Here’s Why No Indian Team is Competing in PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

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The PUBG Mobile Esports League has revealed that no Indian team will be competing in the 2022 PMGC Grand Finals. The news broke after the completion of the third week of play in the League Stage.


The Battlegrounds Mobile India community has been made to feel several times since the game’s removal. 

PUBG Mobile Esports announced special invitational spots, allowing top teams across the globe to play directly into the finals.

With Indian teams not being able to participate in this tournament, PUBGM Esports has removed those slots ahead of time. Indian fans were hoping to cheer on their team as it took part on the biggest stage. 

However, they have been let down by the setbacks that have occurred thus far. Meanwhile, this announcement also suggests that BGMI will not make its return until the end of the competition.

With all these going around, fans are also a bit unhappy. So, they have to enjoy the competition without their teams once again.


In the past, 15 slots were allotted to teams in the Grand Finals of The International, leaving one available seat that had to be allocated for an invited roster. This information caused much speculation among fans hoping that the 16th position would go to an Indian team. 

Fans began speculating about the inclusion of an Indian team in the 2021 PMGC Grand Finals when, at that time, another mobile game was available—a game called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). But BGMI no longer exists.

Tencent Clarifies the Updated Format for 2022 

Tencent has ended speculation over the format of PUBG Mobile’s Final event by announcing some changes. Initially, three teams were set to qualify for the Grand Finals, but their number has now been reduced to two. While a total of four teams from the Last Chance Stage were set to qualify for the Grand Finals, their number has increased to five.

MGC 2022 Grand Finals 

The news that players from India would not be participating in the Global Championship was disappointing to many Indian fans, who were hoping to see an Indian roster compete at the tournament. However, it was announced that a team from India would be participating this time around—though they won’t represent their country.

Krafton, however, has stated that it is working hard to resolve the issues that are preventing BGMI from resuming services in the country.


Tencent did not hold any qualifiers for the League Stage and Grand Finals slots, but fans speculated that Indian BGMI teams would be invited to fill these slots to participate in the event. However, Tencent has since given those slots to PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 winner Vampire Esports and runner-up team Prodota Gaming.

The top three teams from each group have made it into the Survival Stage, where they will play for a chance to advance to the Grand Finals. The 2022 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship is scheduled to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from January 6-8, 2023. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has confirmed two global invites—Alter Ego Limax and Team SMG—who will battle it out over 3 days of intense competition. 

A total of 16 teams will clash over 3 days of intense competition to earn the honor of being crowned champions of the 2022 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC).

MGC 2022 Grand Finals 

Qualified teams for PMGC Grand Finals

Specially invited

  • Team SMG (China)
  • Alter Ego Limax (Indonesia)

From Group Stage

  • Buriram United (Thailand)
  • Influence Chemin (Brazil)
  • S2G Esports (Turkey)
  • GodLike Stalwart (Mongolia)
  • Nova Esports (China)
  • Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)
  • Geek Fam (Indonesia)
  • Four Angry Men (China)
  • T2K Esports (Nepal)
MGC 2022 Grand Finals 

About PMGC 2022

The PMGC 2022 will feature a massive prize pool of $4 Million USD. The tournament will be played out over three stages, with 48 teams competing in each stage.

Two invited teams and the rest from regional tournaments will enter the league stage; the top 12 teams from each stage—one from each region—will then compete in a LAN event for the ultimate title and cash prize.


Thirteen teams from the league stage, along with three invited teams, will form the 16 playing squads for the grand finals.

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