15+ Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in CS:GO

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To play your game well and show skills as a pro game player, you have to spend a lot of time with the game. The game is exclusively founded to check your experience with the game.


The developers also want you to increase your game time and understand. It will refrain you from using any tips and tricks to play the game.

If you’re someone well-versed with the game and want to go pro with the game, also play the massive stages by giving a cutthroat competition to your opponents; we have a tip for it. Just focus and devote a minimum of ten hours of your typical day of 24 hours.

Else, if you are someone in the queue with an intent to compete well against some legendary players whom you find in the matchmaking section, then you need 5-6 hours of it.

You may also discover them in some pugs like “Faceit.” Amongst these 5-6 hours, you can include your break time as well to protect your vision. 

I recommend you implement any of these ideas only if you’re in dire need of doing it. Like, prioritizing your goals, checking your daily schedule, and analyzing your decision.


If you aren’t interested much in the game or don’t have any particular reason to implement these, then don’t spoil your daily schedule. Play it just like a game! 

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What’s Dust 2?

Dust 2 Radar Map - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
Dust II Radar

Dust 2 stands amongst one of the most renowned maps of CS:GO. It’s the primary reason you should excel at the map’s most admirable angles and locations from where you can throw your smoke grenades with a motive.

When I talk about Counter, smoke grenades are vital components for usage in your loadout. These grenades block your essential lines of sight; this helps you create your angles to engage anyone or anything. 

The actions mentioned above are essential in CS:GO if you wish to push specific locations. It does not matter if you are a fresher in the game or a legendary experienced player who’s been playing it for years!


You need to know the best smoke spots in the Dust 2 map. It’s also essential for you to be at the forefront against your enemies. This also makes your game pretty much more enjoyable to play!

So, how about having a proper manual about the best smoke spots for Dust 2 in CS: GO? It will also help you if you’re in search of Grenade spots in Dust 2. Do scroll down below to read the complete manual about the same.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in CS:GO

Which are the Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2? Without wasting much of the time, I’ll take you directly to the manual of best smoke spots in Dust 2!

xBox from T Spawn:

This is the first CS:GO smoke that will restrict a critical angle of this map,i.e., Dust 2. For this, you have to smoke the xBox that you will find near the mid doors.

This will enable you to cross the Catwalk with utmost safety and along with your team towards the A short. It’s a vital crossing point if you want to push A sharp CT’s monitor carefully from the CT Mid.


You can implement this smoke throw from the T Spawn of Dust 2.

xBox from T Spawn - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
xBox from T Spawn


  • Make sure to just yourself compactly in the corner of the back wall of T Spawn.
  • Watch towards the middle and line your crosshair to be concurrent with the edge of the wall. Also, make sure that it’s at the top of the given small turret.
  • Execute a jump throw; allow your smoke to release as you arrive at the top point of your jump.

CT Spawn Mid from xBox:

You can make use of the same smoke spot from xBox that was found near the Mid Doors on Dust 2.

CT Spawn Mid from xBox - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Spawn Mid from xBox


  • Adjust yourself in between the corners of xBox and the right wall.
  • Peek on top of the Mid Doors and line your crosshair at the end of xBox.
  • Now, execute the smoke throw while you’re standing still.

A Short from Mid:

My #2 smoke spot will block the sharp angle completely. The angle that will be blocked is where you will push the A-Bomb Site as terrorists. So, it’s also evident that it is under close surveillance from CTs.


If you throw this smoke, then it will block the line of sight of any of the given CTs that is placed at Site A. Then insist they replace themselves to get a perfect perspective.

It’s the time when you, along with your team, will be able to plunge in and take charge of the site. You can also throw the smoke from the Xbox that’s placed near the Mid Doors of Dust 2.

A Short from Mid - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A Short from Mid


  • Walk toward the Xbox that’s near the Mid Doors.
  • Position yourself around the left rope.
  • Watch upward near the tower A Short.
  • Place your crosshair at the corner, resulting from protruding wooden planks from the top of the tower.
  • Move them upwards and a bit towards the right.
  • No, you can throw the smoke from an immobile location.

A Short One-Way:

You can also smoke throw from this smoke spot of Dust 2. It lets you see through anyone who crosses A Car or is near A Car. So, close the end of the wall that’s at your right. This smoke throw can also be implemented from A short smoke spot of Dust 2.

A Short One-Way - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A Short One-Way


  • Walk near the cage door of A short. Now stand at its center.
  • Look at the left wall, and while doing so, place your crosshair at about half of the space between the window and wooden post.
  • You have to implement this smoke throw while standing firm.

A Short Default:

This smoke spot is at the sharp angle of Dust 2. If you want to push A short, it’s one of the nearest smoke throws. 

A Short Default - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A Short Default


  • Snuggle in the corner between the white box and wall on A Short.
  • Watch towards the right-hand side of the shirt staircase, and go around the bottom end of the top line of the wall.
  • Now, you’re ready to smoke while standing still.

