What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft – Everything You Ought To Know

Minecraft Sheep
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When it comes to diversity, Minecraft never ceases to impress players with its plethora of amazing creatures trekking around the vast blocky world. Certain animals in Minecraft are also useful in terms of game progression. 


One such helpful creature is the sheep in Minecraft. These are common passive mobs that are mostly found in grassy terrains. Upon killing or shearing them, you’ll gain mutton or wool, respectively, which are both extremely useful throughout the game. 

If you want to get the most out of sheep in Minecraft, the most efficient process is to breed them. This will allow you to enjoy a consistent source of wool and mutton in your survival world. For that to happen, you should know what do sheep eat in Minecraft. 

That being said, let’s take a look at certain things related to feeding sheep in Minecraft and how you can breed them. 

Is It Possible To Feed A Sheep in Minecraft? 

Yes, players can easily feed a sheep in Minecraft using the appropriate food item. When you have a consumable that sheep prefer in Minecraft, they’ll be drawn to you while you’re holding it in your hand. 

Taming a sheep is easy, too – as they are passive creatures, feeding them will make them follow you around. Moreover, there are several beneficial uses for a sheep, such as wool, meat, and some experience points that it drops upon being killed. 


Oftentimes, it is necessary to have some sheep in the beginning state of your survival journey in Minecraft, as wool is required to make a bed that lets you sleep and pass through the night without being attacked by hostile mobs. 

If you fence your sheep near your base, you may notice dirt patches being formed on the grass inside the fenced area. This happens because sheep in Minecraft occasionally eat grass available on the land. Eating grass allows sheared sheep to grow their wool again. 

Similarly, baby sheep require to eat grass to grow into adult sheep. 

What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?


What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft

Most commonly, sheep tend to eat grass in the world of Minecraft. Grass can be found almost anywhere in the world of Minecraft and can also be formed with ease. Moreover, as stated above, sheep require grass to grow back their wool and turn from baby to adult. 

As soon as a sheep eats grass from a block, it will transform into the dirt, which quickly turns back into a grass block as soon as the sun rises. 



What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft

Wheat is another food item that can be consumed by a sheep in Minecraft. However, the primary purpose of feeding wheat to sheep is to help them mate and breed them instead of making them grow faster. 

If you hold wheat in your hands, it will attract sheep near you, and right-clicking on them will feed the wheat to the sheep. When you feed two sheep, they’ll be able to mate, indicated by heart symbols on top of their heads. 

Then, you’ll see a baby sheep being spawned nearby. 

How To Feed Wheat To A Sheep in Minecraft 

Wheat can be considered as a primary food item for sheep as it draws them towards you if you’re holding it in your hands. You can also use this method to lead the sheep into your farm or fence them in for breeding. 

While having wheat in your hands, if you click on a sheep, it will eat the wheat, and heart shapes will appear around it. This is a clear indication that your sheep are prepared for mating as well. You’ll need at least two sheep to mate them. 


Having sheep in the world of Minecraft is quite helpful, too, since killing them gains you wool, meat, and some experience points. You’ll certainly need them to make the bed at the beginning of your adventure in the world of Minecraft. 

Steps To Tame and Breed A Sheep in Minecraft 

Follow the steps given below to tame a sheep in Minecraft: 

  • Foremost of all, you’ll need to grow wheat by gathering seeds and planting them in the ground.
  • To cultivate and prepare the ground for planting the seeds, you’ll need to till a piece of land using a hoe next to a body of water. 
  • When the wheat grows fully, harvest it using your hoe.
  • Then, equip the wheat in your hands and approach a sheep so that it starts following you. 
  • Lead the sheep into an enclosed area by either using some solid blocks or a fence.

In this way, you can tame multiple sheep and lead them to your farm for breeding. Follow the steps given below to breed your tamed sheeps in Minecraft: 

  • Stand right in front of the sheep and right-click on them while keeping wheat in your hands
  • As soon as you feed them, you’ll see hearts popping out of their heads, indicating that they’re breeding. 
What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft
  • In some time, you’ll see a baby sheep spawned 

Now repeat the process to breed more sheep and grow your farm larger. If you are doing this to gather wool, then use shears to harvest them so you won’t have to kill them unnecessarily in the game. 

How To Get Wheat for Sheeps in Minecraft? 

Wheat is generally found and grown on farms that can either be created by you or spawn naturally in villages. You can create your own farm by just using a hoe, seeds, and a water bucket. Alternatively, you can also find hay bales in villages and convert them into wheat. 


One of the easiest sources to acquire wheat is by breaking grass blocks. Nearly all types of grass blocks have a chance of dropping wheat seeds that can be used for farming and growing more wheat to feed your sheep. 

What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft

Another reliable source to gain wheat seeds for farming is wheat itself which can provide you with at least three seeds when grown fully. This way, you can easily increase the crop yield that you grow on your farm. 

If you’re not a fan of farming and are looking for a quicker alternative to get your hands on wheat instead, you may consider finding a farmer villager and trading with them for wheat instead. Novice farmers have a 25% chance of having wheat available in their trades. 

Bottom Line 

Sheep are not only the most adorable but also one of the most functional creatures in Minecraft that offer a variety of benefits to a player. In addition to being a great source of food and wool, they’re also good for gaining experience points. 

Hopefully, by reading the aforementioned guide, you may have gained enough information about feeding and breeding your sheep in Minecraft. Now it’s your time to tame and breed sheeps in Minecraft.

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