There is a Vast Map with over 100 Locations to Explore in the GTA 6 Leak


  • The GTA 6 release date remains undisclosed, but fans’ speculation on the expansive open world intensified.
  • Speculations suggest GTA 6’s map may surpass Red Dead Redemption 2’s vastness, featuring diverse landscapes including urban and rural areas.
  • Rockstar Games has yet to confirm map details, but leaks fuel anticipation for the biggest GTA installment yet, promising an unparalleled gaming experience.
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As the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 gets nearer, the level of fervor among fans of the renowned gaming series sharpens up. Although the teaser of the game was released in December of 2023, the launch date is yet to be disclosed. 


Nevertheless, fans have been consistently flocking to forums for speculation, mostly about the number of the game’s open world.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Heightened Speculation Surrounds Impending Release

Undoubtedly, Grand Theft Auto 6 is already among the most intensely longed-for games of all time. After nearly ten years since GTA 5 dropped on the market, Grand Theft Auto fans can’t help but get excited for the next installment in the series. The world of what is going to be is being intensely questioned.

Image Credits: Rockstar on Reddit

Testing out the trailer and unofficial resources implies a map being more than the wide range of Red Dead Redemption 2, which covered North America broadly. 

GTA 6 allegedly acts as both an urban subterfuge in Vice City, a fictional city inspired by Miami, and its surrounding countryside. 

Speculations, which involve original Gator Keys (Florida Keys), mountains, exciting ports, and varied landscapes, were formulated.


While a dedicated fan on the subreddit r/GTA6 has compiled a complete list of possible map areas pulled from various sources, it shows a world that will exceed the usual players’ expectations. 

Although it reaffirmed the game would be played in the state of Florida, there were lesser-known bits of info that hinted they might include the adjacent states (like Georgia).

Although Rockstar Games officially hasn’t verified or disclosed the whole map, the growing amount of rumors and leaks coupled with hints at the largest Grand Theft Auto site so far have built up an atmosphere of anticipation among fans, who are waiting for an immersive world, that is much better than its predecessors and provides them with an incredible, open-world experience.


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