CT Spawn from Short:

This smoke spot blocks the CT Spawn’s angle near the A Site. It’s a crucial smoke throw while you are pushing the A site. It often stops the CTs from mixing to A while you’re pushing the short.

CT Spawn from Short - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Spawn from Short


  • Move to the left edge of the metal shutter door on the A Short.
  • Thereupon watch the A site and position your crosshair to match the top-right corner of the building on A site that has the blue decor.
  • But make sure to stand still while the smoke throws.

xBox from Top Mid:

To smoke off any xBox spot in Dust 2, you can also do it from a top mid position if you require a Catwalk Cross towards A Short.

xBox from Top Mid - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
xBox from Top Mid


  • Stand adjacent to the back wall that’s situated on the Top Mid. Make sure to position your crosshair at the edges of the wall on the front side. 
  • Have a glance over the streetlights. Again make sure to position your crosshair amid the given small three cracks that are situated on the wall.
  • Then, execute a running throw; before releasing your smoke, take some steps ahead.

CT Spawn Mid from A Long:

This Smoke Spot push throws the Mid Doors without any worries, and also, the person pushing B from the tunnels can cross the B Doors effortlessly.

CT Spawn Mid from A Long - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Spawn Mid from A Long


  • On the A Long, stand near the wall and blue barrel on the right side of A Long Doors.
  • Now, watch the wall towards the left-hand side of the A Long Doors.
  • Line up your crosshair to the left and bottom of the street lamp.
  • It should also be lined up with the shadow of the pole. 
  • Make a jump throw and release your smoke as you move to the top of your jump.

A Long Corner from T Spawn:

This is my favorite smoke spot of CS:GO Dust 2 Smoke Spot in Dust 2. This is the smoke spot that you should not miss if you want to push A Long.

Smoke the A Long corner, and you will interfere with the vision of a few CTs while keeping a watch on the Long Doors. 

A Long Corner from T Spawn - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A Long Corner from T Spawn


  • Stand near the T Spawn half-wall, so you are beside the edge when you kneel.
  • Then stand up watch towards the right of the wall in front.
  • Place your crosshair on the left end of the pole near the bottom of the brown patch.
  • Make a jump throw, and now let your smoke release as you move towards the top point of your jump.

A CT Cross #1 from Long:

To smoke from this angle, you will need two smoke grenade throws. One can be executed from A Long.

A CT Cross #1 from Long - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A CT Cross #1 from Long


  • Snuggle on the right side of the blue barrel adjacent to A Long Doors.
  • Place your crosshair towards the ends of the wall on the left of the white metal door.
  • Now, do a running jump throw.

A CT Cross #2 from Long:

This throw can be implemented from A Long on Dust 2.

A CT Cross #2 from Long - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
A CT Cross #2 from Long


  • Walk near the corner of the shadow on the floor of A Long.
  • Now stand towards the right corner of the shadow to make sure that your crosshair lines up.
  • Watch at the metallic roof that extends from the wall.
  • Now, position your crosshair where the bottom and vertical supporting rods intersect.
  • Now, make a running throw.

CT Spawn Mid from A Short:

This smoke throw is also executed from A Short Catwalk on Dust 2.

CT Spawn Mid from A Short - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Spawn Mid from A Short


  • Go on the A Short Catwalk.
  • Locate the metal cage door before you turn the corner.
  • Stand right beside the door and make sure to line up your crosshair with the center of the door.
  • Watch above the mid doors and place your crosshair on the given small brown notch in the wall.
  • Make a running throw; take steps ahead before letting go of your smoke.

Mid Doors Hinge Smoke:

It is one of the bolder smoke spots of Dust 2; it’s crucial to get the crux of it.

Mid Doors Hinge Smoke - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
Mid Doors Hinge Smoke


  • Stand to the left corner of Mid doors facing to the T Spawn.
  • Line up your crosshair near the bottom side of the door hinge and push it a little bit if left till you slam the intersection of the hinge.
  • Now, make a right-click smoke throw but in a still position.

CT Top Box from Mid Doors:

This smoke spot can be executed from the mid doors as well.

CT Top Box from Mid Doors - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Top Box from Mid Doors


  • Stand in the corner towards the mid of the right doors.
  • Watch near the wooden arch on the CT Spawn Entrance.
  • Line your crosshair to the left of it.
  • Make the smoke throw while standing stationary.

CT Spawn from A Long:

It’s the best smoke spots for Dust 2 in CS:GO. It’s useful when your team plans to implement an A Long and A Short split push.

CT Spawn from A Long - Smoke Spots for Dust 2
CT Spawn from A Long


  • Step out of the A Long Doors. Now, look at the left wall and stand opposite to it in the mid of the grid that’s formed of cross patterns.
  • Watch at the ground; modify your position to line up your crosshair.
  • Now, watch the right at the corner near the blue metal container.
  • Position your crosshair adjacent to the antenna and shift it a little bit.
  • But the smoke throw should be implemented while standing firm.

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