Capcom President Discusses Street Fighter 6’s New Features & More


  • Street Fighter 6 is an upcoming fighting video game by Capcom
  • Street Fighter 6 is the seventh video game in the franchise.
  • In an interview, the Capcom president discusses the company’s future & Street Fight 6.
Street Fighter 6
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Street Fighter 6 is an upcoming fighting video game developed & produced by Capcon and the seventh video game in the franchise. 


In a recent interview with the Japanese media website Framitsu, Capcomm President Haruhiro Tsujimoto discussed the future plans of Capcom. The president also affirmed that Street Fight 6 was developed, keeping e-Sports in mind. The interview also discusses several other aspects of the game.

Capcom is also focusing on e-Sports, but when I first worked on Street Fighter IV, such a culture had not yet taken root in Japan, and JeSU (Japan e-Sports Union) was finally launched while Sreet Fighter V was being developed. Let’s get serious and make it exciting. Street Fighter 6 was developed from the beginning with the development of e-sports in mind, so I expect it to be exciting”.

Haruhiro then conveys his worries concerning the hesitation that the newcomers have when they look at the e-Sports communities of the fighting games, thinking of them as exclusive clubs where only professionals participate.

This is why Street Fight VI is designed to motivate new players to delve into the game’s online & e-Sports community.

Capcom President Discusses Street Fighter 6's New Features & More 1
Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

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Tsuimoto mentions the game’s single-player feature and how it meant to new players as he explains the “ Fun of fighting games”  by having them play in a safe and solo domain.

Therefore, in Strike 6, the most distinct thing is that the game design is conscious of letting people play a mode that can be enjoyed as a single player, rather than playing head-to-head games all of a sudden and then learning the fun of fighting games’ from there”.

Furthermore, as we noted above, the interview discusses the other aspect of the game, like Battle Hub, which lets the players take their custom-made avatar into a metaverse kind of environment that looks like an arcade.

The domain is meant to stimulate old-school fighting game communities of blood where the players will settle their brawn with the little billy over a series of street fighting in an arcade surrounded by other kids & teenagers.

Moreover, Capcom with Street Fighter 6 is looking to shake up the fighting games scene with an entirely new single mode & world tour and also boasting about the details & care towards each individual.


Street Fighter 6 is slated to release on June 2 & will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and on Steam.

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