Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!

Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!
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Nothing gives as much pleasure, and a realistic experience as Xbox does when gaming. Xbox One is rich in the functionality of all the Xbox gaming. In this article, we’ll read about the Xbox IP address required for the manual connection. 


Further, you can play your console’s games on remote-play devices like your PC, Android Phone, Tablet, or even Chromebook, which makes Xbox another gaming vogue.

The most remarkable thing that helps you do so is the Xbox application. Besides, it also connects your Xbox console to your remote-play device automatically.

But if somehow the Xbox One Console cannot connect with your device, you must enter the Xbox IP address for the manual connection. 

Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!

What is an Xbox IP Address?

Every computer or smartphone device has an IP address, its unique identity through which the URL communicates quickly to and fro.

Similarly, Xbox gaming consoles also have unique IP addresses to access the internet and other devices on the network easily. It is also used to connect to any other live gaming network and thus serves many purposes.


It gets its IP address from the WiFi or Router through which it gets its identity. For having one-to-one live gameplay, your peer players need to have your IP address through which they can connect with you via your gaming console’s identity.

So, other players can easily connect with you, so you could easily have a proactive gaming session using the IP address. When you want to connect your Xbox One Console to your PC, you need the Xbox Console’s IP Address for this purpose.

How to Find the Xbox IP Address?

Finding an IP address on the Xbox One gaming console is simpler. 

Follow the steps given below to find the Xbox IP Address:

  • Switch on the Xbox Console 
  • Press the Home Button of the game controller
  • Navigate to Settings Menu
Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!
  • Select the Network option
  • Go to Network Settings 
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click on the IP Settings option

The monitor will display your Xbox Console’s IP Address. 


How to Determine Xbox One IP Address without TV?

We have you covered if you want to determine your Xbox One IP address without using your TV monitor. 

Follow the steps given below to determine the Xbox One IP Address without using the TV:

  • Switch on the Xbox One Console and connect it with an active WiFi connection or Ethernet Cable 
  • Download an IP Scanner tool on any other device
  • Run the software, scan for nearby devices on the network

After a maximum time of 30 Seconds, the scan will be completed, and the results will be displayed. You will find your Xbox in the results displayed. You can now configure the IP Address. 

However, it is to be noted that it is not required to change your IP address when the tool scans for devices on the network. The IP Scanner tool would detect the IP address of the Xbox console connected to the network.

However, your computer and Xbox must be connected to a single network. Therefore, when the Xbox console is connected to the given network, its results will be displayed in the list.


After the IP Scan tool completes its scan, you will see a list of devices connected to your network. Amongst the list of devices, the name containing Xbox is your Console.

By default, the name is Xbox, but it can also be Gaming or Microsoft or any other if you must have changed the name. 

Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!

After you determine the IP address, then note it down. Afterward, input the IP address in your remote play apps device like Mobile or PC or similar remote play devices. Therefore, your Xbox One Console will connect with your remote-play device. 

How to Configure Xbox IP Address using Console?

You have the most effective method if you want to set up the Xbox One IP address using your gaming console. 

Follow the steps given below to Configure Xbox IP Address with Console:

  • Switch on your Xbox gaming console
  • Press the Menu button located on your Xbox remote
  • Now, click on Settings
  • The Settings page would open, then choose Network
  • Navigate to Network Settings
  • Go to Advanced Settings
Everything you Need to Know About Xbox IP Address!
  • In the list, click on the IP Settings
  • Now, your console’s IP address will be displayed.

Note down the IP address displayed, Gateway, and even Subnet Mask. Toggle off the Automatic button to Manual. Enter your IP address and press the Enter key. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best IP Settings for Xbox One?

The best IP Settings involve using the best DNS for Xbox One. Cloudflare DNS with Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS: is the most preferred, reliable, and Authorises DNS amongst Xbox One players.

Besides, you can even Google DNS servers with Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS: for the fastest and safest DNS. 

Can you track the location on Xbox?

To promote safety, security, and privacy so the user can avoid threats, Xbox gaming consoles are not equipped with location and GPS tracking features. So, you cannot track someone’s location on Xbox or using the Xbox gaming console.

Can you track Stolen Xbox?

You cannot track a stolen Xbox as it is not equipped with tracking capabilities. However, you can change your stolen console’s password to secure your account. Besides, you can even report the stolen console. 


The Final Word

Determining your IP address is not as challenging as it seems. The most exciting part is that you do not always need a TV to find the Xbox IP Address. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments section below! 

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