Top 9 Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

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We all have a fascination with airplanes and warfare in the air. Technology has made it possible to relive the experience of flying an aircraft via simulator games.


Playing simulator games helps you have unique experiences like flying airplanes and driving buses or cars that otherwise are not easy. 

We have you covered if you want to play some of the best flight simulator games. Given the technological development and the advent of Android smartphones, you don’t need a particular PC to play them.

The flight simulator games present a realistic virtual aircraft replica with accurate weather conditions and controls for a more immersive experience. Without any further ado, let’s check out the best flight simulators in 2023! 

Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

Wondering which one is the best amongst a horde of flight simulators becomes confusing to think of! 

The best ones, based on their graphics, features, gameplay, and controls, are as follows:


1. Infinite Flight Simulator 

Do you want all the experiences of a flight simulator game in one place? 

If so, then an Infinite Flight Simulator game is the choice. It is ideal for casual flight simulation and not an intense one. 

Infinite Flight Simulator - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

The game is a perfect game for beginners who get a chance to play with over 50 aircraft to enjoy the game. So, you can choose among them. Although it does not match the level of other games, it is a perfect game for excited gamers. 

For a better flying experience,  you get HD satellite imagery with precise topography images to get better directions while flying. You get a list of all major airports with runway and taxiway layouts to Takeoff and land.

The most striking part of the game is that you get a list of 3D airports worldwide, making the simulator experience seem more real.


Weather and time are vital while flying; you can personalize those details in this game. For a more realistic experience,  you get real atmospherics with the sun, moon, stars, and fog. 

Like modern planes, the flights in the Infinite simulator have Autopilot mode. Moreover, you get an easy flight planning system with navigation clues. You get easy engine startup and shutdown options.

Further, there is an Instrument Landing System (ILS) with an Advanced replay system for extra fun. If an aircraft’s interiors fascinate you, you will enjoy airplane cockpit and door animations. Besides, it will also give you suspension animations, among other details enhancing your experience. 

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2. Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare

Are you looking for a Thrilling Modern Flight Simulation game? 


If so, then Modern Warplanes can be a perfect choice. Like the title, you will get a thrilling and adventurous plane game for game enthusiasts.

At the same time, it has a military approach with high-speed clashes and the best-in-the-class weapons for the chases. You can play with the best-in-class F-16, F-22 Raptor, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, and more for a complete thrill. 

Modern Warplanes PvP Warfare - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

Although, it gives a distinct feel to most other flight simulation games. Still, it has good graphics for more fun, with stunning graphics and 3D aircraft models for better visuals. Also, it is a free-to-play game for Android users. 

You can feel the thrill rush through your body with a realistic feel and aircraft Warfare from various countries. It gives a chance to Warfares from countries like Pakistan, Brazil, India, Russia, the US, the UK, and Germany, among others. 

There is no limitation for fun because Modern Warplane has 37+ kinds of modern air force planes like Falcon, Raptor, SU, Mig, Raven, Blackbird, Nighthawk, Boeing, etc. Apart from warfare and chases, you can invest rewards in unlocking new planes.


Moreover, you can further personalize and upgrade them. It gives you new missions and achievements to prosper and ace the game daily. 

Further, you can equip your planes with more than 40 top guns for air chases. These include rockets, missiles, machine guns, heat flares, and even lasers, among other things. 

Download now from Google Play Store

3. Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

Are you a beginner at the Flight Simulator game? 

If so, you can always choose the Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D. The Android game has several aircraft, from passenger to military, for flying rides. It has some fantastic planes: Airbus A400M Atlas tactical airlifted and the ATR 42 / ATR 72 regional airliners.

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

The game allows you to explore the interior parts of a plane, including the cabin space to cockpits that enhance your overall experience. Turboprop is a free-to-play simulation game with no mandatory ads to interfere with your thrilling chases. 

You also get 3D graphics for cockpits, airplanes, and air zones with realistic physics values for flying. To make the game more fascinating, you get controls like a rudder, flaps, spoilers, auto brakes, and landing gears. 

Moreover, there are several cameras, one in the cockpit and another with a copilot seat. You can even hear the actual engine sounds like the ones of turbines. 

There are several beautiful islands in turboprop Flight Simulator 3D with airports for landing purposes. Also, for physics enthusiasts interested in flying, you can choose measurement units for flying altitude and distance. 

Alongside the flying and checkout experience, you can get more details too. You can drive ground vehicles, and load/unload supplies and cargo. Furthermore,  if you prefer to fly at night, you can also fly at various times of the day. 


Download now from Google Play Store

4. X-Plane Flight Simulator 

Are you looking for a multiplayer Flight Simulator game? 

The X plane Flight Simulator is a multiplayer flight simulator game that allows you to play and compete with your friends. Similar to other games on the list, it has top-notch graphics.

You get to play with a detailed view of the interiors and exteriors of the plane. Alongside this, the complete condition of each airport is shown to make it look more realistic. 

X-Plane Flight Simulator - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

If you are new to flight simulator games, you can get nine free tutorials that will teach you every basic technique you need to learn while flying. So, you will learn how to take off, land, and traffic patterns, among other things.


Also, the cockpit is equipped with full interactive features like gauges, a display, working buttons, and switches, among other things. Furthermore,  you get emergencies and combat thrills for more fun.

