The Most Recent GTA Online Update Lets You Become A Sea Creature


  • GTA Online’s latest update lets players transform into sea creatures, from killer whales to tiger sharks, offering a unique underwater experience.
  • Unlock exclusive clothing by completing “A Superyacht Life” missions, and enjoy double and triple rewards for hidden caches and extraction missions.
  • GTA+ subscribers receive additional perks, including double bonuses, monthly cash rewards, and exclusive access to the Överflöd Entity MT car.
The Most Recent GTA Online Update Lets You Become A Sea Creature
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In this new version of GTA Online, players will experience more excitement as they sink into Los Santos’ oceans for the first time in the deepest way possible. The headline feature? Turned into sea animals by eating the hallucinogenic peyote plants.


Dive into the Latest GTA Online Update: Transform into Sea Creatures and More!

No more days for car theft – instead, players will be the kings of the sea. Imagine yourself as a killer whale, speeding through the water, or a tiger shark, silently sneaking up on your meal.

However, the transformation doesn’t end here; after all, I have to inhabit six different sea creatures that vary from hammerhead sharks and friendly dolphins all the way down to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean.

Apart from that marine metamorphosis, the update offers a variety of new but exciting features too. The “A Superyacht Life” missions conclude with unlockable extra clothing, and the hidden crates and extraction missions give out bonus rewards at twice or triple rates.

GTA Online
GTA Sea Creatures

Car lovers will love this for the chance to win the Euros or the Vapid GB200 by participating in different competitions. And for those who like their vehicles aerodynamic with a test drive, the Ocelot Locust and Enus Paragon R are available in the LS Car Meet Test Track.

Such criminal minds find salvage yards, the places rich with the Överflöd Autarch and Dinka Jester Classic, very diverting. Alternatively, one can go for exquisite discounts on yachts, boats, and high-end cars.


Members of GTA+ not only have double bonuses at certain assignments and monthly cash rewards, but they are also the only ones allowed to drive Överflöd Entity MT.

Whether it be as a master of hunting or as a passenger of the submarine, this update will humor you with its thrilling gameplay experience for all players of GTA Online. Put on your wetsuit and go jump in the water!


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