League of Legends Patch 13.10 to Bring Some Reworks


  • League of Legends is a multiplayer battle arena video game.
  • Now, LoL is set to receive a new Patch, i.e., Patch 13.10
  • Patch 13.10 includes some of the items rebuilds & new things & more.
League of Legends
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League of Legends is a multiplayer battle arena video game developed & published by Riot Games. Well, LoL players are in for a ride as League of Legends is set to receive a new Patch, i.e., Patch 13.10, which includes some of the items that have been rebuilt and a few new things introduced. 


In addition to this, the developer also aims to rollout out different system changes that will help out in pacing the initial game laning phase.

Also, it looks like Riot Games has delayed the Ivern Mid Scope Update for League of Legends, which was planned initially for this Patch 13.10 alongside the new buff-sharing jungle mechanic, which was also supposed to be introduced in this Patch.

As usual, the Lead Designer, Matt Phroxzon Leung Harrison, shared the Preview of the upcoming Patch on Twitter, saying that Riot Games would like medium-sized system changes (For instance, the Durability Update from 2022} more than a year”.

We will be monitoring how players feel about this rate of change. Similar to the Durability update, we wanted to solve several player pain points and to add some exciting content,” said Phrox about the upcoming League of Legends Patch.

Now, Let’s look at the Mid Season Changes and Rebuilds that are coming up in this Patch 13.10.


Leader Designer Matt said, “We want to find the best balance between ensuring Split 1 is in a balanced state for Pro. This led us to decide that 13.10 would be the best Patch to deliver Midseason”.

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Here is the list of everything players can expect to see in Lol Patch 13.10.

New Items

  • Lifewell Pendant (Epic)
  • Chalice of Blessings (Epic)
  • Statikk Shiv (Legendaries)
  • Echos of Helia (Mythic)
  • Now onto All the adjustments made in this Patch.

Large item Reworks

  • Assanssin Mythics 
  • Attack Damage Carry (ADC) Mythics + Legendaries
  • Support Mythics + Legendaries

Small Items Rework

  • Mage Legendaries/Components Tank Legendaries Fighter Mythics + Legendaries 

System Reworks

  • Blastcone Spwan Timer
  • Homegaurd Timer Foundtain Mana Regen
  • Unleashed Teleport
  • Trinkets 
  • Tower Planting Durability.
  • Pre-14 Minion Speed

Now, one possible reason for so many adjustments in this upcoming Patch as the developer is trying to extend the laning phase by ganking, tower diving power, and hitting some roaming.

Game Designer Tim Truexy Jang said this last week, “This means less games where roams from other lanes instantly end your laning phase by easily diving you and taking numerous 175 gold tower plates”. These system changes are already live in the public beta environment.


Champion Reworks

  • AP Ratios on ADCs (Guinsoo’s adjustment)
  • Neeko Jungle

One Thing to note here is that the Neeko Jungle update has already been rolled out in Patch 13.9, and it looks like she received some polishing that can help her better do the Jungle role and now has received some adjustments which will help her furthermore as a Jungler than being a mage in the Mid lane.

League of Legends Patch 13.10 to Bring Some Reworks 1
Neeko Jungle

Moving on to the Ivern Mid Scope Update and Buff sharing that were supposed to come alongside Patch 13.10 of League of Legends.

Phroxzon, in a series of Tweets explaining the LoL Patch 13.10, said that Riot Games is delaying both the Mid-scope update and Buff sharing mechanic. “In order to meet our Ivern player expectations, we’re also delaying Ivern & Buff Sharing to Patch 13.11 in order to land a better set of changes for him”.

After learning about this, the LoL players were not happy at all about the delayed Ivern Mid scope update, and also the developers were called out for nerfing the Jungler as well.

Well, Furthermore, it looks like the developer has not only delayed the Ivern mid-scope update but has also completely removed the Ivern’s rebuild from the Public Beta Environments.


Also, as we mentioned above that Riot Games had plans for default buff-sharing mechanics in Jungler.

Well, you guessed it, it has also been delayed as well for the next patch. With that being said, we should be hearing about the changes in the mid-scope update and the buff-sharing system in the upcoming weeks.

League of Legends Patch 13.10 will go live on May 17.

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