Download now from Google Play Store

5. Airline Commander

Do you want several challenges in your flight simulation game? 

The Airline Commander is one game where you will get thousands of different challenging situations. It would help you to become the best pilot if you dealt with those situations. Also, it has countless exciting features in these free-to-play games. 

Airline Commander - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

You get a fun experience with a realistic view and comprehensive flight simulation controls like flight indicators for pilots.


Moreover, the game has several airliners, like the turbine, reaction, single deck, or double deck. It gives an immersive feel with multiple realistic airports and runways.

For navigation to them, you get HD satellite images, maps, and worldwide navigation for every region & airport.

Like real airlines, you get SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures. Additionally, there is a pushback system, taxation, and the possibility of parking. You get an update on different times of the day with details of the sun, moon, stars, and real-time weather conditions.

Download now from Google Play Store

6. Avion Flight Simulator 

Do you want to play a game with a real-world weather system? 


If so, then Avion Flight Simulator is the best choice. It gives you an immersive experience with more than 60 varied missions. Also, you have a real-world weather system. Some interactive trees and clouds enhance the overall impact. 

Avion Flight Simulator - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

It has 12 airplanes with four detailed cities to give you a good playing experience. That aircraft range from single-engine to jumbo jets. Alongside, there are nine airports for landing and Takeoff. 

Some of its famous aircraft include the Cessna 182. It is a four-seater aircraft with a single engine. The second one is a DE Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter. It is a passenger aircraft for short Takeoff and landing purposes.

Third on the list is ATR 42, a short-haul regional airliner, and the fourth is Piper PA 46 Malibu Meridian aircraft with a single engine. It can accommodate up to five passengers and one pilot at a time. 

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7. Flight Sim 2018

Are you looking for a flight simulator game with a lot of customization?  

The flight sim 2018 is the perfect game where you get a lot of customization options. So, it receives the prestigious title of one of the best free airplane Simulator games.

Flight Sim 2018 - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

If you like challenges, this game is ideal because you will get several. One of its biggest challenges is the landing challenge which is complex but adventurous.  

In terms of graphics, it is distinct from others. Alongside, you alter the weather making the experience worthwhile. There are many places to choose from on the open global world map for flying. Similar to other games, there is an actual plane for it. 

Moreover, there are dynamic weather systems with difficult landing situations to make the flight simulation more interesting.  You get precise engine sounds and in-flight simulations with the play to give a more realistic feeling. 


Download now from Google Play Store

8. F18 Carrier Landing 

Are you looking for a game offering more realistic and challenging conditions? 

In that case, F18 Carrier Landing is the best game, with more real wind, rain, snow, and lightning conditions. 

At the same time, it allows you to fly and land one of the best combat aircraft with a unique landing system. Also, this landing task is one of the most complex tasks you need to execute.

For landing, you get a small 150 m-long strip. Even that is not enough to stop the plane, and you will feel the real tension

F18 Carrier Landing - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

In the game, you get six training missions to play. At the same time, considering the problematic landing conditions, you can learn the skill and participate in landing competitions.  The game has unique camera systems with reply features that will make things exciting. 

To have more thrill, you can use two android devices together, one to play and the other to control for a great flight simulator ride. Moreover,  it helps to get a full view of the game. 

Overall, in the game, you get six training missions that will help you to learn how to play the game properly.

Consequently,  there are 30 missions and five different situations waiting to play. Like other games on the list, you will get a complimentary flight and a choice of weather conditions to enhance your game. 

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9. Airplane Pilot Sim

Are you looking for a Flight simulation gameplay where you can earn rewards? 

For that purpose, Airplane Pilot Sim is the best option where you can fly a commercial airplane and take part in gameplay. There are several skilled competitors in it, and it can reward you for being the best one. 

Airplane Pilot Sim - Best Flight Simulator Games for Android

Interestingly, apart from Takeoff, flying, and landing, you can taxi the passengers from one airport to another. Also, control buttons replicate the ones you find in a real airplane. Moreover,  there are 20 challenges in the game to play. 

You get a realistic cockpit environment to get an authentic feel of being in an aircraft. Furthermore,  it has all the essential controls to give you a better chance of controlling the aircraft. 

In the game, you can have 20 exclusive entertaining levels. Also, the developers are working on increasing the number of groups. 

For flying and landing, there is an extensive open-world environment.  You will get seven tropical Islands, Urban cities, Residential areas, farms, and Forests. Also, there are high-quality buildings and airports.

There are interactive and functional instruments for real-life airplanes, along with countless features and environments. Just like in a commercial airplane environment,  there are dynamic lights and sounds. Moreover,  you get onboard cameras to capture all the angles of the plane. 

You can face real-life challenges like thunderstorms, Turbulence, Day/ night cycle, plane crashes, smoke impacts, etc.

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The Wrap Up  

Everyone dreams of operating an aircraft at least once in their life. You can make this dream come true with the help of a flight simulator game that is a virtual replica of a real airplane with features and control options.

Also, you can experience thrilling conditions to Takeoff, fly, land, and taxi. With the technical development, you can play those games on your android smartphone and enjoy flying an aircraft  

The abovementioned list of the Best flight simulator games has good graphics, modern gameplay, detailed aircraft designs, controls, and the best features.

You can download them on your android mobile phone and take the opportunity to fly an aircraft yourself.

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