Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.8’s Banner Characters


  • Version 4.8 introduces new Dendro user Emilie and exciting re-runs.
  • Navia and Nilou return in the first banner cycle.
  • Emilie and Yelan feature in the second banner cycle.
Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.8's Banner Characters
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Prepare for the upcoming Version 4.8 update in Genshin Impact, which promises thrilling character arrivals and exciting banner cycles.


Recent leaks have revealed the five-star characters that will be featured, giving players a sneak peek into who they can expect to add to their teams.

Genshin Impact Leaks Version 4.8’s Banner Characters

Double Banners with Re-Runs and a New Character

In Version 4.8, Genshin Impact continues its tradition of double banners, each featuring two limited five-star characters along with a shared pool of four-star characters.

This update introduces a twist with the debut of a brand-new Dendro user, Emilie, in the second banner cycle. As a result, the first banner cycle will offer a trio of exciting re-runs.

Geo Powerhouse and Hydro Maestro Make a Return

The first banner cycle brings back two fan-favorite five-star characters: Navia and Nilou. Navia, a Geo Claymore user, is celebrated for her versatility and high damage potential, making her a powerful DPS option and a joy to control.

Nilou, a Hydro sword user, is essential for teams focusing on Bloom damage. Her passive talent transforms regular Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores, significantly enhancing their damage and area-of-effect capabilities.


Both Navia and Nilou are top-tier characters in their respective roles, presenting a challenging choice for players looking to strengthen their teams.

Introducing Emilie, the New Dendro Support

The second banner cycle introduces Emilie, a highly anticipated five-star Dendro polearm user. Leaks suggest she will excel as an off-field support, specializing in triggering the Burning reaction.

This reaction, while currently less popular than other Dendro-related reactions, may gain prominence with Emilie’s abilities.

Genshin Impact

Beloved Hydro Unit Yelan Joins the Fray

Joining Emilie in the second banner cycle is Yelan, a five-star Hydro bow user. Yelan is widely regarded as one of the best Hydro supports in the game, second only to Xingqiu. Her impressive banner revenue record speaks to her power and popularity among players.

Strategic Choices for Team Building

The leaked banner line-up offers Travelers exciting options. While Navia and Nilou are undeniably strong choices, the allure of the new Dendro user, Emilie, and the ever-reliable Yelan may tempt players to save their Primogems for the second banner cycle.


Awaiting Official Confirmation

It’s important to note that these are leaks, and HoYoverse has yet to officially confirm the banner characters for Version 4.8. However, these leaks provide valuable insights into who might be featured when the update arrives.


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