Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide – Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero
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One of the best heroes to push solo ranks in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Hayabusa is a force to be reckoned with. His unique dash and Ultimate become even more powerful if you are able to master him. 


Hayabusa has some secrets to use which, if you can master them, will allow you to easily carry your whole team through the ranked matches. This character has also undergone some changes in terms of his damage output. 

If you play the game, you may have noticed this yourself. One of the most dangerous and high burst damage Assassins in the game, Hayabusa is usually played as the main jungler of the team. 

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

He can also be played as an offlaner, however, if your team plans to make your marksman the jungler or hyper carry. To play him optimally, you should gank and invade the enemy early on.

Hayabusa is particularly strong in the early game and his primary damage output comes from the items he has equipped. 

Therefore, you should make an effort to farm well and get kills to maintain a lead in gold and exp points. if you’re struggling to understand his kit, don’t stress! Here’s a quick guide to help you master Hayabusa in no time. 


Hayabusa’s Skills in Mobile Legends 

Skill 1 – Phantom Shurikens

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

Hayabusa throws three shurikens forward, each of which deals 170 points of physical damage to the enemy and slows them down. The shurikens return to him after flying a certain distance, so he can use them again. Damage and regeneration effects decay over time.

Skill 2 – Quad Shadow 

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

Hayabusa releases a Phantom behind him, and if he hits an enemy in his path, he will stop and release 3 Phantoms that travel in different directions.

When phantoms hit enemy heroes, they will seep into them, deal 130(+30% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slow them by 40%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds.

Hayabusa can also move to a phantoms location, dealing extra 130 (+30% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to them every time he uses Quad Shadow. When Hayabusa moves using Quad Shadow, his Shuriken cooldown is reduced by 1 second.

Skill 3 – Shadow Kill

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

Hayabusa temporarily turns into a shadow, dashing around the battlefield attacking foes with 5 fast strikes that deal 180 + 90% extra physical ATK damage.


Try to cast Ougi: Shadow Kill when an enemy is alone or Trace of Shadow is at maximum stacks. This skill will bounce to nearby enemies, so try to find an opening when your target is isolated.

Passive – Trace of Shadow 

Hayabusa can inflict one stack of Shadow damage per hit. Each additional stack increases Hayabusa’s damage by 5%. Hayabusa can stack the passive up to four times to an enemy. It’s best to prioritize thoroughly stacking Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow before going all-in with your ultimate, Ougi: Shadow Kill.

Best Build for Hayabusa in Mobile Legends 

At the beginning of the game, use Raptor Machete to get some early damage. Then, use Magic Shoes to reduce cooldowns on your abilities. After that, you’ll have to choose the best equipment in order to deal with the enemies. 

If they push you early in the game, take Hunter Strike for maximum penetration. Shadow Kill needs maximum penetration to deal more damage. If you’re doing well in the early game, take Blood Lust Axe for lifesteal and cooldown reduction. 

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

This goes vice-versa: Take Blade of Hepatesis if you’re doing well in the late game, for HP and physical attack. Once you reach level 15, you can sell Raptor Machete to buy Immortality or Athena’s shield to give yourself a little protection against the late-game damages.


How To Become a Hayabusa Pro in Mobile Legends?

If you want to dominate the battlefield and win matches, read the tips given below in this Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide. It contains some tricks that will help you increase your chances of winning.

Master Quad Shadow 

Quad Shadow is a skill that’s especially good for getting off a situation when you’re in trouble. Hayabusa is vulnerable to stuns and team fights, so it’s best to stay behind your tank or stay at a safe distance from the fight. 

When you see the damaged dealer, dash to him in such a direction so that at least one shadow hits your victim. If that happens, slide up to the shadow and use your ultimate. Use this technique to keep your victim close and focused on you at all times. 

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide - Tips & Tricks To Master This Hero

When the chase ends, slide down from your initial position to the shadow where you started dashing, then continue killing your enemy. You’ll have a better chance of avoiding damage than if you attacked from above or below.

Use Phantom Shurikens Properly 

Phantom Shurikens is a basic attack skill for Hayabusa. You need to make sure that all four of your shurikens hit the enemy before using your ultimate. You can also poke the enemy anywhere you want using Quad shadow and Phantom Shurikens.


You can dash to an enemy, perform a Quad Shadow and throw 4 Phantom Shurikens. If all 4 shurikens hit the enemy, it will deal 30% damage. You can also finish off an enemy by using the same method. 

After hitting the enemy with shurikens, use Quad Shadow to appear behind it and attack. The Phantom Shurikens offer great lifesteal if you equip them with lifesteal equipment.

The Best Attack Combos for Hayabusa 

Combo 1 – 

Quad shadow + Phantom Shurikens

Use the Quad Shadow to a designated position and try to hit an enemy with a shadow. Phantom Shuriken will deal damage, then use the Quad Shadow again to dash back.

Combo 2 – 

Quad shadow +  Phantom shurikens +  Ultimate+Phantom shuriken


The above combo is really an OP combo if done right. It’s a bit hard to use, but if used correctly, you can even kill a tank in one hit using this. Use Quad Shadow to dash towards the enemy and throw four shurikens at once. 

After hitting them all with a shadow, slide forward to that shadow and use Phantom Shurikens in such a way that all four shurikens hit the enemy. After hitting him with them, use your ultimate or Shadow Kill once more before backing away from the enemy.

Remember that the Shadow kill hits an enemy five times after that hits Phantom Shurikens. You can use this combo to quickly clear any minion wave in your lane.

Combo 3 – 

Quad shadow + Phantom shuriken + Quad shadow +  Phantom shuriken +  Ultimate +  Phantom shadow

Although it is quite hard to pull off this combo, once you learn it, you will gain a great advantage in team fights. With this combo, you will be able to deal maximum burst damage using Hayabusa. 


To do this combo, begin with quad shadow to a preferred position and through Phantom shurikens. Then, get away from the place using quad shadow and hit the phantom shuriken again. 

Every enemy should be hit with the phantom shurikens, And then only use the ultimate. Doing so will ensure that the ultimate deals maximum damage and also triggers healing effects. 

Once you have performed your ultimate, use Phantom shurikens again to finish off the enemies. 

Gameplay and Positioning Tips for Hayabusa 

At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to farm the blue buff, Which will help you in reducing the energy loss in the early game. Also, consider forming the top Jungle, and make sure you keep poking your enemy in the top plane until you reach level four. 

Once you have reached level four, start rotating to the mid plane and keep farming. Make sure you keep your bills as per the game and clear minions from the lanes.


As Hayabusa is very fast in terms of split pushing and stealing turrets, make sure you utilize his skills to destroy some turrets quickly and pressurize your enemy. 

You should also keep in mind that while you are using Hayabusa, you should consume the least amount of damage. As Hayabusa is quite vulnerable to physical damage from heroes, you should prevent going alone in team fights. 

Is Hayabusa Worth Buying in Mobile Legends – Pros and Cons 

  • Greater Damage Output

  • Long Duration Ultimate

  • Can Easily Escape

  • Highly Dependent on Buffs

  • Ultimate can be countered

Final Words 

All in all, Hayabusa is a very capable hero who can change the course of the game in no time. However, to make the most out of this character, you have to do a lot of practice mastering the combos and the various skills that he equips. We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding more about this hero.

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