Things You Should Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft
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Minecraft is one of the most beloved games around the world, and there are plenty of reasons why. It offers limitless creativity to players, allowing them to make anything they can ever imagine with over 150 different blocks to choose from in the generated world. 


For creating basic structures, cobblestone is one of the most commonly used blocks in the world of Minecraft. However, if you want to step up your game to produce more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structures, you may want to have a look at stone bricks. 

In simplest terms, stone bricks are just a fancier version of stone blocks that can be found underneath the dirt. Many structures in the overworld, such as the Stronghold, are made of stone bricks because of their visual appeal. 

These blocks can also be mined easily with any form of pickaxe you can get your hands on, so you don’t need a specialized tool for it. Moreover, stone bricks are also available in different textures that make them ideal for decoration purposes too. 

Let’s take a look at certain things that you should consider knowing about the stone bricks in Minecraft: 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

How To Get Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

There are plenty of ways to get stone bricks in Minecraft. They can also be mined, as stated above, without the use of any special equipment. However, keep in mind that stone bricks don’t drop any loot if mined with hands. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can get your hands on these blocks: 


Infested Blocks 

You can obtain various different types of stone bricks through their infested variants. Infested stone bricks are nothing but blocks disguised as them that spawn silverfish when broken. They are usually found in strongholds and igloo basements of your generated world. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Keep in mind that infested stone bricks only yield loot when you break it using a tool with Silk Touch enchantment. If you try to break an infested stone brick without a Silk Touch enchanted tool, it will drop nothing but a silverfish that will immediately start attacking you. 


Just like most of the blocks in Minecraft, stone bricks can also be crafted using the crafting table with the help of certain recipes. We’ll take a look at specific recipes to produce different types of stone bricks later in this blog post, so make sure you keep reading. 


Apart from the crafting table, you can also use a stonecutter to produce certain different types of stone bricks, such as the chiseled stone brick, the cracked stone brick, and more by just using a basic cobblestone as the primary ingredient. 


Similarly, you can also create obtain the cracked stone brick variant using a furnace. All you need is a source of fuel, such as coal, and a standard stone brick to produce the cracked variant. You may also choose to use fuels other than coal, such as charcoal, wooden planks, logs, and more. 



You can also gain stone bricks by trading with apprentice-level stone mason villagers who would exchange four chiseled stone bricks in exchange for one emerald as one of their trades. There’s a 25% chance for this trade to be available from an apprentice-level stone mason villager. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Natural Generation 

A lot of regular stone bricks, and sometimes mossy or cracked stone bricks, are generated as a part of the strongholds in your Minecraft world. They usually make up most part of the ceiling, walls, and floor of the stronghold. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Sometimes, they may also generate as a part of ocean basements and igloo basements. Moreover, as a part of the Jungle Temple, you can also find three chiseled stone bricks in the structure. 

Chest Loot 

If you manage to find a village with Mason’s chest, then you can easily gain some stone bricks out of it. There’s a 37.7% chance that Mason’s chest spawned in a village will contain stone bricks as a part of its available loot, so it’s definitely worth a try. 

Materials Required to Craft Stone Bricks in Minecraft 

Stone bricks are fairly easy to craft in Minecraft and don’t require any hard-to-gather materials. With just a little bit of exploration, you’ll be able to find all the required materials to craft stone bricks. Here’s a list of materials that you need to produce stone bricks: 


Stones (x4) 

There are numerous ways to get stone in Minecraft with one of the most common being smelting your own. Stone generates naturally three layers below the dirt and on mountains and is by far the most common block available in the game. 

While mining for other resources, you’ll be able to gather a massive amount of stone in no time as it is readily available everywhere in the overworld. You can even find it in chests generated in mason’s houses in the villages. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Moreover, pouring lava on top of the water also generates stone, but you have to keep in mind that when lava and flowing water come into contact, cobblestone is generated. However, when you pour lava straight into flowing water, a regular stone is generated instead.


To make certain different types of stone bricks, you will need to have a furnace available with you. It requires you to have two materials for making a furnace – eight cobblestones and a crafting table. Both of these materials are quite easy to gather in the world of Minecraft. 

For making a crafting table, you have to gather wooden logs by punching down trees and converting them into wooden planks by simply placing the logs into the survival inventory and collecting the planks from the output slot. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Once you’ve gained over four wooden planks, place them in the survival crafting menu by filling each slot with a plank to yield a crafting table as the output. Similarly, to make a furnace, you’ll have to collect eight pieces of cobblestones in the overworld. 

After gathering the required number of cobblestones, place your crafting table somewhere and click on it to access the crafting grid. Then, place the cobblestones in all slots except the middle one to yield a furnace as an output. 


