Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

So what are the best drift cars in GTA V? If you are looking for an answer to that question, you are at the right place. Here we will provide you with a list of the best drift cars in GTA 5.


The list provided here is solely based on what the GTA community likes to use for drifting. Though the game has tons of new vehicles to choose from, and all this happened after the tuner update for drifting. Check the list below. 

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

Best Drift Cars In GTA 5

Willard Faction

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

The Willard is definitely not the best car when it comes to looks, but in terms of drifting, only a few cars can be compared to it. The car costs around $36,000, and if you add the right upgrades to it, then it can be a beast. 

You can take this muscle car to the garage and upgrade the car with SUV tires for better drifting, Race Transmission for fast transmission of gears, and turbo tuning to acceleration. And with these upgrades, you have a drifting machine. 

Karin Futo

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

This is one of the fan-favorite cars in the game, and you can literally see most people starting drifting careers with this car. This car is very agile and is also quite useful when it comes to drifting in the city.

Though the car might be a bit unstable, it is definitely better than the Willard and is quite consistent. The only downside to this car is that it is a bit unstable, but that can be quite easily managed if you can get the mid-drive speed boost. 

Warren HKR

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

The Warren might be a shabby-looking car, but with its mid-drive boost, it can give quite a lot of cars a run for their money. This is very useful for beginners as they can learn how to drift and control their car while drifting.

This is because the car is slow and is quite difficult to spin. This can be used everywhere to slide around, and it performs best when used in inner-city drifting courses with fewer obstacles.

Overall, this car doesn’t look that good and can be considered an entry-level vehicle. 


Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

The Dewbauchee is a pretty cheap car in comparison to quite a lot of cars that have been quite recently added to the game. It is one of those cars that can get the job done, but for that, you need to upgrade the car. 

Just put in some extra upgrades such as Sport Suspension, EMS 4 engine upgrade, race transmission, etc. You can also add Turbo tuning, and that would make it an absolute beast. This car is priced at $132,000. 

Vulcan Nebula Turbo

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

This car particularly thrives at low to medium speeds for drifting, and it has a pretty excellent handling model that allows you to maneuver it around and turns extremely fluidly. This car is quite easy to control as the car has a good mid-drive speed boost.

Though the car is quite fun to drive and drift around, the only issue is that it doesn’t have the new low grip option for tires. Despite this, it doesn’t create any problems.

Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

This car is easily one of the top three cars in the game. Its featherweight frame allows the car to thrive when it comes to high-level drifting.


This car is lightweight, and it will definitely cause some discomfort before you first get used to it, but with enough experience, you’ll be flying around corners with accuracy.

The Redwood Gauntlet is available for free to returning players, and it can also be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Auto.


Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

This is one of the best drifting cars in the GTA 5 game. The RT3000 has both power and handling. The car allows you to have nice fluid motion and also a decent mid-drive speed boost.

One of the reasons why this car is considered one of the best is that it doesn’t require you to use low-grip tires. You can drift like a crazy person and not use those new tires as it’s better without them. 

Bravado Banshee 900R

Best Drift Cars in GTA 5

If you want a car that can guarantee you a win 8 out of 10 times, the Banshee 900R is the right one for the job. This car can be used in any situation and also at a low speed too.


Just like the RT 3000, this one too doesn’t need those low-grip tires. But for this car to perform at its top you need to apply the right upgrades, and those are Dual Exit Exhaust, EMS Engine level 4, and Sport suspension. This will make this car perform at the top of its game all the time. 

The only issue with this car is that it is quite difficult to get used to. It will eat up a lot of your time to learn the proper mechanics of using this car. But that is worth it as along with learning the car you will also improve your skills. 


And that’s all. These are some of the best drift cars in GTA 5. Though there are quite a lot of other cars you can try out in the game, those aren’t powerful compared to the cars that have been mentioned in this list. So, choose the car that you like and start drifting. We hope this was helpful. 


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