Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft

Minecraft has a tremendous collection of resources you can mine or craft, like using wood to construct a boat or a door, etc.


One such material is the spruce tree in Minecraft. As for their appearances, they are similar to pine trees & have a dark shade of green on their leaves.

Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft

You can create numerous items using the spruce wood from the tree, like a fence, boat, or barn, making charcoal & even replacement for coal as fuel.

All these items are of great use in Minecraft, thus making the spruce tree a significant resource. But you might have difficulty finding the exact biomes for the spruce tree, especially if you’re new to the game.

Spruce Trees in Minecraft: Everything you need to know

Minecraft includes various distinct biomes, that is, different geographical locations & conditions. Let’s look at biomes where you can find spruce trees in Minecraft.

Taiga biome

Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft
Image from Minecraft Wiki

Taiga biome is the forest area, generally located near extreme hilly parts of Minecraft. Here you’ll encounter loads & loads of spruce trees & even ferns.

Also, taiga biomes have foxes & wolves that you can use as a pet. You won’t run out of spruce woods for a reasonable time once you reach here.

Snowy taiga

Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft
Image from Minecraft Wiki

Snowy taiga is somewhat similar to a default taiga biome but with a snowy terrain. You can find numerous spruce trees in this snow region. Unlike snow tundra, you will encounter some animals in the snowy taiga biome.

Snowy tundra

Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft
Image from Minecraft Wiki

As the name suggests, these are the plain areas fully covered in snow & thus, encountering wildlife or plantation is rare in this region.

But you can still see spruce trees & animals like polar bears in the snowy tundra. It’s not the best zone to find the spruce tree in Minecraft.


Wooded mountains

Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft
Image from Minecraft Wiki

Wooded mountains have multiple resources, from oak and spruce to snow. You won’t find trees in typical mountain regions, so look for the wooded mountains.

There are numerous other items inside the mountain caves. Overall it’s a complete package for Minecraft players.

Spruce Trees in Minecraft: Uses

As mentioned earlier, spruce trees have much practicality in Minecraft. From fuel to construction, here are the top spruce trees uses.

Spruce wood

You first need to obtain spruce wood from the log:

  1. Open a 3×3 crafting table.
  2. Place the spruce logs in the following manner.
  3. Move the spruce wood to your inventory.
Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft


You can create charcoal using the logs from the spruce trees. For making charcoal, follow these steps:

  1. Open a furnace.
  2. Place the wood in both the blocks & move the output to your inventory.
Complete Guide for Spruce Tree in Minecraft


The spruce also works as fuel for smelting items. If you can’t obtain or find coal in Minecraft, spruce wood comes in handy. You’ll have to place the wood in the fuel section in the furnace & that’s it.


Another use for the spruce tree in Minecraft is the items that use wood, such as stairs, doors, etc. You can even use the simple spruce wood block in constructing a house. The dark shade enhances the overall look of the huts or barns that you make in Minecraft.

How to grow a spruce tree in Minecraft?

If you want to grow a spruce tree by yourself, you can follow these guidelines to produce one:

Firstly, you’ll require a spruce sapling & dirt blocks to grow a tree. You can even use a podzol in place of a dirt block. To obtain a spruce sapling, break all the leaves of a tree until you find one.

Add a torch close to the sapling and make sure there are no other blocks nearby the saplings (six blocks distance), even above the planted area (around twelve blocks distance). 


Well, that concludes the spruce tree Minecraft guide. Now you know everything about the trees, from their location to the planting process. These trees are found in abundance & are indeed valuable to the game.


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