6 Best Cars in GTA 5

The most prominent game in the Rockstar series, GTA 5 is easily the longest-running one in the scene. Even nearly a decade after its official release, the game’s popularity is not stalling.


The graphics & mechanics of GTA 5 are on another level, especially while riding around Los Santos. Talking about driving, GTA V has some of the best cars with designs inspired by real-world machines.

While playing GTA 5 online mode, you can purchase these cars for in-game currency. Unfortunately, they are highly pricey simply because they are supercars & owning a few of those is a dream for many.

From Buggati and Ferrari to Lamborghini, you’ll find every significant luxury car in this list of the best cars in GTA 5.

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

Best Car in GTA 5

Driving cars in GTA 5 is one of the best feelings. The simulation is too realistic & you can do things that you can’t try in the real world.

Particularly with supercars, you can run around the city with incredible speed. So let’s look at some of the best cars in GTA 5:

Dewbauchee Vagner

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

The Dewbauchee Vagner was launched with the Gunrunning update & is a blend of multiple brands. The overall layout has an Aston Martin build, whereas the headlights somewhat have that Jaguar finish. The exhaust on this machine seems inspired by Bugatti. The car is a beast, especially on a track with frequent corners. 

Dewbauchee Vagner offers excellent handling & quick pick-up after a turn. It costs a whopping $1.53 million in GTA 5 & you can purchase it from Legendary Motorsport.

Pegassi Ignus

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

From the Contract update, Pegassi Ignus is one of the best in business. The design seems similar to a Lamborghini & even the performance portrays the same. Again, the handling & power on this one is just mesmerizing. There are numerous customization possibilities on this.


The only downside of Pegassi Ignus is its cost. The car is available for a massive $2.76 million on Legendary Motorsport. But the speed & control on this one will never disappoint you.

Grotti X80 Proto

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

Grotti X80 Proto got released around 2016, but even today, it’s one of the best cars in GTA 5. It takes inspiration from yet another top brand, Ferrari.

The X80 machine is on the lighter weight side of things, with incredible stability & handling. But the car being lightweight has drawbacks like it’s more prone to damage & higher impact.

The X80 Proto comes for a massive $2.7 million on Legendary Motorsport. Even without upgrading, this machine is one of the fastest in GTA 5.

Benefactor Krieger

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

Benefactor Krieger from the Diamond Casino & Resort update is a blend of Mercedes, Honda, and Audi & also has bits & pieces of Porsche.


Krieger carries commendable handling, stability, and acceleration and works well in sharp cuts. The design appears simplistic compared to previous cars, but the machine is powerful.

The car is purchasable for $2.87 million from Legendary Motorsport. You can further enhance the parts & design of this car in GTA 5 Online.

Pegassi Zentorno

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

The Pegassi Zentorno is similar to a Lamborghini. The weight distribution is near perfect & the speed is better than a few GTA 5 supercars. The layout is one of its kind, especially the rear vents on this car are a treat to the eyes.

But the USP of this car is not the acceleration or traction but the price. Pegassi Zentorno costs only $725,000 on Legendary Motorsport & came with the High Life update.

Truffade Thrax

6 Best Cars in GTA 5

Truffade Thrax has taken motivation from the renowned Bugatti Divo. The stability & control of this beauty is one of a kind. It has the “T” branding as details on the body. The sturdiness of this machine is questionable. If you’re one of the reckless drivers, you might want to look for an alternative.


Truffade Thrax is available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport for $2.32 million. Overall, it’s good enough, & indeed one of the best cars in GTA 5.

These were some of the best cars in GTA 5. There are several other amazing machines in the Rockstar world and more are launching with every update. You can impress your mates on GTA 5 Online with the supercars & even participate in the race events.


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