8 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

Universal Truck Simulator
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Once in our life, we all watch big and dynamic trucks traveling on the road and think of driving them. So, why let your wish stay inside your hide?


The technology has made it possible to simulate the real-life experience of driving trucks in Truck Simulator Games for Android for you to enjoy. 

There are several truck Simulation games where you can drive a truck, manage its controls, handle its physics, and drive through incredible locations in a single game.

In addition, it will help you learn how to drive a real-life truck virtually and enjoy the fun with various exciting features like day/night cycle and weather updates. 

If you are interested in playing a truck simulator game on your Android phone, we have got you covered. In this article, we will describe the eight best truck simulator games for Android and their features in detail. 

Let’s go. 


Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

You will get countless truck Simulation games to play when you check online. From them, we have listed the most popular games with extensive features that are as follows: 

1. Heavy Truck Simulator 

How about driving a truck through exotic Brazilian locations? 

You are wrong if you think this is just a beautiful dream. You can experience this on your Android devices with a Heavy Truck Simulator Game. Countless driving through mesmerizing Brazilian locations will make you feel like a ‘king.’ 

The game shall never get boring because you will get many trucks to choose from, from the old to the newest ones. At the same time, their Truck collection increases with further updates. Alongside this, the game offers a rich experience with some fantastic graphics. 

Heavy Truck Simulator - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

It is not a basic Truck driving game. Instead, you get a truck Simulator experience with Realistic physics and gameplay. You get a good level of control over the game, making things all the more exciting. Also, the dirt roads with bumps and holes make the game seem more natural and fun.  


Some multiple trailers and jobs increase with more updates that will never let you get over the game. There is a day/night Cycle in the game to make things more fascinating. Similarly, there are other cities based on Brazilian locations in the game. You get fuel stations to wait and refuel your truck for the journey ahead. 

Interestingly, you get a new feature of sleeping Simulation. It will allow you to sleep on the wheel while continuing your journey. Not just that, you can change the game’s graphics as per your choice.

You can turn On/Off Engine and experience the traffic ticket system (speed trap), which makes things more intriguing. In addition, there are Bi-Train, Road-Train, and Rigid trucks, all with GPS, just like a modern truck for seamless fun.

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2. Truckers of Europe 3

How about exploring Europe through a truck Simulation game?


If the idea seems exciting, you need to try out the Truckers of Europe 3 game. The experience of driving through Europe is exciting, with visually beautiful scenic locations. 

You get a choice to drive behind the wheels of multiple trucks, and you will never get tired of going through them.

Truckers of Europe 3 - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

In the first appearance, they will play a simple game like other truck-driving simulations. But, as you move on, you will get more features and control for the gameplay that will give you a realistic experience. 

Initially, only a few tracks are unlocked. Gradually, the gameplay gets exciting when more channels are opened. There is great depth in the game when you continue in it.

You will get several missions in the game to complete that are exciting for the users. Simultaneously, you must manage your time and fuel and maintain your truck on the go.


In the game, you get several jobs driving the truck, different modes to play on, and a story campaign to create a fun experience.  

In addition, you get a sizable garage to park your truck. But you need to purchase one that will help you improve your trucks where you can buy and enhance trucks. It is so popular among users that it has one million downloads on the Play Store and is roughly 200 MB in size.

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3. World Truck Driving Simulator 

How about customizing your truck’s color with your favorite paint? 

Sounds interesting right? World Truck Driving Simulator allows you to customize your truck by painting it with your favorite color.


Going by its name, you will get an opportunity to drive the most famous trucks through some of the most challenging roads in the world. So, get ready to give test of all your driving skills in this game. 

World Truck Driving Simulator - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

To get the real fun of driving the game, you get your hands on operating with real physics. The developers of this game tested actual vehicles and gathered feedback from truckers to make it as close to reality as possible. 

In the game, you get the suspension in the cabin movement of the mounds, movement of the antennas px, Change of adherence in the Track as per the kind of terrain, etc. Also, there are rainy days and several other news updates to use while driving.

Plus, you can adjust the steering sensitivity and choose other control options for fun. In the exhaust, there is real smoke with automatic and manual gearboxes for use. 

To enhance your experience, you can adjust the driver’s position in the cabin and drive over long distances.


Overall, you can simulate all of the truck’s primary functions. For instance, there are two types of differential locks, motor brake, autopilot, arrows, alert, cleaners, high light, low light, etc., to control in simulation. 

World Truck Driving Simulator has realistic graphics and configuration options to help you operate this game on less powerful phones. You get different challenges among the dangerous roads like hazardous saws, dirt roads, and many more.

There is a large map of the open world with several famous cities, and more are frequently added for exciting journeys. 

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4. Trash Truck Simulator

How about driving a different truck than the Regular one?


If you are bored of driving regular trucks in other truck Simulation games, you must try the trash Truck Simulator game to drive a trash Truck that will surely be an exciting experience.  

As a truck simulator games enthusiast, you must try driving this trash Truck. You can enjoy driving the trash Truck through communities, haul waste, and maintain city cleanliness. Altogether it’s an exciting game. 

Trash Truck Simulator - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

The game has exciting controls and appealing graphics. Also, the game is only 44MB, which is easy to download with smaller Android versions. Moreover, there are no additional formalities that you need to comply with to play the game. Just download it and start playing. 

