10 Best FPS Counter Software for Smooth Gaming Experience

10 Best FPS Counter Software for Smooth Gaming Experience
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You would agree that playing games are all about having fun. And the best way to have fun is to play games that are fun to play.


But to enjoy games to the fullest, you need to have smooth gameplay. That is why gaming enthusiasts always look for the best gaming software.

10 Best FPS Counter Software for Smooth Gaming Experience

You would agree that playing a game is way better with smooth gameplay. Smooth gameplay is impossible without suitable Frames Per Second (FPS) software.

But then, you would wonder which FPS software to use. Well, there are so many software available in the market, it becomes tough to pick the best one

We have handpicked and selected some of the best FPS counter software for 2022.

Top 10 Best FPS Counter Software for Pro Gaming Experience 

The following are the best FPS software for Windows:


NVIDIA GeForce Experience

If you love to play games and you are using a pro at it, then you must have heard of NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Geforce Experience).

Geforce Experience is an optional gaming application for gamers that provides you with the best gaming experience and latest optimizations. 

Geforce Experience also comes with several other notable features, including:-

  • Game Ready Drivers
  • Optimal settings for games
  • Optimal frame rate
  • Exclusive insights for games and videos
  • Latest optimizations and bug fixes

However, to use GeForce Experience software, you must add an NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card to your PC. Afterward, you can capture screenshots, live stream with friends, and share videos. You can keep all your game drivers updated despite untouched game settings.

You can even share it over multiple social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. With an in-game overlay, you get smooth and convenient gameplay.


Their gaming filters are fantastic for thrilling game therapy. Suppose you wish to change your game looks and color variations like hues, saturation, and more than you can use.


Another name that pops into the list of best FPS software is Fraps. It is as quirky to use as it sounds. It is a detailed program based upon Directx and OpenGL graphic technology.

You can also consider it a benchmark software as it shows the FOS number at the end of the screen. You can do the following things using it:

  • Create and use custom benchmarks
  • Determine accurate frame rate across two points
  • Save the statistics go you disconnect to utilize them while reviewing

Besides, it also gives you the advantage of taking screenshots with just one button. Fraps are magical as you can screen record while playing a game.

The recorded audio and videos can have a maximum 7680×4800 resolution. You can even record custom frame rates ranging from 1 to 120 FPS. The coolest part is that it’s free for Windows users.



This movie recorder is meant for you if you use DirectX and OpenGL apps. The data that the Surface memory buffer object collects is processed quickly and needs a minimum loading time than any other software.

Besides, its code can similarly capture pixel data. You get HD quality without lossless transmission. Furthermore, if you wish to improvise your writing speed, you can set up two storage areas instead of one.

To do so, create several sunflowers wherein you can store data after its speed settings are complete.  The bang-on feature is that you can use multiple audio sources simultaneously. Moreover, with VFW codes, you can choose the ideal video codec that you need. 

Last but not least, you can save your screenshots in any desirable format.

MSI Afterburner

If you want to control your PC’s Graphics Card, then MSI Afterburner caters to your needs. It is well recognized worldwide for its Graphics Card Overclocking tool that lets you control your Graphics Card.


Doing so gives you a detailed analysis of the hardware you use. Some more things that you can do using it are:-

  • Configure Fan Profiles
  • Record Videos
  • Create several Yardsticks

The good part is that you can use it for free, irrespective of the graphics card. You don’t need to worry about your Graphics Card limits as you can easily overcome its capabilities using the software.

Thus, you get seamless and easy access to your Graphics Card Setting using the overclocking tools. It has also got you covered if you want to increase your Clock frequency or modify the GPU control.

You are using its fan speed control, thus bringing the perfect balance between temperature and optimum performance.

The out-of-the-box feature that you get is that of OC Scanner. It is primarily for RTX 20 Graphic Card users using which you can find comprehensive series to get a stable to overclock. Besides providing a higher FPS, it enhances your gaming experience for free. Guess What?


You will see a screen displaying all the details accurately, luck voltage, usage, clock speed, and temperature. You can customize the pre-set fan speed curve to get the desired cooling throughout the day.

With an on-screen display, customizing user skins feature, and specialized benchmarking quality, you can test your graphics card’s thermal performance and stability. You can even share screen recordings in several available formats.

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is the ideal software for you if you want to enhance your PC performance for gaming. Using the software, you can effectively manage your apps and processes that are not useful during your gameplay. You can declutter your RAM, which frees up some space.

Therefore, you can not only have more games at your pace, but you can enjoy increased FPS for uninterrupted gameplay. Whenever you start your game, the software is launched automatically instantly, whether it is from your PC or Steam.