Making a stonecutter in Minecraft requires you to have at least three blocks of stone and an iron ingot. For this recipe, you may consider using the furnace you crafted earlier to convert cobblestone into stone blocks, as they’re readily available in the overworld. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

To acquire iron ingots, you need to put iron ores in the furnace that can be found easily in caves and ravines. You can also find iron ingots inside random chests across the world, such as in a villager’s home or in a mineshaft. 

Once you’ve gathered both the required materials, you have to access the crafting grid on the crafting table and place the three stone blocks in the third row and an iron ingot in the middle to gain a stonecutter in the output grid. 


Steps To Craft Stone Bricks in Minecraft:

Now when you have acquired all the required materials for this recipe, it’s time to produce the stone bricks that you’ve been waiting for. Let’s take a look at the steps that you need to follow to produce stone bricks in Minecraft: 

  • Foremost, access the crafting grid on the crafting table by placing it somewhere and clicking on it
  • You’ll see a 3×3 grid on the crafting table where you have to place the four stone blocks you collected earlier. Make sure that you place them in the exact same pattern as shown in the image given below for the recipe to work. 
  • If you follow the recipe correctly, four pieces of stone bricks should be available in the output grid of your crafting table 
Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Now, all you have to do is click on the stone bricks and drag them to your inventory – and that’s it – you’ve successfully made yourself some stone bricks in Minecraft. 

Crafting Different Variations of Stone Bricks in Minecraft 

Mossy Stone Bricks 

The mossy stone bricks are simply stone bricks that have lush green vines growing on their surface. Their rustic look makes them perfect for creating in-game ruins, gardens, and jungle buildings. Mossy stone bricks can provide an aesthetic and ancient look to almost any structure in Minecraft. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

You can make these variants of stone bricks by combining the standard ones with vines. Moreover, if you are looking to get a little more creative, you can even combine vines and cobblestones to make mossy cobblestone bricks instead for a unique look. 

Smooth Stone Bricks 

The smooth stone bricks are only available in the Minecraft Bedrock version, which can also be acquired only with the help of commands. Other than that, there’s no way else to create these blocks using any crafting recipe. 


There’s an unused data value for smooth stone bricks in the Bedrock edition of the game, which is why you may obtain it through commands, but it is impossible to find in survival mode or from the creative inventory. 

Cracked Stone Bricks 

If you are looking to give an aged look to a building in Minecraft, the cracked stone bricks certainly fit the bill for you. They’re great as a building material for anyone looking to make a recreation of ancient ruins in their Minecraft-generated world.

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

However, it’s quite different to create a cracked stone brick in Minecraft as compared to the other available variants. The recipe requires you to have both basic stone bricks, a furnace, and some charcoal to produce cracked stone bricks. 

To make one, you just have to smelt a basic stone brick in the furnace while using charcoal as a source of fuel. This will yield cracked stone brick in the output grid that you can then drag and add to your inventory. 

Chiseled Stone Bricks 

Making chiseled stone bricks is one of the lengthiest processes of all. There are several steps that you need to follow to make chiseled stone bricks. Start off by preparing stone brick slabs out of basic stone bricks by placing them along the second rows. 

Things You Should Definitely Know About Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Then, you have to combine the stone brick slabs you just made to produce the chiseled stone bricks. While these stone brick variants may take longer to produce than the others, their aesthetic is certainly worth the effort. 

How To Make Stone Brick Stairs, Walls, and Slabs?

As soon as you get your hands on regular stone bricks, you can place them on the crafting table to produce their slab variations. They’re half the size of regular stone bricks and can be used for making features like rooftops and statues. Just fill an entire row with stone bricks to make six of these. 

Moreover, just like cobblestone and wooden planks, even stone bricks can be used to produce by-products like stairs and walls. This makes them useful for keeping your animals in place or making it easier to get inside and outside of your mine. 

They’re even crafted the same way as their wooden counterparts. To produce a stone brick wall, you have to fill the bottom two rows with stone bricks. Likewise, to make stone brick stairs, you have to make a staircase-like shape with regular stone bricks descending towards the right of the crafting table. 

Using Commands to Gain Stone Bricks in Minecraft 

If you have enabled cheats and commands in your Minecraft-generated world, then you can use the ‘Give’ command to get your desired amount of stone bricks. For Minecraft version 1.13 and higher, you can use the following command for the purpose: 

/give @p stone_bricks # (replace # by the number of bricks you need) 

Similarly, for Minecraft versions below 1.13, you can use the following command: 

/give @p stonebricks # 

Final Words 

If you want to add a little more detail to your Minecraft builds, you should definitely consider giving stone bricks a try.

As they can be converted into a variety of other items, just like their wooden counterparts, they’re a great way to add a more authentic look to your structure. 

That being said, we hope you found this guide helpful in educating yourself about how you can locate and create stone bricks in the game. 

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