ImperialHal from TSM Expresses Concerns About Apex Legends’ Future If Season 18 Disappoints


  • As we know, Season 17 of Apex Legends has not been well received by the community owing to the rank system, bugs & server issues that the community has been facing.
  • The community has been very vocal about these issues & professional players such as TSM’s ImperialHal have expressed their thoughts about the game’s current situation and future.
  • ImperialHal, while streaming, said that the current season is terrible, and he has not been able to enjoy the game even after coming back from a short break.
Apex Legends
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Apex Legends is a battle royale shooting video game developed by Respawn Entertainment & EA Sports. The game is currently in season 17, and season 18 is also scheduled to drop soon.


As you may know, the Season 17 of Apex Legends has not been received well by the community owing to the rank system, bugs & server issues that the community has been facing while playing the game.

As the initial boom of Season 17 washed away, the game has seen drops in the active player’s count across platforms, and as Season 18 gets closer day by day, the active player base continues to drop.

The community has been very vocal about the issues cornering Season 17 of the battle royale game, and though the developer promised to address the issues of the rank system disparity, and has tried to fix some but not like the community was hoping for (not changing the rank system).

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The casual players and professional players such as TSM’S Philip ImperialHal Domen have also shared his thoughts on the issues cornering the current state & the future of Apex Legends as he sees tumbling active players count.


The TSM’s Philip worried that another bad season could put the game into trouble on his stream as he returned to the battle royale game after a small. On his stream, Philip pointed out the game as he got tired of the game having server issues & the ranking system.

In his stream, Philips said that he hopes the upcoming season will be good as he doesn’t know if the game could survive another bad season. ImperialHal said that he has said the same thing in the past, but the game has had several bad seasons, and surely Apex would make the next season good as the game has lost thousands of players.

The TSM player mentions that this is the first time in a while that he has not been able to enjoy the game and is still struggling to enjoy it, even after taking a bit of a long break.

He says how bad the game really is, and he cannot come back to play games for eight hours even though he has not played the game in three days, and it is sad to see that.

The Season 18 of Apex Legends is expected to start in early August and is poised to bring new features and bring a new legend in the name of Revenant Reborn. With that being said, we will have to wait and see if this upcoming season fixes the issues or if the active player count continues to tumble.


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