How to Change Your Name on Pokemon Go?

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Until now, If you are a user of Pokemon Go and played around collecting some rare and interesting Pokemon, then I’m sure you are aware of the issue.


However, the issue of not being able to change the name of your trainer once you have selected was really disturbing. It feels as if you are stuck with your mistake & do not have the chance to resolve it. 

If you are a Pokemon Go lover, you are about to be mind blown as the game’s new features allow you to change the names of your trainer.

With prior settings, players used to regret making errors, but you are free to make errors and resolve the issue within minutes with the latest and upcoming features.

How to Change Your Name on Pokemon Go?

Since the beginning of Pokemon Go, It has been extremely frustrating that a simple task like changing names can be excruciating.

In the beginning, if you tried changing your name, you had to go through several channels and contact Niantic support to get your trivial task done. Fortunately, now you can get over the name you regret. But here’s a catch:


Niantic could not provide the facility to change your names ever now and done because it will mess up their player database.

So they came up with a strategy and allowed every user to change their trainer names only “ONCE.” To be clear, you can only get over a name you regret, “ONCE,” & once you change your trainer name, you will be stuck with it forever or until Niantic decides to give you another chance.

However, you should get the right name to utilize the opportunity on the first try fully. To change your trainer name, follow the following steps mentioned below:-

  • Tap the Pokeball Symbol on the game screen.
  • The main menu will appear.
  • Tap the gear to open the settings.
Change Your Name on Pokemon Go
  • Tap Change Nickname.
  • A dialogue box will appear where you can change the nickname of your trainer.
Change Your Name on Pokemon Go

Certainly, the following steps will hardly take 2 minutes, and you will have a completely new username of your choice.

While you choose your brand new nickname, here’s something that you should consider while selecting your nickname:-

  • Your nickname should be between 4-15 characters, and only letters and numbers can be used as a nickname. No special characters are allowed.
  • Your name should be something that must not harm anyone.
  • You cannot choose the existing names and have to develop a simple and unique nickname. 

After you consider these points, you will come up with something unique and catchy for your trainer. When you are done changing your nickname, here are a few questions and answers that most the pokemon go users have been searching for:-

Frequently Asked Questions?

How should we check the Pokemon Go Server Status?

Being a user, you need to understand that Pokemon Go strives to create excellence and remove all the issues its users face. Many information channels can help you overcome server issues.

Pokemon Go maintenance strives to solve all the ongoing issues the user might face. Here are the following channels you should visit to overcome your server issue:-

  • The Game Itself
  • Niantic’s Social Media
  • External Server Checkers

There can be times when you have encountered an issue, and Niantic has already detected it. When you log in to your Pokemon Go server, you will witness a notification declaring that maintenance is underway, and soon you will be able to access your account.

If you cannot log in to your account and Niantic has not detected the error, you need to take a different approach to solve the error.


First, you can check for an external utility software that checks the server issues. One such server checking software is Downdetector, where you will be able to check whether the issue is with Pokemon Go servers or if there is entirely a different issue. 

Why am I not able to access my Pokemon Go Account?

There can be several reasons that can cause this error while trying to access your Pokemon Go account. Here are the reasons that can cause such errors:-

  • An error occurred, and Niantic has not yet detected the error.
  • Several times when the new update arrives, some lag or glitch occurs, making your accessibility an issue.
  • Your network connection is not working properly.
  • Your device may have a firewall that is hindering the Pokemon Go app.

It can be extremely irritating when you cannot access your favorite game. Still, to overcome the error, you should check the following things and better understand the error you are facing. Once you know the error, it’s easy to perform further steps to resolve the matter.

How do you get the Pokemon Go promo codes, and how to redeem them?

The process of redeeming promo codes will differ from user to user. To be precise, people using the android version will have to follow some steps different from the users using iOS devices.

For Android User:-

  • Click the Pokeball in the center of the screen.
  • Head over to shop and scroll to the bottom.
  • Enter the promo code.

For iOS User:-

  • You have access to Niantic Labs Pokemon Go rewards page.
  • Enter the promo code there.

In case when you are looking for a promo code, you need to keep an eye on the emails from the Pokemon Go app. They frequently send emails containing keywords like “Redeem Code for Supplies.” Click the keyword, and you will be able to get promo codes.

The Conclusion

Pokemon Go has greatly influenced the masses and continues to do so. However, in events when you were unable to change your nicknames, the game decided to present an opportunity where users can change their trainer names only once.

Since you only have one shot, use it wisely. For more information related to Pokemon Go can be found on the platform mentioned above.

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