The game has detailed truck models with attractive interiors, rear side, front loaders, and some animated vehicles. New updates bring improvements in each truck with day/night cycles, weather effects, and multiple new features.

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5. Indian Cargo Truck Simulator

Have you ever noticed that Indian Trucks completely differ from trucks in other countries?

If so, you should try playing an Indian Truck Simulator Game like Indian Cargo Truck Simulator. To play, you get a realistic off-road and hilly environment similar to Indian geographic conditions for a comprehensive experience. 

Also, high-definition immersive graphics will compel you to continue playing the game. For now, there are four different kinds of Indian Trucks to ride in the game. Moreover, you get 30 unique jobs that won’t get you bored anytime soon.

Indian Cargo Truck Simulator - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

To control and drive Indian Trucks, you get real physics of Indian tricks with dynamic weather effects for a realistic experience.

At the same time, the game is credited for having the most prolonged gameplay, and it’s designed for all age groups.


So, you don’t need to think it may only be for small kids. At first, you will get access to only one truck, and you can buy more using in-game coins. 

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6. Universal Truck Simulator 

Are you looking for a truck simulator game that offers a next-gen simulation experience on mobile?

If so, you must try playing Universal Truck Simulator Game, which offers a next-generation Simulation experience on mobiles. At the same time, the developers keenly rake constant suggestions from their players and keep improving the game. 

The game has a comprehensive map with 3D Real-world locations and landmarks. It’s set in western Germany with European places like Munich, Rosenheim, Ebersberg, Vorderiss, Autobahn, and the beautiful Bavarian mountain range like no other game. 

Universal Truck Simulator - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

In the game, you get various European/American trailers like box, flatbed, lowboy, refrigerated, log, tanker, cattle, etc. Also, if you have enough coins in the game, you can purchase your garage and have the freedom to move around inside and out.

For a more extensive experience, all the vehicle parts can be changed/upgraded, such as the engine, gearbox, turbo, tires, battery, radiator, coolant, oil, and horn. You can hear all the Engine Sounds for an immersive experience if you put on your phone’s volume.

Universal Truck Simulator has a feature where physical damage and truck body deformation can occur during the collision. Consequently, you must get the wear and tear system repaired for a real-life experience. 

To choose your style and choice, you can customize the vehicles by changing the color, body attachments, lights, interior, etc. Also, you can personalize the dashboard color, steering wheel, and even the dash lights. You can customize the skins for trucks and trailers inside the game.

For weather, there is a day/night cycle and a multi-weather system, including sunshine, rain, thunder, and fog.


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7. Truck Simulator USA Evolution 

How about driving an American Truck?

If you are done driving the Indian and European Trucks in this truck simulation game listed above, you can try out this Truck Simulator USA: Evolution. It features locations and backdrops of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. 

So, just like the diverse climatic locations in these countries, you will experience driving through the desert, snow, mountains, and different cities.

Truck Simulator USA Evolution - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

Plus, you get more controls in the game, like tilt steering, buttons, or a virtual steering wheel. Also, you get Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch. 


For more excitement, you get realistic engine sounds of the trucks and many trailers to transport. To play as per your choice, there are various modes like multiplayer and career modes.

Just like in real-life situations, vehicles have visual and mechanical damage. Moreover, you get a new weather system with snow, rain, sun, etc. 

To play with more trucks or get more Features, you can place your request on the game’s social media pages, and the developers will respond to it. 

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8. Truck Simulator: Ultimate 

Are you looking for a truck simulator game with minimum system requirements?


If yes, you must check out the Truck Simulator: Ultimate Game. It requires an Android 7.0 or higher and at least 2GB of memory. Players using other devices can try playing the game at low settings and enjoy the game. 

Along with truck driving, you can work on your logistics company and establish it worldwide in countries like the US, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan, etc.

Truck Simulator- Ultimate - Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

In addition, the game has multiplayer seasons where you can carry joint cargo or participate in races to compete with the best trick Simulation drivers. You will get the tasks to transport different kinds of freight in over 100 cities, which won’t let you get enough of it.

To make profits for your company, you can take part in auctions on the freight stocks and take pleasure in managing your business.

You can build your truck feet and recruit employees to manage your company while driving through countries. So, you will get to play multiple roles like a truck driver, company owner, HR, investor, interior designer for designing your office, and much more in the process. 

As a truck and business owner, you can find and pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel and gradually update your trucks with lamps, Bumper, horns, cockpit lights, and more.

There are more than 32 amazing trucks to drive, including  American and European Trucks. Markets are selling used trucks with detailed cockpits. 

When you get tired driving your truck in the game, you can go to rest areas and order food and beverages to relax.

Furthermore, there are Highway Toll roads, Realistic Weather, and a mix of Village, City, and Highway roads. It is made for players around the globe, so it gives 25 language support for users. 

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The Bottom Line – Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

These were our list of the best truck Simulation games for Android users, and you just read about the top games in detail.

All these games give you an engaging and immersive experience for hours with high-quality graphics, playability, various trucks, and level variety. Most of them are free, and new updates are frequently added with updates.

In the list mentioned above of truck simulator games, each has unique features. Truck Simulator: Ultimate will enable you to establish a logistics company, and Indian Cargo Truck Simulator will help you drive Indian Trucks. 

In every game, you get a set of tasks; various geographic locations and precise controls make them worth your time. So, before searching and playing any other games, you should try the games from this list and enjoy the experience.

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