The pretty cool part is that after you finish the gameplay, it is programmed to automatically restore the PC Settings as they were before. 


You even get some add-on features like can deactivate your CPU for optimal performance, and you can even activate the CPU core to concentrate on the gaming part.

It helps to review your gaming performance as its frames per second counter-record all the FPS in the background.

Steam In-Game Overlay

If you have ever played a game online, you have probably encountered an In-Game Overlay. The Steam In-Game Overlay is a feature introduced by the Steam client, a gaming platform developed by Valve.

The feature allows game developers to display text and images in-game, which the developer can customize.

The user can change these added texts and pictures, which means that users can make their game experience more personalized by displaying particular text or images to them while excluding others.


Valve allows you to customize your In-Game Overlay completely. It means that game developers can also wholly customize their In-Game Overlay.

This means users may see different kinds of In-Game Overlays while playing the same game.

The following are some of its features:-

  • FPS tracker displays all the games that you buy from Steam Store
  • You can get the Frame Rate Counter feature if you buy the game from their authorized stores
  • Inbuilt utilities show the frame rate on display.

Determining the Frame Rate without affecting game performance is the best part.

RivaTuner Statistics Server

The software was initially created to teach users how to use RivaTuner Graphics Card best. Besides, users received additional perks like an efficient video recorder and on-screen display for several graphic card tools.


But now, you can monitor the frame time, and framerate of several clients programmed on OpenGL and DirectX.

Riva Tuner Statistics (RTSS) is a powerful and award-winning software for Windows that can measure, record, and display system and processor performance metrics.

With RTSS, you can quickly and easily access in-depth system information and performance metrics that can help you improve your game experience. RTSS comes with a handful of powerful features that will surely amaze you!

One of the most notable features of RTSS is that it allows you to capture and record real-time gameplay videos and then upload them to YouTube with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Riva Tuner Statistics Server is a powerful software that can record gameplays, generate in-depth statistics, and share them online.


The software allows you to tune your games without CD/DVD drive. It would help if you had an internet connection and a computer with a CPU the software. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.

FPS Monitor

The FPS Monitor software lets you monitor your computer’s hardware health while displaying the in-game overlays.

Besides, you need not switch to a desktop computer or any other without the need to connect to any other device to manage the hardware. You will get a list of all the essentials you need to order. 

The FPS Monitor is a software tool that displays the number of frames per second rendered by the game you are playing.

Some other features are included with the FPS monitor, like the feature of capturing screenshots and the ability to record video while you are playing your favorite game.


Besides, you can see a detailed hardware report while playing the game. The displayed information is modified for users to believe that the game’s load is more on the GPU or CPU.

It lets you customize your fonts, colors, styles, etc., while you play; thus, you should thoroughly control your game Graphics.


HWiNFO is an app for professionals that helps monitor system details, and you can diagnose any performance issues aptly. The hardware examination, monitoring, and reporting are smartly carried out for Windows and DOS operating systems.

You can see a comprehensive analysis of how the hardware components work while keeping things updated. If any element is near to collapse, then you will its detailed report also.

Additionally, it has a friendly UI that gives a customizable interface for plenty of features. With comprehensive real-time reports, you get several more features with its add-ons.



Many users don’t know the value of their graphics card. In such a scenario, RadeonPro lets you unleash its true potential. When you start a game, it uses user-defined profiles for a smooth gaming experience. 

You have to choose some 3D settings for each game, and then the software will implement the game automatically whenever you are playing.

You can use the Catalyst Control Center’s 3D controls to fine-tune your available games. You can modify your game experience as per your choice and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Suppose you wish to use multi-GPU games that your game driver does not support, but if you already use Crossfire, you can have a rich gaming experience with some simple steps.

When you play a game, you will see the GPU details displayed on the right side of the screen; the feature is known as the OSD function.


You can capture screenshots and record screen games, all of them in a single click. You can create special gaming memories using the software’s post-processing effects like FXAA, SMAA, SweetFX, and Ambient Occlusion.

The Conclusion

FPS, or Frames Per Second, is an essential metric for gaming. In general, the higher the FPS, the smoother the gaming experience.

But not all video games require high FPS. Some gamers prefer playing games with low FPS because it gives them more control over their character. One of the most notable benefits of having a higher frame rate when playing a game is the ability to react faster.

This means you will spend less time responding to immediate threats; instead, you can use that extra time to carry out strategic moves to victory.

Having a high frame rate also means that you will be able to enjoy games to the fullest. You will not have to spend as much time waiting for your computer to process each movement.

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