How to Fix PS4 Error CE-37813-2?

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The latest addition to the list of PS4 errors is the CE-37813-2, concerned with the PlayStation network connectivity issues. That means you won’t be able to play & enjoy online features & games.


Even though the error CE-37813-2 is known to get fixed on its own, it will surely disturb your gaming experience, especially multiplayer fps games.

How to Fix PS4 Error Ce-37813-2?

So how do you fix error CE-37813-2 on your PS4? You should first inspect if your internet service is running well & fine. If not, contact your ISP & wait for the connection to get back. Then check out for any hardware damages on your router or the internet wire.

If everything seems fine, you can wait for some time for the error CE-37813-2 to get fixed by itself. Start your PlayStation after a while to see if the error still pops up. If you again encounter the issue, follow these steps to fix error CE-37813-2 on your PS4.

Fix: Error CE-37813-2 on PS4

Let’s start with the list of fixes available for the error CE-37813-2. The first few solutions are general ones, like rebooting the device.

Restarting PlayStation 

The restart process is the easiest yet most effective fix for most technical issues. Restart your console & even the internet router. Repeat the process a couple of times & check if the error CE-37813-2 got fixed.


Tweaking DNS setting

Navigate to Settings on your console & click on network. Under network, click on the setup internet connection option > custom. 

Connect with your WiFi & pick automatic under IP settings & select manual under DNS setting. Type the following IP under the primary & secondary DNS, respectively:


Click on next & navigate to the Do Not Use option under automatic. That’s it. Restart your device, & hopefully, the error CE-37813-2 will get fixed. If you’re still somehow experiencing the same issue, check for the subsequent resolution:

Rebuilding database

Rebuilding the database not only might fix the error CE-37813-2, but it will also enhance your console’s performance. Rebuilding the database ensures that the corrupted files, if any, on your PlayStation get removed & therefore, boost your console’s speed & restructure the game files.

The procedure is simple but time-consuming if you haven’t done it in the past:

  1. Long press the PS power switch & wait for two beeps.
  2. After that, you’ll have to navigate to the safe mode by pressing the PS button on the joystick.
  3. You’ve successfully entered the safe mode & now click on rebuild the database.
  4. Confirm the process & now you’ve to wait for its completion.

It will surely fix the error CE-37813-2 meanwhile improving the overall performance & gaming experience.

Using LAN for network

Another fix you can try if nothing works for you is using a LAN cable for better network connectivity. LAN cable improves the network stability on the device connected. 

You’ll feel the difference between wireless & a wired network once you switch from WiFi to a LAN cable. The network disturbances almost stop resulting in much faster internet speed.

With this, we conclude our fixes for the error CE-37813-2 & hopefully, you have gotten rid of this issue by now. If you’re still facing the error CE-37813-2, you can directly contact the official PlayStation customer service for further assistance: PlayStation Support.

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