Fix: Error in Minecraft

Fix: Error in minecraft
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Minecraft is the biggest in the competition when it comes to sandbox games. There are endless possibilities for what you can do around in the world of Minecraft.


The game is available on almost every platform, from mobile phones, Windows, & Macs to Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch.

If you’re a veteran Minecraft player, you probably know how fun the game gets while playing with your friends. Setting up a base, mining & creating various items like fuel, dye, concrete, and many other things is beyond pleasure.

But what if your friend uses a different console or platform than you? Fortunately, Minecraft allows cross-platform gaming using the feature called remote connect.

Fix: Error in minecraft

Users can play jointly irrespective of the medium used for playing Minecraft. But, sometimes, you might encounter an issue that states, “ error in Minecraft.” 

Whenever the remote connect feature is not running, this error will show up & prevent you from playing with people on different platforms. If you’re also facing the error in Minecraft, there are a few solutions that you can try to fix the issue.


How to fix error Minecraft?

Let’s start the list of solutions available for the error with some general fixes. The foremost thing you should do is restart the system.

Rebooting systems have proven to be effective against such petty errors & bugs. Try using remote connect again to check if it works.

Updating device & Minecraft

Make sure you’re using the latest updated version of the game. Playing on an old version might cause the error. Along with the game, update your respective devices too.

Windows: Search for Check for Updates & click on it. Here you can see updates for Windows if any.

PlayStation: Click on settings & navigate to System Software through Systems. Click on Software Update.


Xbox: Reach the System settings by pressing the Xbox button. Click on Updates & complete it, if any.

Microsoft sign-in code in Minecraft

If the restart & update fix didn’t work for you, the next thing you can try is using the Microsoft sign-in code. 

  1. Start with launching the game.
  2. Look out for the sign-in access multiplayer option there.
  3. Now you have to connect your Microsoft account.
  4. You’ll get an eight-digit code after linking the account.
  5. Navigate to to enter the code received previously.
  6. Confirm the next steps of terms & conditions.

Hopefully, the error gets fixed after this step. If you’re still facing the same issue, don’t worry, a few more solutions are left.

Multiple logins

Another thing you should take care of is that the account you’re using to play Minecraft isn’t logged in or being used on another device simultaneously. If so, you’ll encounter the error in Minecraft. You can change your Minecraft account password to log out from unwanted or multiple devices.

Clearing Saved Data

Before we attempt reinstalling the game, you can try clearing the game data first. Corrupted data might cause many issues in the game, including the error. 


Don’t go on deleting the data without creating a backup first, or else you’ll lose all of your game progress. Under Minecraft’s game settings, navigate to the Storage option & delete the stored data there. 

Reinstalling the game

One solution can be reinstalling the game altogether. You will have to delete the game files from your system & then download Minecraft again. It can fix the error since reinstalling the game fixes any corrupted game files.

For uninstalling Minecraft:

  1. Open Programs & Features on your device via Control Panel.
  2. Search for Minecraft & right-click on it.
  3. Select uninstall the program.

Download the game directly from their official website:

Final Verdict

These were all the available solutions for fixing the error in Minecraft. For console users, try using the Microsoft account with the code method to fix the error.


If the issue keeps popping up, you can contact the Minecraft support team for further assistance. It might take some time, but hopefully, they’ll get back to you: Minecraft Support.

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