gameplay.

Furthermore, there are speculations that during the gameplay path, the players will lose their emblem and the ability to do time travel.

Fire Emblem Engage (Credits - Nintendo)
Fire Emblem Engage (Credits – Nintendo)

A lot of players on subreddits are all persistent, saying the plot twist of the Fire Emblem Engage is pretty obvious and predictable although what is more interesting is the story behind the twist. – If you want to know all about the storyline, read the Reddit post comment section.

Now, as for the ROM leak, a Twitter user name OatmealDome leaked that the Fire Emblem Engage is built on the Unity Engine, and the online features of the game are powered by NEX.


This is a bit surprising that the game is built on Unity Engine as the previous iteration of Fire Emblem, i.e., Fire Emblem Three houses, was built on Dynasty Warrior Engine. The upcoming Fire Emblem Engage will be two times faster than its predecessors.

Onto the new two gameplay characters that were leaked, well, these were present in the artwork of the game itself, and these two characters are Lindon and Saphir.

Another leak that has been making rounds on Reddit is about the female characters in the game for their design & outfits. In fact, some of the fans were seen arguing about the over-sexualization of these female characters whereas some said they were bland when compared to previous iterations of the Fire Emblem.

Well, the game is just three days away! Are you excited to play the game? let us know in the comment section below!

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